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So I got this job teaching English at a summercamp in the Costa Brava (Palafrugell, if you know where that is, I just spent a week there and I’m none the wiser). I wasn’t going to do it and I didn’t call them to check when they didn’t call when they said they would but they called Friday and said: someone can’t make it, wanna come? And I was pissed at everybody here (I am today as well, pretty much) and there was no internet so being here seemed pretty pointless and at least at the camp they would pay me for making me unhappy, you know? It took foreeeever to get there and cost about 20 bucks, so between going and coming back I lose a whole day’s payment out of 8). It’s a 24 hour post, like, it says so in the contract and all and pretty much the most exhausting job I have ever had. Not to mention all the other monitors are raging extraverts, as are most of the kids, and at the end of the day I just kinda wanted to lock myself in the toilet with my phone for at least an hour. Only, the day ended at around 1am and started at 8.30am and so I only had energy to shower off the sitting-in-the-floor and general sweaty state the weather and clothing regulations left me in and fall into bed. My family won’t believe that everybody kept asking me to raise my voice more, after a lifetime of being told I’m loud this was unsettling (but true, the other did that projecting thing from Imagine You and Me). Oh, it was also Catalan immersion, I totally didn’t remember how in Girona regular people speak Catalan all the time, although I think these being upperclass people had something to do with that. Lots of them believed me when I said I understood them perfectly and just talked to me in Catalan but a few switched when I went: “What?” at their sudden questions, (wasn’t listening # didn’t understand). I taught the kids basic Argentinean so I didn’t have to remember to call remoras and ojotas something else. Not very sure how much English they learned, it was profoundly chaotic, I had this one group with a fifteen year old who had taken the First the previous week and a 12 year old who didn’t remember the use of “do” in the present simple and the policy was “do whatever you want with them, here, have this totally random dossier full of crossword puzzles and pictures and some sentences to translate and not even a teacher’s book with the answers.” The other two teachers planned lots of games (I tried to help but frankly, I barely remember going camping as a child and I didn’t know any of the games, I did translate everything they asked for really fast?). There were lots of good bits, like the kayak was fun, we went to the beach with the kids and the ones supervising the activity said I could do it if I wanted to, I also tried windsurf and promptly fell into the water, after which I kinda got a headache. I wasn’t very happy about all the walking we had to do or the stairs, omg, there were so many staircases! And I was hungry all the time so I don’t even think I lost weight because of all that painful exercise or anything (summercamp food = not very healthy or yummy, you end up eating lots of bread).There were also stripteases aplenty. I know, no the thing one expects of summercamp but the boys kept finding reasons and ocassions to perform them and you know how boys are, they got competitive and upped the ante. There were this pair who kept dancing close together and undoing each other's belts and then ended the number with a finger on each other's lips in a sort of "no need to say anything" gesture that was EXTREMELY GAY.

The reason there was no internet, though, I was forgetting, is that my family (sans Mijal, who's in a room in Barcelona) has moved to Sant Quirze del Valles (next to Terrassa). I might take pictures and post them later.

I'm book 3 of the Song of Ice and Fire now but I keep accidentally reading spoilers, there's so many subplots that it doesn't really spoil the books much, tbh.

Which Song of Ice and Fire series by George R. R. Martin character are you?

Tyrion Lannister

19% Just, 17% Adventurous, 75% Intelligent, 71% Crafty and 61% WellMannered!

Tyrion is a misshapen dwarf nicknamed "The Imp" and "The Halfman". He is a personal favorite character of George R. R. Martin. Though Tyrion has talent for political maneuvering, he receives little respect from his father, Tywin, because of his deformity, sharp tongue, penchant for whoring, and the death of his mother during his birth. He is capable of cruelty to his enemies, but also has great sympathy for fellow outcasts and the mistreated.



Tyrion. Ok, yes, he is the one I’m more like. Maybe not the one I admire the most but the one I understand better, for certain. A good person in a world where being a good person is a Bad Idea and will Get You Killed, forever an outcast and longing to belong. The beast with more beauty between than either of his gorgeous siblings. With the wits to get things done and the moral compass more or less pointed North to the right thing if circumstances permit.

 The Song of Ice and Fire Personality Test

Your result for The Song of Ice and Fire Personality Test ...

Robert Baratheon

You scored 160 Adaptability, 280 Humor, 220 Integrity and 130 Activity!

I sit on the damn iron seat when I must. Does that mean I don't have the hungers as other men?


Your are Robert Baratheon.


While you are not afraid to take on serious responsibilites, the fact remains that you'd rather not. Who wants to worry his or her life away when there's food to be eaten, alcohol to drink, and people to have fun with (and in so many ways, too)? You like to have as much fun as possible, regardless of the consequences. Though you're generally high-spirited, you are prone to react to bad situations with anger. You are lazy, confident, and jovial.


You are also similar to Theon Greyjoy and Edd Tollett. Your polar opposite is Daenerys Targaryen.

IDEK. Robert? A SP through and through? I just…


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