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So, Fantaghiro. When I was a little girl in Argentina we found this movie about the youngest of three princesses of a kingdom without princes, a kingdom forever in war with a kindom that did have a prince. The little girl remained defiant and uncompromisingly devoted to her being herself, she longed to fight, to be allowed to the same as any man. It didn’t matter what her father did to her to make her change, she didn’t. She learned when the lesson was worthy, she she learned to listen to her heart even when it made her vulnerable but she didn’t bend the knee, she didn’t give herself up. I thought she was the role model to follow and I still think so today. I want to write a thesis about this movie. A book, a fanfic, a song. I rewatched the first movie (in Italian) and now I’m watching the second one, in Italian but with only an Italian transcript, I’m not sure what I will do when I run out of transcript, my Italian is nowhere near good enough for this but I don’t want to watch the Spanish or English versions either. I’m looking forward to Fantaghiro, who bested her husband-to-be in single combat in movie 1, gets to kiss him awake from a curse :D

I’m also watching part of this German soap opera for a gay plot. German sounds super pretty, there’s more palatals than anything, as far as I can tell. Although I can’t tell much, to be honest.


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