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El hombre de tu vida: Impecablemente escrita. Francella, como siempre, está impresionante. Hilarante pero no superficial. No sé, mirala, YA.

Suits: I guess Harvey would do if one had never met Brian Kinney, it feels to me like he doesn’t quite believe his own hype. It doesn’t help that the plots and dialogues are mostly pretty mediocre. I could deal with Mike’s doe-eyed naiveté, for a while, at least but I’m confused by the mixed messages I’m getting here, is he a genius? Is he on the autistic spectrum and has almost no social skills but smiles cutely and gets by on that? Am I supposed to empathize with his lack of focus and his covering his ass with his eidetic memory and researching ability (apparently his only immutable quality)? How are we supposed to believe he is the underdog if he can actually get away with anything and suffers no ill-effects from his mistakes? I don’t understand who he is as a character. I suppose at least he’s a walking stereotype like Harvey... (maybe he’s a mashup of half a dozen). I like Pearson and I like Rachel (mostly)  and Donna rocks, but the random male associates that show up to challenge Mike (why are all of them male and white, btw? Harvard clearly has female graduates, at the very least?). Luis is very annoying and the fact that he reads kind of effeminate to me bothers me in the sense that the only possibly non-heterosexual person in the series is a COMPLETE IDIOT.
 After being kept permanent on the edge of my seat with the brilliance that is The Good Wife the Law on this just leaves me cold. I like some of the movie references (Kobayashi Maru!) but I think they might be a bit excessive, it might be just that those aren’t movies I watched growing up. It’s good entertainment, don’t get me wrong, but nothing more.

Lost Girl: I think I forgot to tell you that there is an awesome female-centric show about a girl who discovers she’s a succubus and all her crazy adventures with the human girl she rescues and who decides to be her sort-of-manager/partner-in-crime and the werewolf boy who’s in lust with her and the human scientist specializing in faeries who cares about her but can’t quite trust her because she’s rash and impulsive and all the other crazy faery people who want her dead/on their side/bed/something else.

Asperger’s/Autism documentaries:

Only Human – Make me normal:  This wasn’t very interesting. I liked the little Aspie boy but I didn’t feel it revealed anything I didn’t know. It’s like all these videos are introductions.
Planet Parent – Asperger’s syndrome: I liked that they found families with more than one child in the autistic spectrum. Wasn’t so happy to discover they are trying to find the AS and autism genes to then find a chemical/genetic cure for it. I mean, low-functioning autism sucks but most Aspies are fully functional people who should get to choose if they want their personalities wiped out.

I’m leaving for Glasgow in 4 days. Have some rooms to view when I arrive but can’t find a hostel I like that has rooms from Friday to Sunday. *quietly panics*
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