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Just watched Tangled, which for some reason I always think of as Tangled Up, the Disney retelling of the last fairytale I ever discovered, Rapunzel (I was 12 and I got so excited!). For some other reason, there were LOTS more songs that really necessary, like, a crazy amount. I blame High school musical.xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /

Did you know that a twelve year old girl was the most sought out painter of her age? Angelica Kauffman was an all around prodigy, painting was her specialty but she was also fluent in several languages at a young age and could sing beautifully. I really want to read a novelization of her life, I’m sure the woman who was one of the founders of the Royal Academy must have been notable in many other ways in her personal life. I also really want to stop reading Robinson Crusoe, seems there's nothing like having assigned reading to inspire me to read novels again...

Made vegetable soup again, it's delicious and i'm freezing some portions for later. I have had to eat it with spaghetti I blended because i can't find soup pasta that below 1 pound, while the spaghetti are 18 pence the 500 grams.

Omg. Castle 4x02! How awesome was that? *spoilers* The female rescuer! The paralellels with Becket were a bit heavy handed, how come officer Ann look so much hotter on the initial scene, though?

"The Marriage Plot" by Jeffrey Eugenides is out! Man, I'm really excited to read about an English lit major by an author I love. But I feel I really need to finish reading Austen first. It's like, I read P&P twice and I loved it both times and Austen's only written 6 novels, and I'm an English literature major now, I seriously need to get to it. Northanger Abbey is part of one of the subjects I'm taking so I guess I'll start with that... Edit: Began already, listening since the university library decided to be a bitch and make a fuss about me not having entered a local address, so if I start to sound old fashioned you know why. 

Cuando era chiquita pensaba que teñirse el pelo era una estupidez y decía que nunca lo iba a hacer. Claro, no mucho después resultó que una se podía teñir el pelo con papel crepe, había de todos los colores! (Me remito an incidente del unicornio alado multicolor. Para mí multicolor era indecisión, no variedad. Significaba que no tenías que renunciar a nada, que es como interpreto hoy Queer.) ¡Era irresistible! Aunque debería haberme conformado con el rojo y el azul y no probado el verde, Mijal y yo parecíamos pequeñas Claras Clarividentes de La Casa de Los Espiritus. Mi mamá no nos quería dejar salir pero yo insistí en que, qué tenía el pelo verde? A pesar de que quedaba horrible. Bueno, cuestión, hace rato que tengo ganas de tener pelo violeta (en mis biografías seguro que esta étapa de mi vida se llama "la étapa violeta") pero la única tintura no permanente que encontré fue rojo cobre. I quite like it, myself but I keep forgetting about it and then getting distracted by my own reflection or a wisp of hair in my face.

De Glasgow 2011
Isa's got a new camera that allows to focus on a particular colour to make it stand out, it decided that my eyes weren't green or blue or any recognizible colour so my super cat-eyed pic was out of the question. The red in my hair caught quite wonderfully, though.

Eating curly fries and remembering that time Verena got them a steak house in London and I basically stole lots of them. Supermarket bought ones are about a tenth as good, maybe it's the fact that they are oven made instead of fried.


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