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- ₪ -  Mijal will be here tomorrow, I'm still dealing with the consequences of her idiocy (she booked a flight for Edinburgh instead of Glasgow, which she had to do on the flight back. And a flight for 11 at night on top of that. She will make the last bus to Glasgow by the skin of her teeth). She's bringing me stuff like nesquik (not quite chocolate but...) and coffee and I hope to foist her on Isa so they can go be girly together a lot.

- ₪ - English vocabulary score: 28,900. I'm like 9 years ahead of the curve. Go do it and report back! It's fun :) I plan to take it again later to see if I'm improving.

- ₪ - New gorgeous blanket, well, one of them.

I first tried to get teal

and then I dark blue-violet
but fate had it that they didn't have doubles (my bed is a double, since I was a little girl sleepping in my single aunt's double bed I knew this would be so when I lived on my own). I will report on it's warmth but it's soft like it's made of kittens.

- ₪ - I'm forgiving Lily Allen for 22, which Erin (11) used to sing and which I could never quite make her understand transmited a horrible (untruthful) message. Sure, you can interprete it as a criticism but it also tells you to resign yourself to society's stupid ideas...

since she has this awesome "Fuck you very much", not how the line "you want to go to war, well, you are already in one, because it's people like you that need to get slew" is often suppressed in other versions of the song.

I'm also impressed she went for this

- ₪ - Finally, I leave you with Cheeks:


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