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I. I totally forgot to tell you about the Myers-Briggs meetup! The meeting I co-organized on the 6th and that I was so excited about I forgot my home keys (Verena decided to come to the meeting so I got home around midnight >.<). So I met the organizer, Marianne, and she turned out to be a really cool ENFP and know a LOT about Myers-Briggs, apparently most people go by the ST/SF division (So Guardians and Artisans are all mixed up, not like Keirsey). There were some very revealing moments, like when we all sat down and Marianne and this other guy who was also an ENFP were so obviously louder than everybody else so you could immediately tell they were Es. We also did two exercises, one where Is and Es were asked to draw their ideal weekend and Is drew computers and books and bikes and OBJECTS and Es had people all over. And then we did F versus T, at which point we were told to define conflict. Fs are apparently profoundly uncomfortable with it so that’s what they mention after they shuffle around for a bit not wanting to talk about it either. For me the T explanations were just objective definitions and the F ones seemed like reactions to the reality of conflict (I’m so much of a T it hurts). Loads of people offered to organize the next meetup, which I suggested be in 15 days instead of a month, and I’m super excited about the whole thing. Today I talked to Jaguit about it and we concluded that Mijal (ESFP) starts fights even though it upsets her because she's a masochist, considering the rest of her self-destructive behavior this seems seems to fit. I'm trying to reconcile hers and Sharon (ESFJ) because if you really want to divide the types in this other way where F is more important than P or J then it's them who are the same type, not Sharon and my dad. *needs to read more books about it*

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Glee 1x16 (Home):

As I was telling [livejournal.com profile] bolboretas , WHY IS KURT TRYING TO BECOME RACHEL? I cannot stop cringing. I like Mercedes more in this episode, SHE is resisting assimilation, he is just so happy to be popular he would do ANYTHING to keep it, it's desperately sad. I want a refund. I want social reject-but-proud!Kurt back. Oh. Ok, now, thanks Mercedes! For the first time I can say I like her because it's the first time she shows any vulnerability and steps out of her self-impossed stereotype of strong-proud-black-woman. Also, I'm marrying Quinn (isn't having nothing to lose wonderful for her self-esteem?). I dunno why we have to see April again, she was annoying once. I also don't get why they sang the chair song twice Did they spend all their money buying the Madonna songs and had nothing left for this ep? Although I liked Kurt's version when I ignored the fact that he was singing at Finn (Did you see Santana and Britanny cuddling to it? Basically declaring their coupledom? I don't like either of them much but I like representation) I liked both Finn's mum and Kurt's dad, the whole plot of them dating is so out of fanfic I almost died. Next families I wanna see: Rachel's gay dads, Quinn's sister, Puck's mum.
I really don't get what Kurt wants either, last ep he was an "honorary girl" (which, seriously, WTF, you are NOT a girl and whatever way you get discriminated against for being gay doesn't compare. Yes, you understand more than you regular guy but is still secondhand understanding), today he is "a guy too". He can be both or neither but he seriously needs to compromise some somewhere with his dad, you simply can't have your cake and eat it (and the way he dismisses both Finn's and his dad's interests is frankly cringe-worthy, even as they do the same to him).

Supernatural 5x20 (A Devil You Know):

Making the people who can stop epidemics the beginning of the epidemic was smart. It's cool when supernatural beings think instead of just relying on sheer power.

Crowley is awesome. Lovers in league against satan! I wonder if it can be considered (hipotetical) gay lovers if the bodysuits are both male or it doesn't count because the demons gender is unclear. They always seem to stick to the same gender, though, don't they? Even major demons like YED who might have never been human. He was basically the only interesting thing in the episode, Sam is regressing again (It's been five years, dude, and you were way more mature at 22 when you lost Jess and went on, angry, yes, but purposeful, Brady had to be killed but giving into his anger at this stage is obviously the way back to your demonic roots). Dean has stopped being depressed only to become his old self without the self-assurance, why has he suddenly lost the ability to lie to demons even in a situation he planned? Why is he so clearly scared of them and yet willing to trust Crowley? I almost want him not to give a fuck anymore because at least then he was useful. He also totally implied he didn't trust Sam when he told him "I trust the guy" and walked out on him (not that he should trust Sam, but he doesn't need to remind him). He got the shit kicked out of him again (Dean, it happened last episode, you walk out on Sammy, someone kicks the shit out of you. Stop IT). I miss miss Castiel.

I miss Terabithia terribly, but with her charger melted there's no denying she needs her fan looked to. Also, a new charger.
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x. Oh. Oh. I have something to tell you! It's even something that really happened! I got Katniss today, I'm still figuring her I got internet working on her, which turned out to be trickier than expected for WiFi. Of course she doesn't have a line since I got th Iphone for that, in September I'll get her a SIM, for now I'm going to enjoy her in all her mini-computer glory (and maybe buy ruby red nail polish <.<)


x.x. Supernatural (518) yesterday was so freaking awesome. There are reasons we all forgive this show the mysoginistic bullshit. Like this (spoilers ahead):
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x.x.x. I haven't been ice-skating this week, through no fault of my own (I spent the whole day with the children both Monday and Wednesday, not to mention Tuesday and there was no way to get there on time.), but I feel kinda guilty, anyway. Especially because I really really can't decide what I want to next September beyond going to university. An English degree in England is next to useless (especially for a non-native speaker), creative writing is even worse off, do i need to say anything abot comparative literature? Thanks to Irati I know that studying translation is very boring, doing translations is also very frustrating because even between relatively close languages it's never quite right. I can do it better than other people who are apparently professionals and paid to do it (i.e. Spanish translation of Harry Potter) but nobody seems to care very much about getting it exactly right and I'm naturally inclined to obsessed about that. Mostly I just don't enjoy doing something at which you can never be perfect. Oh, god, why can't I like useful rational things like IT?


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I have always enjoyed things I’m good at, no, not just good, good without trying, excellent when I do try. But it’s a risky business, being very good at something, what if you don’t measure up this time? What if you are not as good as you thought? Every opportunity is a chance to prove yourself but also to prove yourself wrong. There’s a freedom to doing and liking things that you’re not very good at instead, or just, you know, regular. Normal. If you’re never going to succeed then you can also never fail, you can be good sometimes and bad other times and it’s alright. I’m never going to be a professional skater, I can be in the ice and make a fool of myself and enjoy it, no reservations, no points besides itself. This is the way I feel about drawing, too. I always knew, even as an idea or an image got into my head and I spent hours trying to make a piece of paper take it in the right way. Even when some drabbling turned unusually good I knew it wasn’t me, it was not a perfectly controlled effort, it was just a happy accident that I had gotten it right even once. Trying to go to class to study this made me competitive and it ruined everything, I was a mess, it didn’t flow, it didn’t come. Until at one point I somehow got over myself and just tried something new (charcoal, ink), not copying like I was meant to do but taking inspiration pretty closely, a bit of something new to learn, a bit of something old so it’d feel mine and make sense. And I learned, I really did, in a way I don’t think I have since I was very young and learning how to draw horses from my mom. In a way that isn’t a exploration of the very same things, of the very same style again and again. And it feels wonderful, to know you’re getting somewhere personally, that you’re stretching yourself slowly and that you simply cannot fall.

If I could only convince myself of the same in regards to writing... maybe I would stop writing short-stories with arguments based on bonding fics and parodies and totally random magic and be able to write those epics I keep coming up with (one of those is based, although it does not contain, on mpregs). Although the one with the princess and the cheff could go either way, really.

I have to go back to researching the British universitary system now since I'm tired of going to ice-rinks only to discover they are closed to the point my legs hurt from walking.

Hope you're having a good day!

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I'm sad today. And then I found happy pictures and I though I would put them up (metaphorically, you'll have to deal because I don't have a printer). It's an endless repetition of a dilemma I have been dealing with all my life: is it happiness or truth better? I remember The Matrix making it very obvious (not when it came out and I was 12 but when I was sixteen and decided I wanted happiness, that it did not matter if it was fake because reality is what you believe. But even though subjectivism is very logical my mind refuses to stop looking for the right answers, for the best ways, for the real thing, for the should-bes and I can't never be happy with ignorance. Ignorance is the opposite of happiness so if it's the only thing that can guarantee complete happiness then it's obviously not for me.
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001. El otro día en clase de arte vinó una modelo a posar (desnuda, sí). so there was a model in art class and it was amazing. it's like, I was drawing her and thinking about "the curve of your hips rewrites history" (as in Shakespeare). I couldn't see her lips very well, seeing as I need new glasses again and also, she was naked so there were things that were more attention calling (I mean hips and shoulders, btw) but, anyway, she wasn't hollywood hot just like a normal woman but when you start looking closely it's like every detail becomes more incredible and it's like: wow, the human body is awesome! And the wholeness of it all kind of makes up for any defects, like you can finally see the underlying logic to it all, how it all fits together and it's beautiful.

Ricky Martin reconoció que es gay, un pasito para adelante, indeed! Ahora lo que yo quiero es que saqué canciones de amor dedicadas a un tipo, onda, Ricky Martin sólo escribe canciones de amor/sexo, no?

0000100. Glee is back on the 14th! Today I re-watched episode 13 with Erin & Rees, they are both now avid fans, as it should be. Other people I'm actually related to are doing less well in this respect but at least they are caught up with Merlin now (oh, the all-over-the-place season 2! I haven't found fanfic that can fix it yet. No, really I haven't)

00000.1000. Calliope tuvó un aneurisma y se despertó creyendo que era 2007, así que decidí por fin comprarme otro celular, todavía estoy investigando (porque Cal se despertó, que si no...) pero parece perfecta :)

002. Mi hermanita es una slasher III: 

JAGUIT,11, (tras leer la contraportada de “Crepúsculo”/"Twilight"): Vampiros gay! 

JOHANNA: Jaguit, este…dice “sólo sé que es un vampiro, que quiero beber su sangre y que estoy ENAMORADA de él” 

JAGUIT: Ah, hubiera sido mucho mejor si hubiera sido gay.

Nota aclaratoria:  Esto fue antes de las peliculas (o leer el libro, cosa que sólo hizo Mijal aunque el hecho de que el libro estuviera en casa como broma es mi responsabilidad y la acepto!) así que no sabíamos que el protagonista vampirico estaba naturalmente cubierto en purpurina. Por ahí era una metáfora sobre... No, creo que no es una metáfora.

Y 003.

 JOHANNA(22): Ayer le dije a la verdulera que eramos judios y pensé que mamá me mataba...
 DIANA: Viste la cara que pusieron las minas?
 JOHANNA: Pff! Nada que ver!
 MIJAL: Uy, yo sé lo conté a una dependienta, ahora nos van a poner bombas los de ETA! Bueno...o quien sea que nos ponga bombas a nosotros...

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Edit to add important link: Bad Romance (or, YA & Rape Culture)

Like usual, it’s all [livejournal.com profile] astolat’s fault, the moment she wrote a fic about a show about a threeway relationship I was so done. But I have fortitude of will, I downloaded the show but I waited and now the time has come, they aired a new episode today (and I still have episodes 11 & 12 to go). And you know what? I don’t care about the fanfic, the show is awesome (it’s like Merlin, only I don’t just get Merlin watching Arthur and Arthur watching fondly back.

Neal positively gazes at Peter and the way he smiles when he sees him could light up a room, and then there’s Peter’s wife Elizabeth, who knows everything about Peter and thus everything about Neal because Peter was the agent who brought him in and had to be obsessive about him to do it.
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Have an hilarious not spoilerish scene between Neal (the “reformed” conman and his friend Moz, the non-reformed thief”)


NEAL: All right, Moz, I need a favor.


Break into her car.


MOZ: That's not so much a favor as a truly horrible idea.


It's 1:00 in the afternoon.


There's a reason most

crimes happen at night --


También vine para ponerles la canción de Sui Generis "Botas Locas" y a contarles cómo el cantante, Charlie Garcia, estaba destinado a un hospital militar y sacó a pasear un muerto en silla de ruedas. Cuando le preguntaron que hacía contesto "Me pareció que estaba muy pálido" y (según la leyenda!) lo mandaron para casa por estar como una cabra.



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I thought I would come by and tell you that today I climbed a Castle. It was very brave of me, I know. But also extremely pointless since there were not princesses to be found at the top. Well, actually, I climbed inside the castle. The part with the harness and the rope was utterly terrifying, seriously, I wasn’t afraid Verena was going to drop me (she was tied to the other end and to the floor) but it was very disturbing. Sliding down in a harness a castle tower (which amounted to 22 meters) was nearly boring since I only did once and couldn’t bring myself to let it got very fast (the walls were fairly close, to be fair, it being a tower and this being a small castle). So tomorrow I will be extremely sore and in bed reading all day. 


I have spent this free week (the children were away at their grandparents) reading like a maniac (I think I looked the part especially well that day I decided to draw with ink a rather dashing design in green, black, gold and glitter above my right eyebrow and went about reading in the street, not, in itself, an abnormal occurrence) and now I have a computer virus, somehow, but I’ve managed to forestall disaster somehow with the help of some antiviruses that don’t stop it from being there but stop it from popping up all the time. I will probably have to use the recovery cd at some point and be done with it anyway but I'm rather engaged with my little bonding story and don't feel like it right now.


Regency romance is teaching me new awesome words like “Rumgumption” (“common sense” in Scotch, and I dare you to pronounce it), most of them are about clothing and furniture, though, so I don’t look them up, I have trouble enough remembering what the English word for “ivory” is, anyway.

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I'm thankful to Audible, not for their books but for informing me of how average readers read 5 books a year and audiolisteners 16, yeah, it's depresssing but it makes me feel better about my paltry 33). Of course, what makes me feel much better is takinginto account the 89 non-fiction articles and short stories I also read and even better? translating the amount of fanfic words I read into the number of actual books they would feel, of course, that takes ages, for now, there were 1662 fanfics. 

33 books + 89 shorter works (/5 since 5 make a book, 18) = 51 books + 1662 fanfics.

Book-lenght: [33] 4 non-fiction, 5 castellano, 1 català

1º: 8 (1 non-fiction, 1 castellano, 2 audio)
23-01-2009: "Extras" by Scott Westerfeld (Uglies series: companion book)  
04-02-2009: "The Powerbook" by Jeanette Winterson

04.02.2009: "El Alma está en el Cerebro (radiografía de la maquina de pensar)" de Eduardo Punset
08-02-2009: “Hard Love” by Ellen Wittlinger ♥ 
22-02-2009: "The Deadly Space Between" by Patricia Duncker
27-02-2009: "The Doors of Time" by FelisBlanco  ♪
17-03-2009: "Strange Boy" by Paul Magrs
26-03-2009: "Food porn" by unreckless
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(T)08-06-2009: "And the Soul Shall Dance" by Wakako Yamauchi . [play, Japanese-American]
21-06-2009: "Western Literary Canon In Context" by John M. Bowers  ♥ 
25*06*2009: "L'Art de la novel.la" de Milan Kundera . [no-ficció]  ♥ 

26-06-2009: "The Demon's Lexicon" by Sarah Rees Brennan . [N7]  
3º: 11 (4 castellano, 2 audio, 1 non-fiction)
04.07.2009: "El Anatomista" de Federico Andahazi

29.07.2009: "Graceling" by Kristin Cashore [ABANDONED 1/2]
16-08-2009: "The Reader" by Bernhard Schlink
29-08-2009: "Annie On My Mind" by Nancy Garden . [N7]
31-08-2009: "The Will to Power: The Philosophy of Friedrich Nietzsche" by Kathleen Higgins & Robert Solomon  ♥  
08.09.2009: "Planos Paralelos" de Ursula K. Le Guin
05.09.2009: "Beatriz y los cuerpos celestes" de Lucía Etxebarria

14-09-2009: "The Hunger Games" by Suzanne Collins  ♥   
16-09-2009: "Catching Fire" by Suzanne Collins  ♥    
19-09-2009: "War for the oaks" by Emma Bull
28-09-2009: "Midnighters 2: Touching Darkness" by Scott Westerfeld
4º: 7 (3 audio, 1 non-fiction)
17-10-2009: "Her Fearful Simmetry" by Audrey Niffenegger  

30-10-2009: "Midnighters 3: Blue Noon" by Scott Westerfeld
20-10-2009: "The Devilstone Registry" by xbeyondxinsanex . [Steampunk] . [N6,5]
10-11-2009: "Running with Scissors" by Augusten Burroughs

29-11-2009: "Children of Men" by P.D. James ♪ 

30-11-2009: "Call me by your name" by Andre Aciman (gay romance, read 3/4)

 ♪ = audiobook.


Shorter than books: [89]: 61 non-fiction, 1 catalá, 3 castellano (1 releído)

1º: 10 + 1 online non-fiction articles -- [11]
02-01: "A Wave You Glide In On" by Scoradh . [N7]
08-01: "Drink Me" by Crawfords_lover (cest-what) . [N6,5]
10-02: "Lyra's Oxford" by Philip Pullman . (companion to His Dark Materials' trilogy)
20*02: "Cap de Planxa" de Aimee Bender ♥ 
12-03: "Chapter 10: Contexting" from "Translating Cultures" by David Katan
17-03: The "Cultural Turn" in Translation Studies by Susan Bassnett & André Lefevere.
17-03: "Linguistic Transcoding or Cultural Transfer? A Critique of..." by Mary Snell-Hornby

21-03: "I'm Ready to Change My Facebook Relationship Status If You Are" by Chash . [N7]  
22-03: "Things Change, My Dear" by Chash .[N6]  ♪
23-03: "Your Brains Are No Match For My Tractorbeam" by Chash . [J2 AU, gay short-story] . [N7]  ♪
2º: 10  + 6 online non-fiction articles -- [16]
04-04: "Spin the Light To Gold" by Belyste . [Slash, Jared/Jensen AU] . [N7]  ♪
05-04: "TGIF, Motherfuckers" by Chash . [N6,5]  ♪
23-04: "He comes to save the day" by Chash. [N6,5]  ♪

(*)24-04: "Siempre te espero" de Anaranta {read twice this year}
03-05: "Madrigals and Misadventures" by Shalott . [slash, singing magic, feudalism] . [N7] {read twice this year} ♥ 
12-05: “Traducción como (per)versión: La Bella Durmiente según Angela Carter” de Gemma López Sánchez
24-05: "In Praise of Fanfic" by Cory Doctorow .

27-05: "Counting the Steps to the Door of Your Heart" by Annella . [unfinished] ♪ 
10-06: "Business and Pleasure" by Belyste . [J2 office AU, slash] . [N6]
20-06: "Space Opera" by Glitterati . [WiP] . [N6,5]
3º: 5 + 6 online non-fiction articles -- [11]
16-07: "Gunshy" by Setissma . [N6]
17-07: "Goldrush Girl" by Jeanette Winterson
17-07: "The Silver Ring" by cormallen . [slash, fairytales] . [N7]  
29-07: "El problema con los elefantes (y las mentiras) es que ocupan mucho espacio" de Scoradh ♥ 
09-07: "Far Along This Road" by Jerakeen . [Kradam AU, podfic] . [N7] {read twice this year} ♥ 
4º: 9  + 42 online non-fiction articles -- [51]
04-10: "Straight Girls" by norah . [lesbian erotica] . [N6,5]
14-11: "Far Along This Road" by Jerakeen . [Kradam AU, podfic] . [N7] ♪   {read twice this year}♥ 

11-12: "Boys Keep Swinging" by ink-like-blood . [Kradam High School AU] . [N6,5]
15-12: "Madrigals and Misadventures" by Shalott . [slash, singing magic, feudalism] . [N7]  {read twice this year}♥ 
24-12: "mint condition, special edition, very rare and lined with glitter" by JEYhawk . [Kradam cruise AU] . [N6]
25-12: "That Old Black Magic" by Jerakeen . [Kradam AU, fate] . [N6,5]

26-12: "She Wanted Storms" by Scoradh [original slash]♥ 
31-12: "A Matter of Inconvenience" by Shalott/[livejournal.com profile] astolat . [Kradam regency au, arranged marriage]. [N7] ♥ 
31-12: "Bygone" by Gypsy_scribbles . [Kradam au, ghost!Adam] . [N6,5]

BOOKS I started but couldn't finish:
Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell
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Necesitamos un certificado de felicidad, algo que no sea una carrera o un título o una pareja, ¿no se puede medir cuanta serotonina nos llega al cerebro? Estoy cansada de que la gente sea incapaz de aceptar que soy feliz como soy y que me juzguen con estándars que no sirven y por tanto no me consideren apta para opinar sobre ellos y su infelicidad (del tipo en el que lloran y se angustian y tienen ataques de pánico) en vez de ponerse de  mal humor cuando están rodeados de gente estúpida (uno de las claras señales de mi supuesta infelicidad).

Also, hope you're having a good holiday, i was having a better time at work myself.

P.s: Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. I thought I could trust her... her judgement.
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So I kind of wrote a song about House M.D. newest and shiniest episode, “Wilson”(6.09), I’m sure it’ll make sense as a generic love song too but… It has a melody (I might upload my singing later, I'm told is priceless, as in, so bad you'll cry from laugher) and it probably needs a beta but I didn’t want to impose so take it upon yourself if you feel like it.

The person you want when you are dying

The person you want when you are living

The person who wakes you up singing

The one who’s always there when it matters
And it’s also the one you want to be around

To watch bad tv, and to eat cheap food and

Also the one you wanna kiss and make up with

After another stupid fight about space in the fridge

The person you want when you’re dying

Is also the one you want by your side when

Things are hard and others are failing to be

What they promised in important ceremonies.

The person you want gets you, thestupid mistakes

You do time and time again, the way you can’t help

Wanting to help and how you will never be able to say

All that’s inside because it’s not all good

The person you want knows what it is but will not stop

demanding you be the best person you can…

The person you want doesn’t say it out loud

But they want you too, they show you everyday

Stealing your food, stalking you for your own good

The person you want will lend you their couch

Time and time again and watch you fuck up and

Say I told you so but always stay to clean up the mess

And let you see how painful it’ll be if they had to live

Without you, and even admit that nobody else will do

The person you want can’t let any others take you away

And sometimes it does seem like it’s too much

But that’s what happens when the person you want

When you’re dying is the person you want

when you’re living as well

(And this part, which I don't like that much:)
The person you want doesn’t ask for permission

in health and in sickness they always take everything

because they need it too much to pretend,

for even a moment, that they might not get to have you

and you give them everything, more than you have…

and then you regret it because they don’t get they don’t

need to ask for your heart and your mind and your soul

Also, watched Merlin 2x10 ("Sweet Dreams") and an old king who was plotting to cause war commented very angrily: "all the other women in the kingdom are falling all over that boy, I'm almost attracted to him myself" I think it's the show's first direct and undeniable gay reference, I wonder if it spells good things to come, i mean, surely the writers don't need to remind anybody that Arthur's hot.

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Yesterday I had a dream about Adam Lambert where I had a fight with him and had to explain how I loved his music and didn't mean to offend him or anything. This dream included daring escapes (AL wasn't around anymore then but there was a girl who was also returning her chair, like me, she had taken it with her by "accident" when she realised some people were coming for us) and other equally unlikely events, I'm obviously on some seriously good drugs but I'm having trouble reading fic about AL now that I can *remember* meeting him XD.

Truefax:  Saturday I went with the Colgans to this huge firework display they have in Alexandra Palace every year because of Guy Fawkes day (which is the 5 but the seventh was the closest weekend day), and well, I normally find fireworks pretty boring, they are pretty but not engaging, turns out you can really make them into something, though, if you work with the music and all. Video, not mine. After this one you've the one from last year, which is a HQ and so prettier.

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Hoy anteayer terminé de ver South of Nowhere, creo que después de Merlin (season 1, season 2 is getting a bit better, btw!) es la serie que más rápido se me pasó en mucho tiempo, y por ahí si no tuviera 3 temporadas… En fin, tenemos una familia de Ohio que se muda a California y descubre que el mundo es más complicado (ya sé, ya sé, chocolate! + cliché) de lo que pensaban. Los Carlin son Mum (doctora de urgencias) + Dad (asistente social), Clay(17, negro, estudioso), Glen (17, rubio, basquetbolista y mujeriego hasta donde le da la habilidad) y Spencer (16, rubia, con nombre de varón por que los norteaméricanos están locos, parece más inocente de lo que es). El primer día de colegio Spencer(NF) conoce a Ashley Davies(SP), hija de un cantante de Rock y una socialita divorciados, que honra mucho a los pelirojos con su carácter desbocado y lo mucho que disfruta rompiendo las normas. Spencer comete el error de preguntarle a Ashley dónde queda una clase y le vuelca el café y Ashley la manda a la mierda, pero más tarde se le acerca mientras ella mira a Glen jugar al básquet y le ofrece llevarla a casa (y por “le ofrece” quiero decir “le hace un gesto a Glen para avisarle y asume que Spencer no puede decir que no”). Spencer está encantada con su nueva amiga, conectan de inmediato y están de acuerdo sobre que los chicos son un desastre (todo a causa del encuentro que tuvieron con el ex de Ashley, Aiden), todo barbaro hasta que Ashley comenta: “menos mal que no son la única opción”, la cámara nos muestra las fotos de Ashley y una chica en su mesita de luz y Spencer inmediatamente se incorpora en la cama en la que están las dos.

Así es Ashley Davies, no hay escena sin shocks, drama, tragedia o teatro. Aunque a Spencer evidentemente le atrae está vida menos tranquila que la que sus muy tradicionales padres le ofrecían (South of nowhere = la libertad en algún destino indeterminado) también le cansa todo el drama. Una advertencia, al principio SoN parece estar en fast-foward porque no vemos la progresión gradual sino momentos al azar y por lo tanto parece que A y S se hacen amigas a velocidades inucitadas, pero bueno, también puede deberse a que no hay que mirarse la primera temporada en 3 días <.<

El otro personaje interesante es Aiden, el ex de Ashley, que además de estar bueno, enseguida tiene onda con Spencer (aunque está saliendo con Madison, barbie fatal y capitana de las animadoras) y nunca dejó de sentir algo por Ashley. Nunca llega, para mí, a ser un triángulo amoroso, porque Aiden nunca puede competir ni con Spencer por Ashley ni con Ashley por Spencer.

Además de la homosexualidad y la aceptación en la familia (la madre de Spencer no se toma bien el tema) SoN trata otros temas interesantes como drogas, embarazo adolescente, adopción, raza, discriminación. Casi nunca dice nada nuevo pero lo que dice lo suele decir con clase y sin pasarse de obvios (normalmente). La relación entre las protagonistas es apasionada sin dejar de ser realista (aunque Ashley se salta un montón de cosas por ser millonaria). La serie funciona porque los actores, aunque no son geniales, son interesantes. Y bueno, porque Spashley is HOT.

Recomendaciones de series & peliculas.

Facts: I'm changing migraine meds (have to, they don't have mine here) and starting to take the pill (coz femaleness keeps giving me migraines, literally). Here's hoping it won't blow up in my face :S
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Iba a poner esto en Twitter pero lo que para mi es ser telegráfica... en fin, que no sirve para twitter y sus 130 caracteres:

Hoy fuimos al parque con los chicos, que tienen vacaciones por una semana, me hice concha con la bicicleta un par de veces. El encantador aparato también tuvó la consideración de masticarse la pernera de mis jeans (tengo que coserlos), comimos el picnic a las 11.30am, después jugamos un rato en los juegos de la plaza (había un trepador hecho todo de troncos que estaba muy bueno) y después volvimos a casa, dormitamos un poco en el sillón (yo y Erin), mientras Rees cantaba a toda voz en la pc (no sé cómo hace para concentrarse) y después construimos un castillo con papel de diario y las 30 latas de pepsi que tengo acumuladas (para este propósito, evidentemente), después fuimos a hacer una cueva con las sabanas y los cobertores en la pieza de los chicos para que duerman en una "carpa", lo logramos con una combinación de ingenio (yo), cinta scotch plastica (Rees) y gomitas para el pelo (Erin) pero lo importante es que lo logramos.

Me duele todo lo que se llama cuerpo pero me la pase bien, mañana tengo que encontrar la manera de convencer a Rees de que le toca elegir la actividad a Erin (que quiere quedarse en casa y descansar porque siempre está fuera, ie. en la escuela).
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Day one: a song
Day two: a picture
Day three: a book / ebook / fanfic
Day four: a site
Day five: a youtube clip
Day six: a quote
Day seven: whatever tickles your fancy

English Fact of the Day: The creative writing thing was made of fail. It was by no means a class or a seminar but the teacher felt he had to earn his keep anyway, which he took to mean he had to be the only one to comment at length on people's work. And people, were 35 to 80 something women and one man, I felt very out of place, to say the least and felt that it was more like a support group than a place where one gets constructive criticism (I didn't feel comfortable pointing out the inconsistencies I saw because it didn't seem to be the point of the class.) Anyway, it's the first paid thing I go to and it sucks but I think it was my mistake, really, coz it is called "Writing For Pleasure", I just didn't imagine the teacher would say that literary analysis drained inspiration! WTF. I think an actual class (I feel like my brain is jumpy because I haven't given it enough to process) will work much better, no matter the subject.
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Day one: a song
Day two: a picture
Day three: a book / ebook / fanfic
Day four: a site
Day five: a youtube clip
Day six: a quote
Day seven: whatever tickles your fancy

English Fact of the Day: Tomorrow evening I'm goint to a creative writing seminar :D There'll be a class each week, I haven't been writing much fiction, lately, can't quite make any characters como alive for me, it's been happening for a while, really. Mostly I think it's due to the fanfic and to that time in 2005 when I decided to write a super humongous novel using Harry and Draco as inspiration for the main characters and, further more, created a super complex world and culture to go with them (Darcia & Yuruan), this was obviously cheating (because it wasn't fanfic) because of course I knew Harry and Draco as well as myself and could predict what Darcia and Yuruan would feel and do (I only had to check with the character right behind them!) and although they were identical they shared a personality and quite a few very relevant circumstances (orphanhood, magic, money, a magic school!). I was young, whatever, but I'm kind of afraid to get in that deep again, I think, because it was way more than I could handle (and the plot didn't work because I had been character and world-builiding) so that's why I have kind of abandoned the biracial gay with kidfic story (I think I might need to transplant a personality into the main character if I ever want to get it done, he's the dullest Hufflepuff ever or maybe I need to learn something about race so I can write about it as something other than "a fundamental difference", but I very much doubt all the literature in the world could make me really understand enough to feel comfortable talking about it). Then, in the last two stories I finished (Bella Despierta & Lovers but not in Love) the characters felt kind of flat, even though I started writing LbniL in 2007 and so I know Didac and Ganymides quite well, with Bella Despierta I suppose it's more natural since it's a fairytale retelling and the point of the story was being funny and satyrical. Anyway, I think the seminar is a good idea.
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Day one: a song
Day two: a picture
Day three: a book / ebook / fanfic
Day four: a site
Day five: a youtube clip
Day six: a quote
Day seven: whatever tickles your fancy

Funny English Fact of the Day: Actually, no. But I booked a flight to Barcelona for the 20th of December. Not sure how amusing that'll turn out since my family's sanity rates are inversely proportional to the distance I reside from them but I'm guessing visiting will be way easier than living with them.
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Day one: a song
Day two: a picture
Day three: a book/ebook/fanfic
Day four: a site
Day five: a youtube clip
Day six: a quote
Day seven: whatever tickles your fancy

Funny English Fact of the Day: How I’m not a blond because blondes have to have yellow hair. This is extremely amusing after Irati insisting I would fit perfectly in English society with my skin tone and colouring XD. Not to mention Almut, my German friend from uni, who had white-blonde hair herself (which, even though it’s not yellow it’s blond) and also insisted she had thought I was English.
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Today’s been the day for thoughtfulness about freedom of speech, first a librarian wrote a wonderfully reasoned but very PC letter to a customer who wanted to ban a picture book about a gay weeding, then Jazzypom wrote a post about the unspoken fandom prohibition on criticism since it’s a "safe space to have fun in" and "real life is hard enough", that leads to fandom being quite a hard and unsafe place to be for people who do not agree with the majority and feel not only hurt by others’ art, fiction and attitudes but are, furthermore (and not like in real life), not allowed to express that discomfort and disagreement freely without being labeled as "spoilsports". This led me to look something up and it turns out that it is actually a human right (Besides free speaking and free thinking)"to peacefully protest (speak against) a government or group".

Fandom can't simply "suspend" something like that in a real space (the internet is opposed to "real life" because it's virtual, not because it's not real, as in, doesn't exist). The right of protest or any human right can be suspended in a piece of fiction, sure, but fandom is not fictional.

If somebody wants a fictional space in the internet, a bit like a RPG, where criticism of any kind isn't valid then they can create it but the assumption that fandom in general is such a space is absurd. If something differs from the norm then you have to let people know about it, and in a community there should be agreement about it and there’s been so many bouts of disagreement about this, not just about things like Racefail but individual fans like [livejournal.com profile] furiosity and [livejournal.com profile] outlangi who wanted to be able to criticize fanfiction on the grounds original fiction can be criticized without being thought to be attacking anybody (and always offering the chance to the author to say they wanted to be in a fictional space without criticism).

And in this fictional space, where the normal RL rules don't apply there should be some kind of proper warning like "we don't accept any kind of criticism" or even "squee only", that's to say, non-charged language like "hate" but an unequivocal statement of intentions. That said, most of the time I feel like constricted by this implicit rule of "no criticism in fandom" and don't bother. And sometimes when I bother, because maybe it's a critical post I'm against, the fact that fandom doesn't have a widespread habit of criticism often makes it seem as if the critic is attacking (in the middle of all the fluff and squee any disagreement can seem harsh).

That said, and going back to the warnings debacle, I don't think anybody has to think about what others will feel when they read/see their art if they don't want to, I do but that is also a choice, proper warnings and all that are very nice but they are not a must. What is a must, for me, is freedom. I have often flinched and more while reading fic or fandom posts but I know someone wrote those things because they are meaningful and enjoyable to them and it's fine, and I, in turn, should be able to tell them "you should use a spellchecker" or "I don't think this character would ever do that", neither their writing nor my writing is in itself an attack and shouldn’t be interpreted as so as long as they are reasonably and politely worded and their intent is clear.

Nobody has to be careful of what they say because it might be hurtful, they probably should try to but it’s not an obligation. What is it’s to give others the same right to speak freely, even if it hurts you.


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