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[41 books] + [52 short stories = 10 books] + [6 poems] + [56 essays = 5 books] = [56 books]

Fanfic is clearly not included in this list, the numbers are insanely high [equivalent to 109 books of a 100.000 words each], although this year the scales a tipping a little bit more towards books thanks to me starting a degree on English literature. Next year, I clearly need to get reading in languages other than English!

Colours represent languages, numbers are for books, short-stories or fragments, essays, poems:
English, [34,49,6,0] Spanish [6,3,1,0] Catalan [1,1,0,0] Italian [0,1,0,0]


23.01: "Reply" by Ken Grimwood [R]
[c01] 30.01: "Someone in some future time" by Shelley Anderson
ছ             19.02: "Reading Against Intent: Women in fiction, authorial intent, and negative reinvention" by [info]prozacpark . [essay feminism] . [N8]
26.02: "The Captive Prince" by [info]freece [book 1] 
               08.02: "Dealing with Stress" . Keirsey essay . brilliant . [N8]
[c02]          21.02: "Fantaghirò, persona bella" di Italo Calvino. [fiaba] . [N7]

ছ                04.03: "Interview with Elisa Kreisinger" by Francesca Coppa . [remix culture, very interesting links] . [N7]
[c03]          05.03: "The Establishment (prologue)" by [info]freece . [original slash bsdm] . [N7]
[c04]          05.03: "Weather Magic" by me_ya_ri . [original slash] . [N6]
ছ               05.03: "Being published changes everything" by Stacia . [meta essay, writing] . [N6,5]
07.03: "Blood and Chocolate" by Annette Curtis Klause  [R]
ছ               09.03: "Martin Amis the Gynocrat" by Christina Patterson . [essay]
ছ               15.03: "A look at Fandom Pairingsby Alamo_girl80 . [meta] . [N6]

19.03: "Leviathan" by Scott Westerfeld . [book 1 of trilogy]
"Moonwalking with Einstein" by Joshua Foer  
ছ               21.03: "Keirsey Signature Workshop Case Study" . [N6,5]
[c05]          22.03: "Lila Zacharov in 13 parts" by Holly Black . [White Cat 'verse] . [N7]
ছ                26.03:"Star Trek Parody" by Sarah Rees Brennan . [N9]
27.03: "Secrets of the Flesh: A Life of Colette" by Judith Thurman
[c06]          28.03: "The Spring Bride" by [info]waldorph . [modern rewriting] . [N7]
03.04: "Persepolis" by Marjane Satrapi . [memoir, graphic novel]
ছ                10.04: "sex, and slash sex scenes" by the shoshana . [meta, slash theory] . [N8]
[c07]          10.04: "Fairytales"  by Kleenexwoman . [modern rewriting] . [N6]
ছ             11.04: "What Comics Taught Me About Parenting" . [meta] . [N6,5]
19.04: "Red Gloves" by Holly Black . [book 2 of The Curseworkers trilogy] 
"Into the Deep" by Ken Grimwood . [N7]
"Caídos del Mapa VI: Un Año Más" de María Inés Falconi  [R]
27.04: "Caídos del Mapa VII: Un triste adiós" de María Inés Falconi

[c08]          03.05: "Queen of Atlantis" by S. Rees Brennan . [short-story] . [N6,5]
[c09]          04.05: "The Fox" by Malinda Lo . [short-story] . [N6]
ছ               05.05: "The Problem of Susan" . [literature meta, Narnia Chronicles] . [N7]

[c10]          15.05: "Historía de Rosendo Juárez" de Jorge Luis Borges . [N6]
[c11]          21.05: "When it Changed" by Joanna Russ
[c12]          24.05: “Penelope is no longer waiting” by Cherry Potts
25.05: "La casa de los amores imposibles" de Cristina López Barrio
[c13]         12.06: "The Coward with a Kiss" by Sarah Rees Brennan
05.06: "Amor Meva" de Isabel Clara-Simó
"A Series of Unfortunate Events #6: The Vile Village" by Lemony Snicket (Daniel Handler)
“A Song of Ice and Fire 1: A Game of Thrones” by George R.R. Martin
[c14]           21.06: "Make the Yuletide Gay" by [info]aggybird . [original slash] . [N6,5]
25.06: “A Song of Ice and Fire 2: A Clash of Kings” by George R.R. Martin
[c15]          02.07: "Sunday" by [info]nopejr . [original femmeslash adventures]. [N6,5]
[c16]          09.07: "All The Way Back Where We Started From" by S. Rees Brennan . [N6,5]
[c17]          13.07: “Brodats” de Marjane Satrapi - [novel.la grafica]
16.07: “A Song of Ice and Fire 3: A Storm of Swords” by George R.R. Martin
17.07: “Pollo con Ciruelas” de Marjane Satrapi - [novela gráfica]
“The Demon’s Surrender” by Sarah Rees Brennan
23.07: “Como yo lo veo” de Will Davis
“A Song of Ice and Fire 4: A Feast for Crows” by George R.R. Martin
[c18]          31.07: “Sorcerer and Stone” by Sarah Rees Brennan . [N7]
[c19]          31.07: "Everywhere" by Geoff Ryman . [N6,5]
[c20]          01.08: “The Persistance of Vision” by John Varley . [N7,5]
ছ                02.08: "How can you tell the characters from the world" by [info]limyaael . [writing meta . [N6,5]

[c21]          03.08: "Aye, And Gomorrah" by Samuel R. Delany . [sci-fi] . [N6]
               04.08: “Cohering a hero” by  . [meta writing] . [N6,5]
[c22]          06.08: "All You Zombies" by Robert Heinlein . [short-story, time travel] . [N6,5]
ছ                12.08: "Turning idealistic characters gray" by [info]limyaael . [meta writing] . [N7,5]
ছ              18.08: "The Three Rs"  by nancy kress . [on writing middles] . [N6,5]
ছ              23.08: "I Don't Have Asperger's!" by yourlittleProfessor . [asperger's essay] . [N6]
20.08: "Inés del Alma mía" de Isabel Allende
ছ                20.08: “On escaping the arranged marriage trap” by [info]limyaael . [meta writing] . [N6,5]
22.08: “The Curious Incident of The Dog In The Night-Time” by Mark Haddon
ছ             23.08: "The Benefits of Asperger's Syndrome by yourLittleProfessor . [essay] . [N6,5]
ছ             23.08: "But I Can't Live Without It! Managing the Fixations of Children with Asperger's Syndrome by YourLittleProfessor . [N6]
ছ             23.08: "More Than Just 'Quirky'" by Jeneen Interlandi . [asperger essay] . [N6]
ছ             25.08: "Bright Lights, Loud Noises" by yourlittleprofessor . [N6,5]
ছ             26.08: "10 Of Our Favorite Incestuous Relationships by the mary sue staff . [N6]

ছ             27.08: "The Ongoing Saga of Commander Shepard’s Hair (Of All Things)" by B. Chambers . [meta, sexism, video games] . [N6]
30.08: "The Elephant in the Room" by Elizabeth Bluemle . [racism, books, meta] . [N6]
ছ               30.08: "Why discriminate if it doesn’t profit-- by Jennifer Kesler . [meta cinema . [N6,5]
ছ               30.08: "Why film schools teach screenwriters not to pass the Bechdel test by Jennifer Kesler . [meta cinema . [N7]

ছ               31.08: "Love triangulation" by Marie Brennan . [meta, writing, love triangles] . [N6,5]
ছ               02.09: "Sexual Inadequacy, Ambiguously Gay Wizards by garlandgrey . [meta . [N7]
[c23]          05.09: “Fan Fictions” by Gabrielle Zevin . [young adult] . [N7]
[c24]          09.09: “Thinner than water” by Justine Larbalestier . [N6,5]
[c25]          14.09: "The Prussian Officer" by D.H. Lawrence
{C}[c26]          14.09: “Unseen Translations” by Kate Atkinson . [N7,5]
{C}{C}{C}               15.09: “Mae West” by Colette – [N6]
{C}{C}{C}[c27]          16.09: “Lu-Lu” by Joy Williams
{C}{C}{C}[c28]          20.09: “Love Struck” by Melissa Marr . [N7,5]
23.09: "A Wizard of Earthsea" by Ursula K. Le Guin . [Earthsea, book I]  *U*
ছ            23.09: "Why Women Read More Than Men" by Eric Weiner . [N6,5]
ছ            24.09: "Adult fantasy author L. Grossman on his work, Harry Potter and E. Waugh" by G. Canavan . [writing, fanfic] . [N7]
ছ            24.09: "Hurt/comfort and me: An autoethnographic account of a troubled love affair" by Judith M. Fathallah . [fan essay] . [N7]

24.09: "Slow Down! Why Some Languages Sound So Fast By Jeffrey Kluger . [meta languages] . [N7]
ছ            24.09: "Hurt/comfort and me: An autoethnographic account of a troubled love affair" by Judith May Fathallah . [meta] . [N7]
ছ            24.09: "Sex and science fiction" by Nicola Griffith . [meta, writing] . [N7]

25.09: "Annabel" by Kathleen Winter
         [p]    26.09: "From Eloisa to Abelard" by Alexander Pope [narrative poem] *U*
         [p]    27.09: "The Lady’s Dressing Room" by Jonathan Swift . [poem] *U*
         [p]    27.09: "An Epistle to Mr. Pope" by Anne Ingram
         [p]    27.09: "The reasons that induced Dr. Swift to Write a Poem Called the Lady’s Dressing Room" by Lady Mary Wortley Montagu . [poem] *U*
         [p]    27.09: "Impromptu to Lady Winchilsea (Anne Finch)" by Alexander Pope *U*
29.09: "Foyles Interview Jeffrey Eugenides about The Marriage Plot" . [bad interview, awesome book] . [N7]
ছ            29.09: "Living Fiction and Storybook Lives" by Nicola Griffith . [meta, writing] - [N8]
ছ           02.10: "Entrevista, Un nuevo Borges" . [N6,5]
03.10: "Northanger Abbey" by Jane Austen  *U*
"Rebecca" by Daphne du Maurier  *U*
[c29]         14.10: “The Screwfly Solution” by James Tiptree (Alice Sheldon)
16.10: “Introducción a la literatura inglesa” de Jorge Luis Borges & Maria Esther Vasquez.
ছ             18.10: "See Baby Discriminate" by Po Bronson . [racism, meta] . [N7]        
    18.10: "PRO-GIRLS 5 GeekGirlCon President On Girls & Comics By Vaneta Rogers . [meta, women, fandom . [N7] 
[c30]          19.10: “Stupid Perfect World” by Scott Westerfeld . [short-story, sci-fi] – [N7,5] 
20.10: “A Song of Ice and Fire 5: A Dance with Dragons” by George R.R. Martin ♪
ছ               21.10: "The Power of Opera by Jessa Crispin . [meta, opera, fandom, argentina] . [N6,5]
[c31]          21.10: “The man whose mother was a pirate” by Margaret Mahy . [picture book] . [N6]
[c32]          22.10: "Weland's Sword" from "Puck of Pook's Hill" by Rudyard Kipling *U*
[c33]          22.10: “The Arundel Tomb” by Sarah Rees Brennan . [Demon Lexicon story]  [N7,5]
[c34]          23.10: “Sleeping with the spirit” by Laurie Faria Stolarz . [N5]
[c35]          24.10: “Ten Weird Things” by Matthew Haldeman-Time . [original slash] . [N7]
ছ               24.10: Preface and introduction of “Alexander Pope: A life” by Felicity Rosslyn
[c36]          24.10: "Wicked" by Matthew Haldeman-Time . [original slash] . [N6]
ছ               24.10: "Quick Dollhouse Primer by [info]etothepii . [N6]
[c37]          25.10: "Have You Met Lucas?" by Matthew Haldeman-Time['5] . [original slash] . [N6]
28.10: “The Tombs of Atuan” by Ursula K. Le Guin . [Earthsea, book II]*U*
[c38]          04.11: "Bright" by Matthew Haldeman['5] . [original slash, twins] . [N6,5]
[c39]          04.11: "Blind Date" by Matthew Haldeman-Time ['5] . [original slash, Cute] - [N6,5]
[c40]          05.11: "A relation of my imprisonment in the month of November 1660" by John Bunyan . [autobiography] . [N6] *U*
ছ             05.11: "Three Essays on Biography" by Samuel Johnson . [meta, very interesting] . [N6,5]*U*
ছ             06.11: "Poly is for grownups by Dr Pega Ren . [meta essay] . [N6,5]
ছ             07.11: "For the love of coins, past lives and boys by Robert Rothon . [meta, Marion Zimmer Bradley] . [N6]

06.11: “Mafalda: volumen 1” de Quino . [comic, hilarante]
ছ              10.11: "Afterword to TLHoD, THE GENDER OF pronouns" by Ursula K. Le Guin . [meta, writing] . [N7]

[c41]         11.11: "Young men at the manor" from "Puck of Pook's Hill" by R.Kipling . [N6,5] *U*
[c42]         13.11: "Canto XI: Descensus ad Inferos" de Homero *U*
[p]            13.11: "Funeral Blues" by W.H. Auden . [N9]
13.11: "Neverwhere" by Neil Gaiman ♪ *U*
[c43]          15.11: "La divina comedia" de Dante Alighieri, Cantos I,II, III, IV, V, XXVI, XXXII & XXXIII *U*
17.11: "History of Rasselas: Prince of Abyssinia" by Samuel Johnson . [N7,5] *U*

[c44]          20.11: "Also, You Pay Me Very Well" by [info]megyal . [superheroes, original pre-slash] . [N6]
23.11: "Perelandra" by C.S. Lewis *U*
ছ               24.11: "Ursula K. Le Guin has a brand new reason to be scared of immortality,” by Charlie Jane Anders . [N6]
ছ               25.11: "Computer model reveals what would happen if humans became immortal"  . [N7]
27.11: "The Rape of the Lock" by Alexander Pope *U*
28.11: "The Left Hand of Darkness" by Ursula K. Le Guin *U* [R]

ছ              28.11: "The Left Hand of Darkness review" by roborant42 . [brilliant] . [N7]
[c45]         29.11: "Coming of Age In Karhide" by
Ursula K. Le Guin  [R]
[c46]         30.11: "Will You Still Remember Me Well?" by megyal . [original slash] . [N6]
[c47]         02.12: "Ave de Paso" by Catherine Asaro . [scifi, short-story] . [N6]
ছ              03.12:  "Open Letter To Anyone Annoyed By A Woman" by leupagus . [meta, opinion] . [N7]
05.12:  "The Critic" by Richard Brinsley Sheridan . [play] *U*
ছ              05.12: "My Gay Fantasy Wish List" by kadewire . [essay meta] . [N6]
07.12: "A Fistful of Sky" by Nina Kiriki Hoffman [R]
ছ              09.12: "The Skepticism of Johnson's Rasselas" by Fred Parker
ছ              11.12:  "it's time to drop the word 'homosexual'" . [meta writing] . [N6]
17.12: "The English Novel" by Timothy Spurgis

18.12: "84 Charing Cross Road" by Helen Hanff . [epistolary, non-fiction]
[c48]        20.12: "Jamie and Nick go to the movies" by Sarah Rees Brennan . [Demon Lexicon short-story] . [N7]
23.12: "The God Box" by Alex Sanchez . [Gay young adult novel] . [N7]

[c49]        24.12: "Purity Test" by Naomi Novik . [short-story, team unicorn] . [N6,5]
[c50]        27.12: "The World Well Lost" by Theodore Sturgeon . [short love story] . [N7]
ছ             27.12: "A Chubby Ballerina Gets Wise" by Natalie Wilson . essay feminism, intersectionality . [N7]
ছ             27.12: "What Would an Intersectional Women's history month look like" by Allison McCarthy . [N6,5]

[c51]       27.12: "Princess Prettypants" by Meg Cabot . [team unicorn, short-story] . [N5]
[c52]       31.12: "The Enchanted Spring" from The Arabian Nights . [N6,5]

41 books + 52 short stories (= 10 books) + 56 essays/articles (= 5 books) = [56 books] + 6 poem
+ 827 fanfics [109 equivalents] = [164]

 Of these I
16 books (39%) and 28 shorter works (26%). I did tell you I was very picky, did I not? :p

More specifically:
521 oneshots [2214250 words/100w per book = 22], 157 novelettes [2001750 = 20 books], 108 novellas [4212000 = 42] , 25 novels.

?% Epic novel: 150.000-250.000 words.  Av: 200.000
3% Novel: 60.000-150.000 words.  Av: 105.000.
13% Novella: 18.000 and 60.000 words.  Av: 39.000.
19% Novelette: 7500 - 18.000 words.  Av: 12.750.
63% Oneshot/short story: 1000-7500 words.  Av: 4.250.
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Just watched Tangled, which for some reason I always think of as Tangled Up, the Disney retelling of the last fairytale I ever discovered, Rapunzel (I was 12 and I got so excited!). For some other reason, there were LOTS more songs that really necessary, like, a crazy amount. I blame High school musical.xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /

Did you know that a twelve year old girl was the most sought out painter of her age? Angelica Kauffman was an all around prodigy, painting was her specialty but she was also fluent in several languages at a young age and could sing beautifully. I really want to read a novelization of her life, I’m sure the woman who was one of the founders of the Royal Academy must have been notable in many other ways in her personal life. I also really want to stop reading Robinson Crusoe, seems there's nothing like having assigned reading to inspire me to read novels again...

Made vegetable soup again, it's delicious and i'm freezing some portions for later. I have had to eat it with spaghetti I blended because i can't find soup pasta that below 1 pound, while the spaghetti are 18 pence the 500 grams.

Omg. Castle 4x02! How awesome was that? *spoilers* The female rescuer! The paralellels with Becket were a bit heavy handed, how come officer Ann look so much hotter on the initial scene, though?

"The Marriage Plot" by Jeffrey Eugenides is out! Man, I'm really excited to read about an English lit major by an author I love. But I feel I really need to finish reading Austen first. It's like, I read P&P twice and I loved it both times and Austen's only written 6 novels, and I'm an English literature major now, I seriously need to get to it. Northanger Abbey is part of one of the subjects I'm taking so I guess I'll start with that... Edit: Began already, listening since the university library decided to be a bitch and make a fuss about me not having entered a local address, so if I start to sound old fashioned you know why. 

Cuando era chiquita pensaba que teñirse el pelo era una estupidez y decía que nunca lo iba a hacer. Claro, no mucho después resultó que una se podía teñir el pelo con papel crepe, había de todos los colores! (Me remito an incidente del unicornio alado multicolor. Para mí multicolor era indecisión, no variedad. Significaba que no tenías que renunciar a nada, que es como interpreto hoy Queer.) ¡Era irresistible! Aunque debería haberme conformado con el rojo y el azul y no probado el verde, Mijal y yo parecíamos pequeñas Claras Clarividentes de La Casa de Los Espiritus. Mi mamá no nos quería dejar salir pero yo insistí en que, qué tenía el pelo verde? A pesar de que quedaba horrible. Bueno, cuestión, hace rato que tengo ganas de tener pelo violeta (en mis biografías seguro que esta étapa de mi vida se llama "la étapa violeta") pero la única tintura no permanente que encontré fue rojo cobre. I quite like it, myself but I keep forgetting about it and then getting distracted by my own reflection or a wisp of hair in my face.

De Glasgow 2011
Isa's got a new camera that allows to focus on a particular colour to make it stand out, it decided that my eyes weren't green or blue or any recognizible colour so my super cat-eyed pic was out of the question. The red in my hair caught quite wonderfully, though.

Eating curly fries and remembering that time Verena got them a steak house in London and I basically stole lots of them. Supermarket bought ones are about a tenth as good, maybe it's the fact that they are oven made instead of fried.

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[11 books, 9 shorter works] [9 novels, 1 short-story collection, 1 non-fiction, 9 short-stories (1 read twice)] --> missing articles and shit!

    11.01 "Queer as the Fork when the Knife..." by Fresne . [Beauty/Beast, slash] . [N8]  ♥ 
     11.01 "Your Cover's Blown" by Shinju Yuri . [original slash] . [N7,5]
     12.01 "World's End Concerto (Eternity Variation in D Major)" by Shinju Yuri . [original slash] . [N6]
     12.01 "Care And Feeding" by Shinju Yuri . [[original slash]] . [N6]
     14.01 "Araminta, or, The Wreck of the Amphidrake" by Naomi Novik . [N7]
     15.01 "The Reservoir" by Lassiter . [[original slash]] . [N7]
     15.01 "map" by Greywash . [[original slash]] . [N7]
     25.01 "Nick's First Word" by Sarah Rees Brennan . [Demon's Lexicon story] . [N6,5]

28.01 "The Corinthian" by Georgette Heyer
05.02 "Girl meets Boy: The myth of Iphis" by Ali Smith
09.02 "Get Some" by Hackthis . [original slash, high school] . [N8] 
19.02 "Beauty: a retelling of the story of Beauty & The Beast" by Robin McKinley
22.02 "A Civil Contract" by Georgette Heyer
    21.02"...Knife ran away with the Spoon" by Fresne . [Beauty/Beast, slash] . [N8]
23.02 "The Fountainhead" by Ayn Rand    ♪  
05.03 "Gifts" by Ursula Le Guin [Annals of the Western Shore trilogy, book 1]    ♪ 
08.03 “The Birthday of The World & other stories” by Ursula Le Guin 
11.03 "Please understand me II" by David Keirsey
19.03 "Parrotfish" by Ellen Wittlinger . [YA, transgender]    ♪ 
24.04 "Voices" by Ursula Le Guin [Annals of the Western Shore trilogy, book 2]    ♪ 
[20 books, 6 shorter works] [15 novels, 4 non-fiction, of which 2 were autobiographies, 6 short-stories]
14.05: "How fiction works" by James Wood 
25.05: "Personality: What makes you the way you are" by Daniel Nettle  ♥ 
          26.05.10 "Ash the Stablehand" by Mythrigil . [Cinderella, gender reversal] . [N6]
30.05: "Liar" by Justine Larbalestier    ♪ 
04.06: "The Demon's Covenant" by Sarah Rees Brennan [book 2]  ♥ 

          04.06.10 "The Cruel Brother" by Justine Larbalestier . [N6]
          09.06.10 "Undead is Very Hot Right Now" by Sarah Rees Brennan . [N6,5] 
"Hero" by Perry Moore
13.06: "Luna" by Julie Anne Peters
          13.06.10 "Quiet In the House" by Sarah Rees Brennan .  [a Demon Lexicon story] . [N6,5] 
          15.06.10 "Kat" by Kelley Armstrong . [N6]

18.06: "So Yesterday" by Scott Westerfeld
          19.06.10 "the coldest girl in coldtown" by Holly Black  . [N6,5]
23.06: "Keeping you a Secret" by Julie Anne Peters
24.06: "Between Mum and Jo" by Julie Anne Peters
06.07: "A Series of Unfortunate Events #6: The Ersatz Elevator by Lemony Snicket (Daniel Handler)
07.07: "Rainbow Boys" by Alex Sanchez 
17.07: "The Child that Books Built" by Francis Spufford
06.08: "The Happiness Project" by Gretchen Rubin ♥    ♪ 
09.08: "White Cat" by Holly Black ♥    ♪ 
10.08: "Fire" by Kristin Cashore    ♪ 
12.08: "Fun Home" by Alison Bechdel (graphic novel) 
20.08: "Grl2grl" by Julie Anne Peters . [short-story anthology]

23.08: "The sky always hears me and the hills don't mind" by Kirstin Cronn-Mills
25.08: "A Short History of Nearly Everything" by Bill Bryson   ♪ 
30.08: "Mockingjay" by Suzanne Collins [book 3]    ♪ 

[8 books + 6 shorter works] [10 novels, 6 non-fiction, 1 short story collection] + [1 short-story, + 5 non-fiction articles]  

03.09: "Changing My Mind" by Zadie Smith [literary essays] ♥ 
05.09: "Outliers: The Story of Success" by Malcolm Gladwell ♪ 
15.09: "Hallucinating Foucault" by Patricia Duncker ♥ [R]
02.10: "The Shallows: What the Internet is doing to our brains" by Nicholas Carr
02.10: "Un milagro en equilibrio" de Lucía Etxebarria

    11.10: "Pol Pot's Beautiful Daughter" by Geoff Ryman
15.10: "The Stone Gods" by Jeanette Winterson ♥ 
19.10: "An Utterly Imparcial History of Britain" by John O'Farrell
24.10: "The Thirteenth Tale" by Diane Setterfield . [N7]
    06.11: "The Complexity ceiling" by Jaron Lanier
06.11: “Swappable Minds” by Marc D. Hauser
   15.11: “Mind, Brain and Self” by Joseph Ledoux
    09.12: "The merger of flesh and machines" by Rodney Brooks
    13.12: "The future of happiness" by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

Of the [39] books I finished I liked [16], a whooping 41%, although I did re-read my favourite novel, which is kinda cheating. Of the [21] shorter works (I'm listing) I liked [2], a 10%, which really goes to show that the shorter the worse.

39 books + 21 shorter works/5 = 43 books + 1281 fanfics

BOOKS I started but didn't finish in 2010: 

To be thrown out the window. 
Will read later.
Might pick up again.

"Graveyard" by Neil Gaiman: OMG. BORING. Also historically inaccurate but mostly boring.
"Ice" by Sarah Durst: Clumsy writing.
"How to Ditch your Fairy" by Justine Larbalestier: Omg. The narrator's voice is SO FUCKING ANNOYING. But mostly is the narrator, as in, the character in the book, that makes me want to kill things, far it be from me to expect a 14 year old to be perfect, but does she have to WHINE 24/7 and obsses over the stupidest things while being a self-centered brat and missing the blatantly obvious? I don't understand why Larbalestier's quality goes up and down the way it does (UPS: Magic or Madness book 1, Liar. DOWNS: This, books 2 & 3 of M&M). 

"The Secret History" by Donna Tart: I was putting up with the sheer hypocrite that is the main character and then we got to the combo obert and implied homophobia and I said fuck it. (Part 3, minute 21 of audiobook).

*"Jane Austen: Obstinate Heart" by Valerie Grosvenor Myer: still reading. Part 6, min 18 of 14 parts.
*"The Convenient Marriage" by Georgette Heyer: Predictable, almost finished, though. Chapter 16 out of 22.

"Ash" by Malinda Lo. Page 64, unsure yet, will continue.
"Heart on my sleeve" by Ellen Wittlingler: I wanted to read this because i thought author of Hard Love + epistolary novel = awesome. By page 36 it hasn't gotten very interesting and I have to leave London and return it to the library.
"Possession" by A.S.Byatt: Maybe not the right book to *listen* to. Chapter 4.

"Persuasion" by Jane Austen: read like 4 pages, gotta pick it up again.

"Rayuela" de Julio Cortazar: Interesante pero denso. 
"La soledad de los números primos" de Paolo Giordano. Capitulo 27.
"The Essential Dykes to Watch Out For" by Alison Bechdel: After "Fun Home" I expected something way more serious. I want to read "Persepolis" instead.
"Jigsaw" by Sybille Bedford: I think I got to page 60 of this, was kinda interesting but not good enough to stand out in its genre (coming of age in the 19th.)

*"A Life of Colette: secrets of the flesh" by Judith Thurman: Basically what I have been did book-wise for most of December and possibly part of November, had to leave Karin's copy in London and have just gotten myself another to finish it now in mid-February.

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I can't post from the train but I thought I'd try writing this anyway, I dropped the iphone and although I just cracked the screen I've pretty much decided to give it back and use my new shiny and clumsyable phone, today I gave her some money and now I'm trying to get used to the keyboard.

Oh, yeah, Hay on Wye... Full of bookshops but not as awesome as expected. The only lecture I attended (if I tell you it cost 8L and lasted less than an hour you'll maybe understand why). It's not that there aren't books I want to read but that they are all pretty recent and not best-sellers and so hard to find in second hand bookshops. I would tell you about the ones I did get but they are embarrassingly few. Mostly, I concluded, the problem for me is how formal it was and how non-fannish. I wanted to attend a conference and talk to people about books I loved and writing and innovation and this seemed like a collection of writers ego-stroking and their fans feeling more cultured by watching them do it.

I thought I should attend at least one panel, I decided on Nobel laureate Nadine Gordimer, who turned out was a name dropping snob and she didn’t talk about the power of words like she was supposed to, instead mentioning important and well known historical dates and data about books (Guttenberg, papyrus, srsly!) and acted like she was connecting them in a new way. I think the only intelligent thing she said was that there weren’t books available in native African languages and it’s not even intelligent, just data. She was very worried about how new technology was threatening the paper book and I thought her reasoning that “The book is complete in itself” was a good start to a logical explanation as to WHY. She never gave that explanation, though, and the more I think about it the less I agree with what seems to be a very round statement (since a paperbook needs no batteries or electricity) but it’s not complete in itself, it only makes sense in context and in being connected to other books and to the world. I don’t think she meant “it’s portable”, at least I hope she didn’t because of how you obviously can have thousands of books in a handheld device that you also put in your pocket. Unless you’re considering the apocalypse, in which case using electricity to power your reading device will be wasteful (although keeping your paper books from the elements will have a cost as well) then I don’t see the advantages of the paper book. I get the feeling, I love paper books, you can love them, connect the physical paper and ink with the abstract words you love reading but loving something doesn’t make it better. The way she dissed comic books, talked about “subliterature” (and this is a woman coming from Apartheid, white, but still and she just decided to apply racist logic to something she loves. If all people are the same then why aren’t all stories?) and was fucking judgmental but incoherent about everything, bad even at choosing good quotes just generally pissed me off. How a room full of intelligent adults could swallow so much crap and then ask her questions as if her answers could matter is beyond me.
Went into The Bookshow filming set and asked the girl there to take a picture of me on the library chair and she was like: oh, sure thing but you know you can win it?

Finished Justine Larbalestier's “Liar” in audiobook, loved it, although like in “Magic or Madness” there are still some rough edges. So this novel is a YA adventure novel about a girl who freely admits she’s a compulsive liar but it’s trying, she says, to change her ways. It’s very post-modern in the way she keeps questioning reality and making you question reality by revealing from time to time that what she told you before? Not completely true, not exactly like that, she forgot a tiny detail. Only soon you start expecting things to be lies but you don’t necessarily suspect the things that are lies. And then after all the carefully crafted fibs she comes up with this completely ridiculous one and you’re like… she’s finally gone off and started to believe her lies. No longer worried about her sincerity but about her sanity you follow along as she investigates her boyfriend’s murder and tries to cope with his death (more).

Mum still in Israel, israel still there, I guess I will get to hear the story later since now that she isn't there nobody is keeping track at home.

Got to go find a job now.
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I thought I would come by and tell you that today I climbed a Castle. It was very brave of me, I know. But also extremely pointless since there were not princesses to be found at the top. Well, actually, I climbed inside the castle. The part with the harness and the rope was utterly terrifying, seriously, I wasn’t afraid Verena was going to drop me (she was tied to the other end and to the floor) but it was very disturbing. Sliding down in a harness a castle tower (which amounted to 22 meters) was nearly boring since I only did once and couldn’t bring myself to let it got very fast (the walls were fairly close, to be fair, it being a tower and this being a small castle). So tomorrow I will be extremely sore and in bed reading all day. 


I have spent this free week (the children were away at their grandparents) reading like a maniac (I think I looked the part especially well that day I decided to draw with ink a rather dashing design in green, black, gold and glitter above my right eyebrow and went about reading in the street, not, in itself, an abnormal occurrence) and now I have a computer virus, somehow, but I’ve managed to forestall disaster somehow with the help of some antiviruses that don’t stop it from being there but stop it from popping up all the time. I will probably have to use the recovery cd at some point and be done with it anyway but I'm rather engaged with my little bonding story and don't feel like it right now.


Regency romance is teaching me new awesome words like “Rumgumption” (“common sense” in Scotch, and I dare you to pronounce it), most of them are about clothing and furniture, though, so I don’t look them up, I have trouble enough remembering what the English word for “ivory” is, anyway.

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I'm thankful to Audible, not for their books but for informing me of how average readers read 5 books a year and audiolisteners 16, yeah, it's depresssing but it makes me feel better about my paltry 33). Of course, what makes me feel much better is takinginto account the 89 non-fiction articles and short stories I also read and even better? translating the amount of fanfic words I read into the number of actual books they would feel, of course, that takes ages, for now, there were 1662 fanfics. 

33 books + 89 shorter works (/5 since 5 make a book, 18) = 51 books + 1662 fanfics.

Book-lenght: [33] 4 non-fiction, 5 castellano, 1 català

1º: 8 (1 non-fiction, 1 castellano, 2 audio)
23-01-2009: "Extras" by Scott Westerfeld (Uglies series: companion book)  
04-02-2009: "The Powerbook" by Jeanette Winterson

04.02.2009: "El Alma está en el Cerebro (radiografía de la maquina de pensar)" de Eduardo Punset
08-02-2009: “Hard Love” by Ellen Wittlinger ♥ 
22-02-2009: "The Deadly Space Between" by Patricia Duncker
27-02-2009: "The Doors of Time" by FelisBlanco  ♪
17-03-2009: "Strange Boy" by Paul Magrs
26-03-2009: "Food porn" by unreckless
Read more... ) 
(T)08-06-2009: "And the Soul Shall Dance" by Wakako Yamauchi . [play, Japanese-American]
21-06-2009: "Western Literary Canon In Context" by John M. Bowers  ♥ 
25*06*2009: "L'Art de la novel.la" de Milan Kundera . [no-ficció]  ♥ 

26-06-2009: "The Demon's Lexicon" by Sarah Rees Brennan . [N7]  
3º: 11 (4 castellano, 2 audio, 1 non-fiction)
04.07.2009: "El Anatomista" de Federico Andahazi

29.07.2009: "Graceling" by Kristin Cashore [ABANDONED 1/2]
16-08-2009: "The Reader" by Bernhard Schlink
29-08-2009: "Annie On My Mind" by Nancy Garden . [N7]
31-08-2009: "The Will to Power: The Philosophy of Friedrich Nietzsche" by Kathleen Higgins & Robert Solomon  ♥  
08.09.2009: "Planos Paralelos" de Ursula K. Le Guin
05.09.2009: "Beatriz y los cuerpos celestes" de Lucía Etxebarria

14-09-2009: "The Hunger Games" by Suzanne Collins  ♥   
16-09-2009: "Catching Fire" by Suzanne Collins  ♥    
19-09-2009: "War for the oaks" by Emma Bull
28-09-2009: "Midnighters 2: Touching Darkness" by Scott Westerfeld
4º: 7 (3 audio, 1 non-fiction)
17-10-2009: "Her Fearful Simmetry" by Audrey Niffenegger  

30-10-2009: "Midnighters 3: Blue Noon" by Scott Westerfeld
20-10-2009: "The Devilstone Registry" by xbeyondxinsanex . [Steampunk] . [N6,5]
10-11-2009: "Running with Scissors" by Augusten Burroughs

29-11-2009: "Children of Men" by P.D. James ♪ 

30-11-2009: "Call me by your name" by Andre Aciman (gay romance, read 3/4)

 ♪ = audiobook.


Shorter than books: [89]: 61 non-fiction, 1 catalá, 3 castellano (1 releído)

1º: 10 + 1 online non-fiction articles -- [11]
02-01: "A Wave You Glide In On" by Scoradh . [N7]
08-01: "Drink Me" by Crawfords_lover (cest-what) . [N6,5]
10-02: "Lyra's Oxford" by Philip Pullman . (companion to His Dark Materials' trilogy)
20*02: "Cap de Planxa" de Aimee Bender ♥ 
12-03: "Chapter 10: Contexting" from "Translating Cultures" by David Katan
17-03: The "Cultural Turn" in Translation Studies by Susan Bassnett & André Lefevere.
17-03: "Linguistic Transcoding or Cultural Transfer? A Critique of..." by Mary Snell-Hornby

21-03: "I'm Ready to Change My Facebook Relationship Status If You Are" by Chash . [N7]  
22-03: "Things Change, My Dear" by Chash .[N6]  ♪
23-03: "Your Brains Are No Match For My Tractorbeam" by Chash . [J2 AU, gay short-story] . [N7]  ♪
2º: 10  + 6 online non-fiction articles -- [16]
04-04: "Spin the Light To Gold" by Belyste . [Slash, Jared/Jensen AU] . [N7]  ♪
05-04: "TGIF, Motherfuckers" by Chash . [N6,5]  ♪
23-04: "He comes to save the day" by Chash. [N6,5]  ♪

(*)24-04: "Siempre te espero" de Anaranta {read twice this year}
03-05: "Madrigals and Misadventures" by Shalott . [slash, singing magic, feudalism] . [N7] {read twice this year} ♥ 
12-05: “Traducción como (per)versión: La Bella Durmiente según Angela Carter” de Gemma López Sánchez
24-05: "In Praise of Fanfic" by Cory Doctorow .

27-05: "Counting the Steps to the Door of Your Heart" by Annella . [unfinished] ♪ 
10-06: "Business and Pleasure" by Belyste . [J2 office AU, slash] . [N6]
20-06: "Space Opera" by Glitterati . [WiP] . [N6,5]
3º: 5 + 6 online non-fiction articles -- [11]
16-07: "Gunshy" by Setissma . [N6]
17-07: "Goldrush Girl" by Jeanette Winterson
17-07: "The Silver Ring" by cormallen . [slash, fairytales] . [N7]  
29-07: "El problema con los elefantes (y las mentiras) es que ocupan mucho espacio" de Scoradh ♥ 
09-07: "Far Along This Road" by Jerakeen . [Kradam AU, podfic] . [N7] {read twice this year} ♥ 
4º: 9  + 42 online non-fiction articles -- [51]
04-10: "Straight Girls" by norah . [lesbian erotica] . [N6,5]
14-11: "Far Along This Road" by Jerakeen . [Kradam AU, podfic] . [N7] ♪   {read twice this year}♥ 

11-12: "Boys Keep Swinging" by ink-like-blood . [Kradam High School AU] . [N6,5]
15-12: "Madrigals and Misadventures" by Shalott . [slash, singing magic, feudalism] . [N7]  {read twice this year}♥ 
24-12: "mint condition, special edition, very rare and lined with glitter" by JEYhawk . [Kradam cruise AU] . [N6]
25-12: "That Old Black Magic" by Jerakeen . [Kradam AU, fate] . [N6,5]

26-12: "She Wanted Storms" by Scoradh [original slash]♥ 
31-12: "A Matter of Inconvenience" by Shalott/[livejournal.com profile] astolat . [Kradam regency au, arranged marriage]. [N7] ♥ 
31-12: "Bygone" by Gypsy_scribbles . [Kradam au, ghost!Adam] . [N6,5]

BOOKS I started but couldn't finish:
Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell
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If I read only books I would have read about 299 this year. As it is that was closer to 72. The rest it’s 12.705.000 words of fanfic (equals 212 books of 60.000 words each +/-). Truth be told, I read less books than last year because I’m counting things like essays and short stories besides actual honest books, I also feel I left quite a few unfinished (“Midnight Children” totally deserved it after 200.000 words of totally confusing if sometimes enlightening narrative and “The Owl Service” really really deserved it for being not just boring but sexist but…still), maybe it’s because I didn’t read as many as I should have for class that I’m feeling guilty. Ok, it could also be the fact I didn’t manage to archive in [livejournal.com profile] readingz more than 30% of the fanfic I read. I’m happy about the bunch of fandoms I have acquired since last June, though, it makes for much more diverse reading than switching pairings in Harry Potter, which I have kind of forgotten about since first Stargate Atlantis, then Supernatural and now dueSouth and The Sentinel have invaded my life. I wonder if there’s an essay somewhere about the evolution of gender roles and “types” in slash relationships, I have been trying to see a pattern but the sheer gayness + binariness of The Sentinel is kinda cramping my theories. dS is also making me wonder if there’s any discernible relationship between the characters and the type of people who feel moved to write/read about them. The whole Snarry vs Harry/Draco thing relating to age seemed to point in that direction and the extreme helpfulness of dS (i.e. Fraser) fans does as well. I would go read meta but I suspect it would make me feel even guiltier about exams <.<

Ah, sí, Año Nuevo sin fuegos artificiales es completamente anticlimático, como un ensayo o algo. No siento que sea año nuevo. Best wishes to you all, anyway ^^
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*Edited and fixed.

University life is still hectic but I'm getting used to it once again (when I'm completely settled it will be time for Christmas holls, clearly) and today I found the time to put Pride & Prejudice in my mp3 and now I can listen to Elizabeth and Darcy bicker all day long. *glows* Besides that, I felt like memeing, so here it is, pass by if you shall :)




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Some of these are actual notes i took while in London, that's why they're in present time.

Everything aches, my head is a mess. I’m starting to believe not only I’m lucky instead of unusually intelligent but that I haven’t got a good memory but live so slowly things just stick.

I regret not having brought my laptop, after all, my family is way more likely to break it than someone around here to steal it.

I woke up early, after like five hours of sleep because Nadina and her sister had to leave for work, I walked them to Knightbridge, got an Oyster like the Sectus people said and went to Irati’s hostel, or tried to, I got as far as Camden Town and then she texted me and i tried to text back and all was messy until finally i found them.

Fuimos a internet para que pudiera buscar un hostal y NADA. Nadie tenía nada para el mismo día y mucho menos para los tres siguientes. Al final me harte y llame a la escuela y le conte a la secretaria lo que había pasado con el vuelo (y como por eso había cancelado el hostal) y me consiguió tres noches en ISH (International Students Center) que resultó ser una residencia de estudiantes encantadora. Pero podría haber sido una cárcel y hubiera estado contenta. Después de eso me fui para the Sectus Main Venue*, donde se empezaba la conferencia, para encontrarme con Irati y Amaia. Esto era en frente de King's Cross Station:

+ )

Most importantly, i haz bookz, Read more... )
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Sometimes it might seem like I no longer read, I feel, at least, I no longer read books. As it happens, books are rarely good enough to merit commenting on them and most of the time when they are I restrain myself thinking I will annoy the few people who read this with my squeeing; I know I’m not a good reccer, not on the heat of the moment at the very least. I can spot bad writing at a glance, fanfic does that to you (besides robbing your of your book-reading time). Well, I guess fanfic did that to me and that most people just get it from the overabundance of extremely crappy fiction. Most people that get it, I mean, and those aren’t many if best-sellers lists are to be believed. *laboriously goes back to the point*
book rec )
movie rec )
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www.mirc.com bajar programa e instalarlo,

2º Abrir y poner un nick, mail, etc. (falsos) es OBLIGATORIO.

3º En la ventanita que se te abre después de ponerle "Continue" a la
licencia (que es donde pones el nick) a la izquierda hay una parte
blanca con opciones, buscas DCC y (ahora en la derecha) marcas Autoget
+ minimize y resume.

4º Justo abajo de Favorites hay una carpetita con un #, tocas encima.
En la ventana que se te abre pones Add: #bookz, eligiendo en Networks: Add y añadiendo "undernet", que es donde este y todos los canales que menciono están.

5º en #bookz usas el comando @find "nombre del libro" o "nombre del autor" para encontrar lo que queres y
después copias de las ventanitas que se abren los archivos desde el !xxx
al .doc/rar/whatever
y lo pegas en el canal principal (#bookz o el que sea) y se te
baja. En castellano está #libros y en inglés también están #audiobooks y
#audiobookz. También se puede usar el comando @seek "libro" o @searchbot "libro", en cada canal se usan diferentes comandos y en el mensaje de bievenida normalmente te dicen cuales.

* es posible que tengas problemas con el mIrC si no abris los puertos adecuados, el cortafuegos/firewall de Windows debería preguntarte si queres que el programa tenga acceso, etc.

English Version:

I think I'll better teach you how to fish instead of giving you the fish, so here it's how: download mirc (from www.mirc.com), once in there you go to Favorites-->add to favourites, go to Networks and click ADD and add "Undernet". Now you only need to fill in the channel's name which are #audiobooks #audiobookz #bookz and #ebooks and click on OK (you've to do this once for each channel and then they stay in your favs).

Next go to Tools--> Options, fill in a nickname and alternative nickname. Then, on the Options sidebar select +DDC and inside that tab select "autoget file", “minimize" and If file exists: resume. That's it for config.

Then you go to Favorites again and select whichever channel you want to enter. Once there you can use different seach tools (@find, @search, @searchbot, if one doesn't work try another and so on) to look in the book lists of all the servers. You'll get search results starting with the ! symbol, just copy everything (with control + c) from there till the file extension and paste it in the channel and they should send you the book.
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Today is [livejournal.com profile] cloi’s birthday and she got a Lj just in time for me to publically wish her a Very Happy Birthday!
I never finished it and I don't really think I can but I thought she may like to see the Remus/Sirius I was writing for her a while ago anyway while she waits for [livejournal.com profile] irati to finish "El Crack": Read more... )

Into other news The importance of Being Ernest is one of the funniest books in existence, it's also really short, you should read it.
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It’s been a convoluted week, story-wise :p, the only remarkable thing I did was to go ice skiing with my sisters.
I finished Frankenstein and didn’t stop thinking it was a real bore, and also Candid by Voltaire, with which I laughed my ass off and was induced to thought. I watched
Boys don’t cry (Actually the Spanish version): I liked it and I cried, I kept muttering “Please, please don’t let anything happen to him/her” The pronoun use in my head had me quite confused too.
Transamerica: I liked it best than BDC, not because it was necessarily better but I watched it the day after and I had that intense impression, don’t knowing the end also helps but all in all it was a marvellous thing, about a serious issue with humour but not the type you use as comic relief but the type that life naturally generates. Besides transsexuality it deals with other important issues(no spoiling you). I highly recommend it.
What Women Want: While it is comic it is not shallow and takes serious things seriously, family, love, woman and men, all the classic themes in a new envelope, when things are getting to clichéd a very nice subversion of traditional gender roles turns you on your head.
Brokeback Mountain: The short-story had me zombie like and this, well, it recreates the it really well without being tiring, it was like a re-read somehow, enjoyed it but I don’t have a new opinion. The only remarkable thing is that my brain wasn’t going “hey, that’s hot”, isn’t that curious?
Almost by accident I caught Austin Powers by Woody Allen on TV, I found it deadly hilarious but was unable to get an interest in his latest movie, Match Point.

Just started Oscar Wilde’s The importance of being Ernest and wow, it’s like Fanon!Draco, people usually use Wilde quotes for him and reading this you understand why(which you don’t in, say, The portrait of Dorian Gray), in other words, it’s the most amusing thing since fanfic, it’s such a shame it’s so short.

I feel I shall rec everybody Isabel Coixet’s (you traitors who don’t read my user info!! ¬¬); My life without me y Things I never told you (los titulos en castellano son traducción literal), y también Martin Hache de Adolfo Aristarain. Any recs yourselves?

A lovely deep reflection about fandom: http://hesychasm.livejournal.com/187818.html?format=light
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La verdad es que “Bend it like Beckham” me decepcionó, no esperaba nada profundo pero esperaba más realismo. Los personajes son cuadrados, el guion se te clava en las costillas…uff, no sé, la única reacción que consiguió de mí es un mental o no tan mental “No babees” cada vez que aparecía Jonathan Rhis Meyers, y eso que estoy convencida que actuar no sabe pero cualquier persona con hormonas es incapaz de notarlo >.>

Por otro lado lei el relato de Brokeback Mountain, en castellano y en el Corte Inglés tras una entrevista de trabajo en la que no pongó muchas esperanzas. Me pegó muy fuerte, tanto que empecé a diambular por ahí hasta que mirando la sección de ciencia ficción se me llenaron los ojos de lágrimas, parpadee y para la uni, pero para un relato corto, WOW( aunque de corto no tenía nada, ejem).

Trate de mirar la peli pero mi pc no anda bien y se escuchaba tan mal que mire BILB.

You should read this, it’s a beautiful essay-like testimony of the greatest and worst things of human beings, love and hate.

We were studying the reclusive Emily Dickinson in USA Literature and while I was waiting my teacher, who’s gay, to mention her lesbian leanings, I drew this.

I quite like the chap, Emily, I mean, and I was thinking that books named “Emily, the strange” must be based after her because she acted really batty around people but well, I quite like the balance between art and life, maybe I do not possess such a great ability to extrapolate from such a small thing as her family, she lived thought books, and I do it a bit but if compared to her I’m terribly social.


Jul. 25th, 2005 01:24 pm
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Termine “Mi vida entre los muertos” de Serge Brussolo(pobre tipo, ese apellido…) es una novelita de ciencia-ficción de la que no esperaba mucho pero dio mucho más que “La velocidad de la luz” de Javier Cercas de la que tras enamorarme de la peli y las primeras páginas de “Soldados de Salamina” había esperado bastante y no he logrado acabar, demasiado autobiográfica, me aburre y aunque acabará interesantemente no tiene sentido perder el tiempo con algo que no disfruto.

Le propuse a [livejournal.com profile] anaranta(who`s a brave girl that like I use to do decided to ask to know someone she thought interesting, thing in which I haven’t had very good results, given) un meme que se me ocurrió: “Las 5 mejores travesuras de tu vida”:

Acá van las mías:
Read more... )

Aberrant Androgyne
What Yaoi Stereotype Are You?

brought to you by Quizilla

This is a great problem of mine, see, I consider myself pretty(yeah, egocentric, whatever, I look at mirrors, normal mirrors and have a selective taste but do think what you please) and I do judge people(usually males, but now females too) by their aspect first just because it`s the first thing I see, I don’t look at all like I am(which is kinda nerdy in Abel`s opinion) so I worry people are going to judge me ONLY by the way I look when while it`s nice to have a nice cover I prefer the actual book`s to be interesting. Maybe that`s why I act really weird sometimes. Of course I know I`m acting weird(mostly, not when I`m sitting on a broad window`s hill on summer because it`s hot in the classroom and get reprieved) but I`m being myself, sincere, being practical but original(like the time I avoided that great great idiot who I named “La cosa” by walking from desk to desk) and well…admittedly, I like people`s stunned expressions.

Hoy(25) vimos con mi viejo “El viento” de Minogna en Girona, una mierda, muy lenta y llena de obviedades. Comimos en la Churraskita, que admito compensó.
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Ayer termine la novela...no es que este acabada "lista para el editor" para nada, sé que necesita revisiones e incluso recortes o ampliaciones, además, sólo es un tomo de la historia y el resto está aun por escribir pero la satisfacción de momento basta.

Hoy fui al Champion/Carrefour-to-be a pedir trabajo y me pase la tarde en la pileta, leyendo Maurice de EM.Forster. Me estoy guardando el final para un poquito más tarde pero en pocas palabras: lo devore. Admitó que me interesa más el tema de la historia que la forma en que está contada, muy similar a la escritura de Jane Austen y sus contemporaneos aunque es un poco posterior y no creo que vaya a recomendarlo a cualquiera, pero para mí ha sido un placer y eso es lo que cuenta^^

El sol no me hizo nada de nada y mirando hoy el reloj de la pc me sorprendió descubrir que Junio ya se acaba...Tempus fugit for real it seems.
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Tenía ganas de poner algo pero francamente no sé qué. Here, poetry:

Las Diferencias que cuentan

Saber distinguir entre lo difícil y lo profundo, entre la vida y la rutina. Entre lo amado y lo constante. Entre lo odiado y lo temido. Hay que Saber distinguir entre lo visto y lo mirado. Entre lo bueno y lo no tan malo. Entre lo nuevo y lo restaurado. Hay que Saber distinguir entre las personas que son buenas porqué no saben ser otra cosa y aquellos que hay pasado por mucho y eligen el camino más complicado. Hay que saber distinguir entre la imaginación y el pasado, entre lo que queremos y lo que deseamos. Hay que saber distinguir entre los sueños y los proyectos. Entre las cosas que nos regalan y las que son nuestras.
Entre lo que puede pasar y lo que pasara. Hay que saber distinguir entre sueño y realidad para poderlos mezclar en la dosis justa que nos permita realizarnos. Hay que saber distinguir entre los detalles de cada objeto, persona, lugar y tiempo, porqué elegir nos hace humanos, y para elegir se ha de ver los diferentes caminos que pueden ser tomados.
Hay que ver la diferencia entre el amor y la pasión, entre mente y corazón que son lo mismo con otro nombre y no son nada más que palabras distintas para algo esencial que al final, ¿Para qué nombrar?

Vieja Escuela de Tobias Wolff que parecía una novela interesante resultó bastante decepcionante, what`s with that end?? Y La velocidad de la luz de Javier Cercas(Soldados de Salamina)tiene sus momentos pero el nivel de idenficación que me permite es mucho menor del que esperaba.
Vimos con mi viejo "Imagining Argentina" llore, odie, me indigne, sentí y eso la hace una buena pelicula pero no es ni por lejos una de mis favoritas y tengo la intensa impresión de que la novela debe ser mucho mejor. También vimos "Monster" que era un asco en más de un sentido.

No estoy del mejor humor del mundo. Mañana tengo que ir a buscar laburo y...uff

Think I`m going to read Seeker to seeker again^^
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So, [livejournal.com profile] geoviki had this in her journal, and I will try to be funny and interesting as her^^

1) Total number of books owned?

Like she said, they must be kidding, though I admit to have tried to count them on occasion I rapidly grew bored so let`s just say the paper books dont take all my home`s library, mostly due to the e-books and the fact I had to leave a lot of them in Argentina, and that most of the ones I have are fantasy, or scifi.

2) The last book I bought?

Maurice, by EM Forster, it should arrive today and it promises.

3) The last book I read?

The last book I read from was 1984, Orwell, but the last I finished reading was Vampire in my view from Amelia Atwater-Rhodes.

4) Five books that mean a lot to me?

Charlie and the chocolate factory by Ronald Dahl is the first book that make a deep impression of me, I remember almost falling in the stair because I couldn’t stop reading it even to get down them. My teacher had read to us The Witches that year and I love that one more, but I didn’t read it myself till much later.

Dias de Reyes Magos by Emilio Pascual(Days of Wise Men) is a book about books, which at the stage I read it was the greatest and most understably thing ever, the main character is a boy who while skipping school starts to read to a blind begger and discovers the pleasure in reading and chooses what to do with his life.

Tristana by Benito Perez Galdós
They made me read it for school, the language is old spanish and is cool, beautiful and poetic and deep. Galdós shows how purple prose can be good. There are fragments in English and Italian which makes it more real and more surreal all at the same time.

El traficante de cuentos by Jostein Gaarder (The tale dealer??)
I read this in Catalan, which must meant something, I only scraped with a 5 this last trimester and I read it while back. It`s also about books, or more exactly about a guy, that like me(more then than now) has got a lot of ideas for books, movies and stories in general but not the time to write or make them, so he sells the ideas to professionals for a price. It`s pretty beautiful because all of the stories inside(some of which the writer later wrote in other books) and because of the main story of a man that`s intelligent and original but chooses to do something pretty crass with his talent.

El hombre, la hembra y el hambre by Daina Chaviano(the man, the female and the hunger)
It totally changed my idea of Cuba, it`s very realistic but contains certain weird elements, which make it magic realism. The narrative is fluid, the story interesting, cruel and conflictive and ironic, like life itself.


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