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"Literatura i cultura a Irlanda": I believe this wins Most Boring Literature Course Ever. At least in the hands of Jacqueline Hurtley, who this year, with continuous assessment, managed to waste our time creatively, rant about hundred of inconsequential things and leave at least a third of the curriculum out. Don’t get me started on the fact that her beginning of the year explanations had little to do with the actual course. It’s compulsory so I hope I can pass, otherwise it will be the non-native teacher, who, they tell me, also sucks. The exam questions were quite difficult, I managed to get something out but it seemed to ask for a knowledge of the subject the classes did not remotely provide, which could explained the teacher’s constantly giving out references to extra reading material but which will not change the fact that with continuous assessment any kind of extra reading was a fantasy. Also, the time spent on material on class did not relate to the importance of the questions, to the point I couldn’t remember ever hearing about some of the authors mentioned. NOTABLE, except in June because I forgot to give her one of those silly assignments...as absurd as all the rest.

"Lingüística aplicada anglesa": Do you still feel like you are in high school? Like you barely understand what’s going on in class and that language is a barrier? Then you will love Roger Gilabert’s class. Explanations are detailed and amply exemplified. I, personally, got really bored most of the time, although some of the topics were really interesting (like neurolinguistics and bilingualism) and the data about studies done on each topic tended to be dead fascinating. I also approve of the extra point given(to be added to the *final grade*) for helping out on a research project. My main problem is that I got things the first time but the teacher kept repeating himself, in the same class and then in most of the next and that the assigned texts and questions were most of the time very basic(you could answer just skimming the text) until for one text they got ridiculously hard and detail oriented(instead of theories, ideas, etc, you were asked for specific random data). A bit uneven but seems ok. The exam was easy, although I’ll have to wait for the grade to see how the marking goes. NOTABLE, but should have been an EXCELLENT since he promised as that extra point which never materialized. He never answered my email asking about it either.

"Narrativa anglesa del segle XIX" with Gemma Lopez: There’s little to say about this subject beyond: Gemma is a fabulous teacher and the nineteen century novels are the most interesting works I’ve read for class so far. (Pride & Prejudice, Wuthering Heighs, Great Expectations, The Portrait of Dorian Gray) or possibly, she’s just that great, middle-ages literature was also fascinating with her. I firmly believe wallpaper would be fascinating with her. The exam consisted of an essay about either Wuthering Heights or Pride and Prejudice, the two novels we spent more time analyzing, I choose the second because the first mentioned one of the essays in the dossier we were supposed to read. Also, should have brought a paper copy of the book because my word document one failed and I was left with just my memory! I have a good memory and I got it right enough she shouldn't be able to tell the difference but still. Edit: Got an EXCELLENT, I was kind of hoping for more but I guess one cannot ask for perfection in literature and related fields.

"Història de la llengua anglesa I" with Sarah Feijoo: Feijoo's quirk is to check too much if you're following, can't say is just her fault, though, since most people don't ask when they don't unless they are prompted. The class is interesting at times but always pretty easy, although a basic knowledge of IPA is necessary and the more you know the easier it will be. It's the kind of class one might imagine has no practical purpouse but the history of English reveals many truths, especially about its irregularities and spelling. Feijoo is understanding, I had her for a different class before I don't remember how she does with exams and marking. NOTABLE.

"Gràmatica Descriptiva del Anglès II" with Anna Poch: In this one you get to the sentences and while most is pretty scientific there's Theta roles, which are pretty subjective. I didn't find this one hard and I didn't find I needed my knowledge from Grammar I too much either, I imagine it's all going to come back to haunt me in Grammar III. Miss Poch is a bit weird, sometimes joking and sometimes getting angry for no apparent reason, I didn't find her explanations particularly enlightening but she always makes sure you are with her and you just need to speak up to get clarification, she's not the best at answering these either but... well, I managed, if Grammar is not your forte you may want to try another teacher, though. The exam was what one would have expected from the previous tests. NOTABLE.

"Llengua catalana I" amb Francesc Bernat: Bernat és un professor excelent, divertit però clar. L'exam ja ho faré en Juny perquè el dia que va ser havia que treballar.


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