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♥ Did I tell you about the IELTS? (International English Language Testing System, brought to you by Cambridge university) Well, I needed to do it because they probably will want some proof I can string two sentences together before they let me go to uni in Scotland and it went pretty well, I got an overall 8.00 (how I tanked the writing section, let me count the ways in which 60 minutes are not enough for someone who's been writing academic essays for years and it's used to rewriting things eight times). Anyway, that's 8 out of 9 (the English, they can't help being this weird) which in normal people 1 to 10 grading means 8,8. :) Not bad.

♥ I just watched The Kids are All Right and wow, it was awesome. Maybe 8.5 out of 10 but still well worth recommending. I have some problems with the sheer amount of straight sex I had to endure in a movie supposedly about a lesbian couple and their kids.Oth, the lesbian love scene was shot under a sheet! And a total failure to boot, even if that was implied to be because they are married and being married makes your sex life boring. I loved the lesbian couple watching male gay porn and being disgusted by lesbian porn because of its fakeness. I loved the girl in love with her best friend and the boy so lost that his best friend is a complete tool and how many of the threads don’t really go anywhere because that’s life.

♥ There’s this Indian prince who publicly came out. He’s the only Royal to have done so.

♥ Me acabo de dar cuenta de que “El Príncipe Feliz” de Física o Química sigue la historia de “King and King” by Linda de Haan (Rey y Rey). Claro que como libro infantil de tema gay es imposible de encontrar, lo que ya me paso con "And tango makes three" que es sobre una pareja de pinguínos que adopta un huevo (y es una historia real basada en algo que paso en el zoológico de NY).

  También descubrí a este grupo raro gracias a Los Protegidos, por una coincidencias de esas, tienen un canción llamada “No quiero ser normal”, que es el título del capítulo de hoy. No estoy del todo de acuerdo con todos los mensajes que trasmite pero… es muy gracioso igualmente. Se llaman El Cuarteto de Nos.

"a lot of things about fandom you probably don't want to read and won't make sense without following links anyway but I had to say all the same. )
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In England I feel like I'm in a book, or a movie. Because English is the language of fiction for me it also is the language in which I can reinvent myself just thinking and speaking it. And here, reality nods along and assures me that "of course it's real. It's not only in your head." It's like getting to go Hogwarts.

Creo firmemente que uno nunca puede deshacerse del todo de las enseñanzas más básicas de su cultura, no a nivel visceral. Y como buena hija de mi madre no quería anunciar nada oficialmente, por cábalah, hasta que fuera irreversible. Así que aunque ya no es novedad para casi nadie: estoy de nuevo en Londres! 

Está vez la familía es una mujer y su hija de ocho años. La mujer trabaja en una cosa estilo Wall Street, más detalles no tengo, eso que ya charlé con ella más de lo que hablé con Martin en todo el año. La nena es un sol, me saluda, me pidé que juegué con ella, me cuenta cosas, me lee fragmentos de sus libros, me corrigé cosas pero bueno onda ("normalmente lo hacemos azá pero así también está bien"). Re-simpáticas las dos, en resumen. La casa es preciosa, no sé bien cómo contar los pisos y entrepisos pero mínimo hay tres. Mi habitación incluye un baño (sin ducha pero bue) y una cama doble, aunque la cama es el 85% de la habitación. Igual si sacó la tele que hay en la cajonera (last year I didn't turn the tv on once) voy a tener más lugar para desperdigar mis cosas (I'll make a video next week).

La casa está en Chelsea, que es el centro de Londres (oficialmente!) y está cerca de todo. Planeo caminar (y patinar) mucho. Uno de los lugares de los que queda cerca es Hyde Park (1 hora caminando tranqui, como 10 minutos en colectivo) así que calculó que hasta que empiece la universidad me voy a pasar bastante tiempo ahí con el grupo de patinadores habitual :) Hoy fui y me sentí re de pelicula. Y es que vivo en el set de "Un lugar llamado Nothing Hill" y es difícil no sentirlo medio irreal. I'm so excited to be back! Sólo trabajo de lunes a jueves así que mañana empieza mi fin de semana,

Las vacaciones al principio estuvieron un poco complicadas, una se acostumbra a vivir como una adulta y con respeto y esas cosas absurdas y después vuelve a casa y es un shock. Pero después de la primera semana ya me adapté, aunque hasta que conseguí trabajo muy contenta no estaba, el 24 se cumplió un mes exacto así que me quedé 34 días, que para vacaciones es una guasada. Tendré que hablar con Alexandra a ver que piensa hacer ella en navidad pero me da que voy a tener más ganas de ir a Lille a ver a Irati que de volver a Barcelona. Además como que les toca a ellos visitar! Mi abuelo va a venir para Europa en Noviembre y tendrá que venirse a Londres a verme, así que aunque sea les podrían pagar el viaje a las nenas y que las traiga él.

Pasando a cosas más ficticias, aunque también relacionadas con Londres: Vieron el nuevo Sherlock Holmes de la BBC? Because it's made of awesome. Es una versión moderna así que Sherlock tiene celular, manda sms y obviamente es medio hacker. Ah, sí, y Sherlock es o gay o asexual (ni el fandom ni yo nos decidimos y él lo único que dice es "Women aren't my thing" and "I consider myself married to my job."), que tampoco molesta, no? :p  

Siguiendo la pista del actor principal, Benedict Cumberbatch, llegué a otra obra magnífica: Hawking, sobre la juventud de Stephen Hawking, incluyendo su diagnostico y sus primeros grandes descubrimientos: BRI LLI ANT.

Quick Merlin rec: The Student Prince by FayJay(Pandarus). If you're into Merlin and have read "Drastically Redefining Protocol" this is a story on the same line, modern AU where Arthur is the Prince of Wales and Merlin has magic and they somehow meet and fall in love, which causes quite a stirr with the public. In DRP Merlin is a medicine student finishing up his practices, in TSP they (and more than half the cast) are at universtiy together, where they are roomates. I absolutely adore coming out stories, especially the coming out of a public figure that basically lives off their role as role model, the whole: do they owe their people the truth? Do they owe it to themselves? Angsty and delicious.

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I. I totally forgot to tell you about the Myers-Briggs meetup! The meeting I co-organized on the 6th and that I was so excited about I forgot my home keys (Verena decided to come to the meeting so I got home around midnight >.<). So I met the organizer, Marianne, and she turned out to be a really cool ENFP and know a LOT about Myers-Briggs, apparently most people go by the ST/SF division (So Guardians and Artisans are all mixed up, not like Keirsey). There were some very revealing moments, like when we all sat down and Marianne and this other guy who was also an ENFP were so obviously louder than everybody else so you could immediately tell they were Es. We also did two exercises, one where Is and Es were asked to draw their ideal weekend and Is drew computers and books and bikes and OBJECTS and Es had people all over. And then we did F versus T, at which point we were told to define conflict. Fs are apparently profoundly uncomfortable with it so that’s what they mention after they shuffle around for a bit not wanting to talk about it either. For me the T explanations were just objective definitions and the F ones seemed like reactions to the reality of conflict (I’m so much of a T it hurts). Loads of people offered to organize the next meetup, which I suggested be in 15 days instead of a month, and I’m super excited about the whole thing. Today I talked to Jaguit about it and we concluded that Mijal (ESFP) starts fights even though it upsets her because she's a masochist, considering the rest of her self-destructive behavior this seems seems to fit. I'm trying to reconcile hers and Sharon (ESFJ) because if you really want to divide the types in this other way where F is more important than P or J then it's them who are the same type, not Sharon and my dad. *needs to read more books about it*

Terabithia, Cambridge, Glee, Castle, Supernatural, Argentinos (no necesariamente en ese orden) )

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x. Oh. Oh. I have something to tell you! It's even something that really happened! I got Katniss today, I'm still figuring her I got internet working on her, which turned out to be trickier than expected for WiFi. Of course she doesn't have a line since I got th Iphone for that, in September I'll get her a SIM, for now I'm going to enjoy her in all her mini-computer glory (and maybe buy ruby red nail polish <.<)


x.x. Supernatural (518) yesterday was so freaking awesome. There are reasons we all forgive this show the mysoginistic bullshit. Like this (spoilers ahead):
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x.x.x. I haven't been ice-skating this week, through no fault of my own (I spent the whole day with the children both Monday and Wednesday, not to mention Tuesday and there was no way to get there on time.), but I feel kinda guilty, anyway. Especially because I really really can't decide what I want to next September beyond going to university. An English degree in England is next to useless (especially for a non-native speaker), creative writing is even worse off, do i need to say anything abot comparative literature? Thanks to Irati I know that studying translation is very boring, doing translations is also very frustrating because even between relatively close languages it's never quite right. I can do it better than other people who are apparently professionals and paid to do it (i.e. Spanish translation of Harry Potter) but nobody seems to care very much about getting it exactly right and I'm naturally inclined to obsessed about that. Mostly I just don't enjoy doing something at which you can never be perfect. Oh, god, why can't I like useful rational things like IT?


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Edit to add important link: Bad Romance (or, YA & Rape Culture)

Like usual, it’s all [livejournal.com profile] astolat’s fault, the moment she wrote a fic about a show about a threeway relationship I was so done. But I have fortitude of will, I downloaded the show but I waited and now the time has come, they aired a new episode today (and I still have episodes 11 & 12 to go). And you know what? I don’t care about the fanfic, the show is awesome (it’s like Merlin, only I don’t just get Merlin watching Arthur and Arthur watching fondly back.

Neal positively gazes at Peter and the way he smiles when he sees him could light up a room, and then there’s Peter’s wife Elizabeth, who knows everything about Peter and thus everything about Neal because Peter was the agent who brought him in and had to be obsessive about him to do it.
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Have an hilarious not spoilerish scene between Neal (the “reformed” conman and his friend Moz, the non-reformed thief”)


NEAL: All right, Moz, I need a favor.


Break into her car.


MOZ: That's not so much a favor as a truly horrible idea.


It's 1:00 in the afternoon.


There's a reason most

crimes happen at night --


También vine para ponerles la canción de Sui Generis "Botas Locas" y a contarles cómo el cantante, Charlie Garcia, estaba destinado a un hospital militar y sacó a pasear un muerto en silla de ruedas. Cuando le preguntaron que hacía contesto "Me pareció que estaba muy pálido" y (según la leyenda!) lo mandaron para casa por estar como una cabra.



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So I kind of wrote a song about House M.D. newest and shiniest episode, “Wilson”(6.09), I’m sure it’ll make sense as a generic love song too but… It has a melody (I might upload my singing later, I'm told is priceless, as in, so bad you'll cry from laugher) and it probably needs a beta but I didn’t want to impose so take it upon yourself if you feel like it.

The person you want when you are dying

The person you want when you are living

The person who wakes you up singing

The one who’s always there when it matters
And it’s also the one you want to be around

To watch bad tv, and to eat cheap food and

Also the one you wanna kiss and make up with

After another stupid fight about space in the fridge

The person you want when you’re dying

Is also the one you want by your side when

Things are hard and others are failing to be

What they promised in important ceremonies.

The person you want gets you, thestupid mistakes

You do time and time again, the way you can’t help

Wanting to help and how you will never be able to say

All that’s inside because it’s not all good

The person you want knows what it is but will not stop

demanding you be the best person you can…

The person you want doesn’t say it out loud

But they want you too, they show you everyday

Stealing your food, stalking you for your own good

The person you want will lend you their couch

Time and time again and watch you fuck up and

Say I told you so but always stay to clean up the mess

And let you see how painful it’ll be if they had to live

Without you, and even admit that nobody else will do

The person you want can’t let any others take you away

And sometimes it does seem like it’s too much

But that’s what happens when the person you want

When you’re dying is the person you want

when you’re living as well

(And this part, which I don't like that much:)
The person you want doesn’t ask for permission

in health and in sickness they always take everything

because they need it too much to pretend,

for even a moment, that they might not get to have you

and you give them everything, more than you have…

and then you regret it because they don’t get they don’t

need to ask for your heart and your mind and your soul

Also, watched Merlin 2x10 ("Sweet Dreams") and an old king who was plotting to cause war commented very angrily: "all the other women in the kingdom are falling all over that boy, I'm almost attracted to him myself" I think it's the show's first direct and undeniable gay reference, I wonder if it spells good things to come, i mean, surely the writers don't need to remind anybody that Arthur's hot.

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Today’s been the day for thoughtfulness about freedom of speech, first a librarian wrote a wonderfully reasoned but very PC letter to a customer who wanted to ban a picture book about a gay weeding, then Jazzypom wrote a post about the unspoken fandom prohibition on criticism since it’s a "safe space to have fun in" and "real life is hard enough", that leads to fandom being quite a hard and unsafe place to be for people who do not agree with the majority and feel not only hurt by others’ art, fiction and attitudes but are, furthermore (and not like in real life), not allowed to express that discomfort and disagreement freely without being labeled as "spoilsports". This led me to look something up and it turns out that it is actually a human right (Besides free speaking and free thinking)"to peacefully protest (speak against) a government or group".

Fandom can't simply "suspend" something like that in a real space (the internet is opposed to "real life" because it's virtual, not because it's not real, as in, doesn't exist). The right of protest or any human right can be suspended in a piece of fiction, sure, but fandom is not fictional.

If somebody wants a fictional space in the internet, a bit like a RPG, where criticism of any kind isn't valid then they can create it but the assumption that fandom in general is such a space is absurd. If something differs from the norm then you have to let people know about it, and in a community there should be agreement about it and there’s been so many bouts of disagreement about this, not just about things like Racefail but individual fans like [livejournal.com profile] furiosity and [livejournal.com profile] outlangi who wanted to be able to criticize fanfiction on the grounds original fiction can be criticized without being thought to be attacking anybody (and always offering the chance to the author to say they wanted to be in a fictional space without criticism).

And in this fictional space, where the normal RL rules don't apply there should be some kind of proper warning like "we don't accept any kind of criticism" or even "squee only", that's to say, non-charged language like "hate" but an unequivocal statement of intentions. That said, most of the time I feel like constricted by this implicit rule of "no criticism in fandom" and don't bother. And sometimes when I bother, because maybe it's a critical post I'm against, the fact that fandom doesn't have a widespread habit of criticism often makes it seem as if the critic is attacking (in the middle of all the fluff and squee any disagreement can seem harsh).

That said, and going back to the warnings debacle, I don't think anybody has to think about what others will feel when they read/see their art if they don't want to, I do but that is also a choice, proper warnings and all that are very nice but they are not a must. What is a must, for me, is freedom. I have often flinched and more while reading fic or fandom posts but I know someone wrote those things because they are meaningful and enjoyable to them and it's fine, and I, in turn, should be able to tell them "you should use a spellchecker" or "I don't think this character would ever do that", neither their writing nor my writing is in itself an attack and shouldn’t be interpreted as so as long as they are reasonably and politely worded and their intent is clear.

Nobody has to be careful of what they say because it might be hurtful, they probably should try to but it’s not an obligation. What is it’s to give others the same right to speak freely, even if it hurts you.
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Don't take too long to think about it. Fifteen books you've read that will always stick with you. First fifteen you can recall in no more than 15 minutes.



[1] Hallucinating Foucault (/La locura de Foucault) by Patricia Duncker


[2] Matilda by Roald Dahl


[3] Otroso de Graciela Montes (1994)


[4] Otto and The Flying Twins (/Otto y el misterio de los Karmidé) by Charlotte Hattie


[5] The Golden Compass & The Subtle Knife (/La brujula dorada & La Daga)by Phillip Pullman


[6] Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (/Charlie y la fábrica de chocolate) by Roald Dahl


[7] Caídos del Mapa de María Ines Falconí


[8] A Fistful of Sky by Nina Kiriki Hoffman

[9] Reply (/Volver a Empezar

) by Ken Grimwood


[10] Algún día, cuando pueda llevarte a Varsovia de Lorenzo Silva


[11] Salir de fase de José Antonio Cotrina


[12] Flowers for Algernon (/Flores para Algernon) by Daniel Keyes

[13] Companions of the Night

by Vivian Vande Velde


[14] Bridge to Terabithia (Puente a Terabithia) by Katherine Paterson


[15] El pequeño vampiro (/The Little Vampire) de Angela Sommer-Bodenburg


I cheated a bit <.<

Edit: Have you noticed how poverty is never dealt in all its uglyness in fandom? As in, sometimes people are short on money, even very short on money but they deal with it fairly well, they deal with it together, the unhappiness and tension poverty or even being short on money causes in RL, books and movies is something that fandom seems to gloss over so easily. Something characters rarely worry and fret about. Or is just my reading habits? I haven't even seen it as a subtopic very often. One character being poor and rescued (like in Pir8fancier's "On One's Knees" doesn't really count, how's that going to cause friction other than because the poor person doesn't want to be rescued? And in those cases they always end up letting themselves be rescued out of desperation and lack of options(which doesn't let itself to equality but I like anyway). But what about cases where even that isn't an option? What happens when there's no prince charming to come to the rescue and spoon feed you and magically pretty-woman up all your life? Don't get me wrong, I love those stories (they are the best hurt/comfort because they don't rely on a real weakness of one of the characters but on a circunstancial one) but they don't portrait what most people of very limited means go through, and even the stories where both (or more) characters are poor are somehow prettified and no tension is created through the fact that they have to choose what each of them can have very carefully and it's hard to be fair when even basic needs sometimes cannot be covered. I think in RL people fight about this stuff, or it's it there where I'm actually mistaken?


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Real life SUCKS (see icon) and that's all I have to say on the matter so this is another one of the fannish posts. Fandom is gleeful. Now, I want to be very clear that I'm usually fairly indiferent to the shows I read fics from, I used to love Harry Potter (I imagine I would still be absorbed by the first books still if I re-read them but I don't want any more copies to fall apart at my hands). I kinda abandoned Harry Potter completely last summer, I had new shiny things and well... I don't know what happened but after being in love with Draco for about five years and with that universe for a bit longer I suddenly grew up, well, not really, I just got distracted, actually, but lately I have been trying to re-read my own recs and I HATED "Hexed", which was one of my favourite Mpregs (well, ok, the only other one is Akahanna's "Genesis", which I'm afraid to re-read because in my head it's a gorgeous retelling of HBP from Draco's POV). Pir8fancier's Lettered Series still works beautifully (Well, the 2nd and 3rd part do, I didn't re-read "Lettered" itself because I've read four times and at this point I think I could recite it from memory), they made me cry, especially "Lush Life", which is mindblowing. "Through a Shattered Mirror", my first Harry/Draco/Snape turns out to be a bit clumsily told (not shown) but well, it wasn't terrible. Arsenic's "Remind you what you did when you wake up" was slightly less heartbreakingly intimate than first two times I read it but still gripping and desperate. Also, I'm suddenly terribly, horribly squicked by age differences again(I did go all "but he's old" at the beginning but that's way easier to get over than "but he's so young"), I think it's because when I was 15-18, it was easy to put myself in the position of the younger partner  and be completely sure that were I in a similar position in reality (in a consensual one) I would of course be able to give informed consent. I'm only 22, and it's not like I have stopped identifying with that but it's like after a long time I'm coming to this fics with fresh eyes and wow, involving minors seems akin to violence (something I have flinched from since I discovered I was capable of it). And now *I* could do that, like, in a very far away kind of theory, now I can finally understand what Snape's all about when he refusses Harry or Draco in more than a theoretically and easily dismissed way. It's a little terrifying (i.e. I told you RL sucked).  I'm a little bit afraid I have broken my Supernatural googles thanks to that (Dean/Castiel might have potential but so far it's BORING) but I'm hoping it will be only a matter of going through Shalott's fics to remember why it was tragic and inevitable and right for them (SammyDean)

But the thing I'm really ashamed of? I have been reading Smallville fanfic. And I'm ashamed because evertime I have caught a Smallville episode (even for 30 seconds) on TV I have started to make derisive comments and been unable to stop. That show isn't bad, it's criminally stupid. And GAY. But not even full-blown homosexuality could save Smallville from nonsense and this is the kind of gay The Sentinel offered, where you can make a really good case for it with any scene in which the guys are together but don't get QaF style yummies. BUT Shalott ([personal profile] astolat) for some reason wrote fic for it, not just fic, she wrote KIDFIC, for someone who doens't want (any more) children I'm absurdly fond of seeing characters suffer through the pains and joys of parenthood (it sucks a lot less in fiction, too). To make matters worse Glitterati ([personal profile] rageprufrock) went and wrote a huge saga where Clark and Lex also raise Conner (who's their son in Superman canon through a very strange conspirancy where their DNA gets stolen). Liviapenn also wrote some very cool fic for SV but that's it as far as I can tell. I'm not sure I'm surprised, even though it's a huge fandom, watching the show would require a strong stomach.

I'm much more unashamed of reading American Idol RPS, also Shalott's fault, the age difference between 17-18 and 26 (David Archuleta & David Cook) seems much more unimportant and there's a BONDFIC (done by Shalott, so, gorgeously). And then she and other people kept bringing up Adam Lambert and he's queer and charming and...well, have you seen him? He's the type that keeps me officially bisexual (although I feel it's more a matter of being breathing than any kind of sexual orientation on my part). I don't even like the fic about him (and Kris) she's written very much yet (it's mostly PWP, even if Shalott PWP) but I have gotten distracted watching videos of him singing (which is more like having sex with that phallic object they use to amplify the sound of his voice), I like his voice, and Mad World was, if still fairly obscure in the details, really beautiful and trembling, so I'm hoping there's some other song by him I would like (no luck so far, but youtube is sucking when it comes to providing live performances). 

Merlin is still too much full of Alternate Realities (the one about Hulk, where most of the transfers didn't really make sense and the story didn't feel connected to canon beyond the thinnest of links, as in, their names was a totally original fic passing as fanfic) I have had enough (although in passing weeks I have gained a new appreciation for Glitterati's "Drastically Redefining Protocol" thanks to the newspaper article about the Prince of Wales and his spouse, authored by one Conner Luthor), I want fic about them, Arthur Pendragon and Merlin Emrys, the future king and his pet warlock, and the million ways they lie to each other with words and confess their deepest feelings with their actions. And how fucked up things could get between them because of Merlin's magic and his enforced silence or because of Arthur's responsabilities or Morgana's insistence on being head on instead of subtle and everybody except Uther being uncapable of saying no to her (I can't think of how Gwen could cause conflict except by maybe blurting something out or being victimized, maybe she could be their liason to the people of Camelot?). I have never liked medieval anything before (I flinch from epic fantasy no matter who writes it) but Merlin is quirky, snappy, interesting and modern in a medieval setting, that's what makes it new and interesting and I can't understand letting that go to waste to make Merlin a superheroe or a doctor, even when they do it well. Summarizing, I love AUs but a) they need to add to the canon and b) there's such as thing as too much of something good.

I'm slowly re-reading all my favourite SGA fics, it's like a joyous reunion and, in some cases, it includes a new understanding of what's going on because now I have watched the show. due South sometimes gives me a call, but since I'm not re-reading I'm not likely to hit the jackpot. Re-read like half (so, 8) of my House favourites in an effort to stop hating the show so actively, it worked in the sense that it made me laugh and smile but I kind of want to strangle House more than I did in the past for some reason (ok, that reason might be the way canon made him chuck out his ducklings when he worked so perfectly with them and how from there to canon sucking massively there was a tiny step). Let me think... oh, yes, Shalott also wrote Entourage fanfic, the show seems boring and the actors unattractive but her fics made me love them and I think I might have possibly run across worthy writing by someone else. I would say I would read anything she wrote but I have already done it, I can't say I liked her books, though, which still puzzles me.

Small fandoms, like rarepairings, are terrible for someone like me who basically aims to absorb the characters personalities through sheer quantity of fic.

Ok, Glitterati has also been publishing SGA fic on the sly on her AOOO account (did I ever tell you I have been translating for the OTW for months?) and I have reading to do.

P.D: DREAMWIDTH people: Please stop posting PUBLIC Meta and blocking anon commenting while account creation is restricted to people with invites, it's either very stupid or you're discriminating against people with less extended social networks than you. I can't decide which would be worse, really, but being unable to comments is frustrating as all fuck.

No love, J.
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Title: What is and What Could Be

Author: Evalangui

Characters & Pairings: Genfic about Sam, Dean, Mary and a bit of John. Except last excerpt which is also non-graphic Sam/Dean slash.

Category: Alternate Universes

Warnings/Enticements: Incest, AU, genderfuck in the form of Girl!Dean.

Rating: Pg-13.

Spoilers: 4x03 “In the Beginning” (I mean the fact that Mary and her parents were hunters, not her deal with Yellow-Eyes because with Dean’s warning and the knowledge of the YED’s return and what her interruption could cause I would have to believe Mary was a complete retard to enter the nursery and since Mary is the only female character in Supernatural who is not a victim, a slut or a evil I’d rather refrain.)

Length: 8987 words.

Summary: A number of things that never happened to the Winchester family but that could have.

Disclaimer: Transformative work. 


What is and What Could Be



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Título: Aereo

Autora: [info]astolat(también conocida como Shalott)


Publicado originalmente en inglés, Aerial, el 20 de Junio de 2007

Traductora: [info]evalangui


Sinopsis: Sam encontró la manera de deshacerse de ellas por un mes, un hechizo que duraba hasta la primera noche de la luna llena.
Arte: 1 de antiship.

Advertencias/Incentivos: *Wincesto gráfico*, alas.

Palabras: 1291

Notas de la traductora: Cualquier comentario o corrección bienvenido, si leen el original notaran que hay dos o tres de frases que son bastante diferentes, eso es porque elegí trasmitir el sentido y no las palabras, aun así, si se les ocurriera algo más adecuado me gustaría saberlo. Edit: revisada y mejorada (14.11.09)


Aereo de astolat
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Con lo cual quiero decir que me cortaron internet y me quiero suicidar. La verdad es que avance bastante con mi trabajo de traducción pero no sé si es gracias a eso o a pesar de eso.

Merlin has convinced Jaguit slash is meant to be, but she doesn’t want to talk about Wincest, she seems very squicked by the whole brothers thing (I’m trying to convince her they are not really brothers because Sam’s the Yellow-Eyed Demon’s son, really. Yeah, I know it’s a lie but it’s not like I want her to read the fanfic, just to watch the show in all its greatness). I can’t tell what’s with Merlin, really, but it’s got us all spellbound (I haven’t watched that many episodes of anything since… well I can’t remember). Except for Shallot’s the fanfic leaves me kind of indifferent and there is way too little (this could, in truth, have something to do with me reading almost 40 pieces in 4 days) and too much RPS. Right now I kind of wish I had waited some more so it had time to get better but also because I have to *wait* for season 2 like an idiot who watches TV, because what I really like is the show. It’s crazy, I haven’t liked the original without fandom’s help in forever. I really like how different English tv is from American, I mean, there’s lots of non-sexual skin showing, for example (ok, it was non-sexual until I saw it but still). I love how the show is so non-historically accurate Sharon picked up on it and asked me: wait, fans? (I'm not sure what the problem is with "smoked pigeon", actually, but I don't think Sandwiches had been invented yet. Someone should make a list) I’m planning on watching Torchwood next, the accents make up for the fact I don’t like the main female character very much (yet).

Elizabet is still MIA, even though she supposedly arrived yesterday. And since I haven't opened the messenger in months I didn't notice Yamila's surgery go by, I need to go burn my hands now, yes.
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Ok, it's Friday and I'm in the middle of my weekend and this(i think) morning I finished watching due South, by which I mostly mean I watched the three last episodes of season 4. I still have a lot of season 1 & 2 unwatched, this state of affairs came to be because when I tried to get into the fandom expecting awesome Fraser/Vecchio (because I totally saw it by episode 4 and expected to be convinced some more and I had no idea there were two Rays in due South and people still talked about them by their first names) I found Cesperanza, Pir8fancier, Resonant and all the cool people (except Shallot, who had written 2 drabbles) were into Fraser/Kowalski! It was terrible so I said: screw it, I'm watching from season 3 now.

And I fell in love, there were these two guys: a crazy super Mountie who missed Canada's full of nothing-but-snow Territories and also his old partner, but had the coolest half-wolf following him around & a sad, sarcastic, funny and resourceful Chicago cop who liked to dance and couldn't get out of love to save his life but saved the Mountie because he got him. 


And they got into situations involving: Ghost pirates, vudun practitioners, sleeping-princes, a country singer, a funerary home being used to sell arms, buddy-breathing after which the character being "lend some air" didn't ask "but it totally wasn't a kiss, right and this isn't gay?" but "so nothing's changed?", jumping off buildings/cars-in-movement/cars-under-the-lake-they-call-Michigan, escaping a flooding vesel at the last minute by flying high into the air using gas tanks as propulsors.

And then there was the fanfic and so after I was so utterly in love with RayK... )

I needed to get all that glee out somewhere. Now I just need to find the Spanish dubs (Rumbo Al Sur/Directo Al Sur. Yeah, I know, they didn't screw up the title in either of the two versions) and be able to share it with my family and I will be completely satisfied. Well, also, gotta watch BattleStar Galactica because RayK is in it. 
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Hoy fui al médico y para cuando volví a casa ya no tenía energía para volver a salir así que no fui a la universidad. Es una pena porque me perdí una clase sobre el movimiento Chicano pero estoy afónica y me duele el pecho y bueno... Creo que fue más productiva mi sesión de estudio de varias horas con Jaguit, me parece que incluso se acuerda de lo que es un participio y cómo son en inglés y en castellano.

Estaba leyendo el último post de irati y eso me llevó a, además de escribirle un comentario que supero el límite de caracteres, rebuscar entre mis poesias posteadas y encontrar un par que tenía en privado. La otra me hizo llorar y no estoy lista para compartirla, está la tenía guardada porque no es perfecta pero después de más de un año me parece que nunca va a serlo y me gusta bastante. It feels like sunlight spilling all over me...

La vida que canta a mí alrededor, la vida que mira, la vida que es mía
Me llena de ardor, es algo como deseo, creo que le llaman amor
Ahora que estoy despierta, ahora que las opciones y las ventanas están abiertas
Ahora que ya no somos desconocidos justo cuando estábamos por darnos por vencidos
Ahora que soy más o menos todo que esperaba ser, ahora que sé lo que es creer y perder
Ahora que estoy lista para tomarme el mundo como una pista, para seguir tu rastro y encontrarme a mi misma
Ahora que hay tiempo de sobra para recobrar las obras despreciadas de la infancia
Ahora que la infamia es no quedarse callado y escucharse bien
Ahora que no sueño con el futuro incierto porque yo ya tengo lo que en realidad quiero
Ahora que no hay prisas y no se escatima en sonrisas, ahora que me siento, nuevamente
Después de tanto tiempo, parte del mundo, pienso que ahora es el momento justo para amar…
Ahora cuando las horas se han erradicado y tiempo sólo pasa en cambios de luz…
Ahora que la responsabilidad ha sido propiamente dejada atrás y tengo tiempo para perder
Porque lo único peor que perder el tiempo es no gastarlo


*última frase toda de [livejournal.com profile] yuvia .
Mi respuesta al post de Irati )
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If I read only books I would have read about 299 this year. As it is that was closer to 72. The rest it’s 12.705.000 words of fanfic (equals 212 books of 60.000 words each +/-). Truth be told, I read less books than last year because I’m counting things like essays and short stories besides actual honest books, I also feel I left quite a few unfinished (“Midnight Children” totally deserved it after 200.000 words of totally confusing if sometimes enlightening narrative and “The Owl Service” really really deserved it for being not just boring but sexist but…still), maybe it’s because I didn’t read as many as I should have for class that I’m feeling guilty. Ok, it could also be the fact I didn’t manage to archive in [livejournal.com profile] readingz more than 30% of the fanfic I read. I’m happy about the bunch of fandoms I have acquired since last June, though, it makes for much more diverse reading than switching pairings in Harry Potter, which I have kind of forgotten about since first Stargate Atlantis, then Supernatural and now dueSouth and The Sentinel have invaded my life. I wonder if there’s an essay somewhere about the evolution of gender roles and “types” in slash relationships, I have been trying to see a pattern but the sheer gayness + binariness of The Sentinel is kinda cramping my theories. dS is also making me wonder if there’s any discernible relationship between the characters and the type of people who feel moved to write/read about them. The whole Snarry vs Harry/Draco thing relating to age seemed to point in that direction and the extreme helpfulness of dS (i.e. Fraser) fans does as well. I would go read meta but I suspect it would make me feel even guiltier about exams <.<

Ah, sí, Año Nuevo sin fuegos artificiales es completamente anticlimático, como un ensayo o algo. No siento que sea año nuevo. Best wishes to you all, anyway ^^
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Ok, I’m tired of real life. So I’m telling you all about fandom. But first, did you know the Greeks were writing gay science fiction with mpreg? I had heard they had invented everything but I thought we still had a few twists to go at least, obviously not.
Read more... )

Ok, I’m going back to read about non-fandomish doctor transvestites because I got a review to write for my Feminist literary theory class, which rocks (which might be the only part of real life that does at all, at that). Hope you are all well, if unresponsive.

If your real life is the one you are awake for, the one you wake for.

If it's the one you smile because of, if real is what makes your heart beat fast

And if love is what makes you cry and laugh and sacrifice movement, sleep and food

Then I know my real life is here, in the many lives others live

And argue what you may, their lives are as real as it gets
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Traducción del post original(in English) de [personal profile] hesychasm   

Los mismos derechos de Copyright que se aplican al post original se aplican a su traducción, es decir, es todo suyo :) Gracias a [livejournal.com profile] hlbr  por ayudarme a mejorar la traducción.


El fandom es concentración. El fandom es obsesión. El fandom es consumición insaciable. El fandom es sentarse por horas frente a la tele la computadora con un comic con una novela en tu regazo. El fandom es vista cansada y síndrome del túnel carpiano y poco ejercicio y quedarte despiert@ hasta mucho después de tu hora de dormir.


Ms fandom )

London 0.1

Jul. 23rd, 2007 04:58 pm
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I've been here since the 19, after missing my plane the 18 because my id wasn't good enough (very messy, very boring). I really really miss my computer and i wish i had brought it, even without internet... i feel like I'm missing an arm or even a part of my brain without being able to write and access my stuff. Normally i prepare and edit posts before posting them but i just wanted to let anybody interested that Sectus was great, that Deathly Hollows was strangely fanfictional in many ways and that fandom looks like it will make it, which was, after all, what worried me. 

The English school is fun, we mostly play games in English, I'm not learning a lot of vocabulary but I'm getting to talk a lot, which i also manage while at the inn, the international student center, where i roomed completely by accident with another Sectus-goer. It seems to me like student hostels are a much better idea than families, mine doesn't seem very cool, although I haven't been the most punctual person ever so I have not really talked to them all that much.

Anyway, I hope you're having a good summer, even in summer, if you know what i mean :p

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I'm so glad all the fandom is at risk kerfluffle is over, although I think [livejournal.com profile] fandom_counts is a beautiful consequence of it. Not for the first time I feel part of this community, of any community in fact. For someone like me, who feels inclined to spend a lot less time than most people socially interacting and that doesn't feel comfortable with fixed times (I mean, that's one of the reasons I don't like TV much) and responsabilities, fandom is a place where I feel accepted as whatever I wish to be in terms of dedication, a lurker, a fan, a writer or an artist, whatever I feel like today I can be and nobody expects me to be consequent and continue doing the same things. But this is not because it's merely a hobby, because it isn't as important to others as it is to me. I think 30.000 fans rushing over to join a comm over less than 24 hours because someone was threatening this space is proof enough of that. I've always felt this complicity with fans everywhere of all fandoms, this feeling of "I'm into it too, I so know what you mean/feel/see".

It's a feeling it's hard to get in real life, i guess it's hard for me because I like fiction a lot more than RL and as such unless a topic is especially personally relevant to me it's hard to muster the passion. The only thing I can think I've felt that way about it's GLBT rights, Feminism and homoeroticism, all of them come, more or less directly, from fandom, the first two tend to make me more angry than happy and the third is something I've rare ocassions to share in this hetero hetero world. That's how I ended up showing QaF to my little sisters, i guess (and why they queer their Barbies!). And possibly that's why Aura is still speaking to me, because you don't get that kind of understanding often.

more fiction: - : I have a movie rec, kind of:
Déjate Llevar / Take the Lead )

a little RL life to make you go away: - :B'sides that... two exams gone, Linguistics and Russian, they were supposed to be the easier ones, except the Read more... )


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