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Title: What is and What Could Be

Author: Evalangui

Characters & Pairings: Genfic about Sam, Dean, Mary and a bit of John. Except last excerpt which is also non-graphic Sam/Dean slash.

Category: Alternate Universes

Warnings/Enticements: Incest, AU, genderfuck in the form of Girl!Dean.

Rating: Pg-13.

Spoilers: 4x03 “In the Beginning” (I mean the fact that Mary and her parents were hunters, not her deal with Yellow-Eyes because with Dean’s warning and the knowledge of the YED’s return and what her interruption could cause I would have to believe Mary was a complete retard to enter the nursery and since Mary is the only female character in Supernatural who is not a victim, a slut or a evil I’d rather refrain.)

Length: 8987 words.

Summary: A number of things that never happened to the Winchester family but that could have.

Disclaimer: Transformative work. 


What is and What Could Be



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Título: Aereo

Autora: [info]astolat(también conocida como Shalott)


Publicado originalmente en inglés, Aerial, el 20 de Junio de 2007

Traductora: [info]evalangui


Sinopsis: Sam encontró la manera de deshacerse de ellas por un mes, un hechizo que duraba hasta la primera noche de la luna llena.
Arte: 1 de antiship.

Advertencias/Incentivos: *Wincesto gráfico*, alas.

Palabras: 1291

Notas de la traductora: Cualquier comentario o corrección bienvenido, si leen el original notaran que hay dos o tres de frases que son bastante diferentes, eso es porque elegí trasmitir el sentido y no las palabras, aun así, si se les ocurriera algo más adecuado me gustaría saberlo. Edit: revisada y mejorada (14.11.09)


Aereo de astolat
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Don't know what overcome me but I wrote a Harry Potter Fanfic, and a Genfic at that, which is pretty out of character for someone whose characters keep falling for each other no matter their sexes or their busy schedules doing important stuff like, you know, saving the world... Anyway, I will re-read it a few times and then post in some community or another, but I felt the need to post in RIGHT NOW here for my own and only satisfaction.

EDITED: I was just checking it, as it happens it's size has doubled.
EDITED AGAIN: After being betated. 3rd EDIT: May 2008, wow, and did it need a edit!


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