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1. I guess it's my fault for expecting better from popular music, but how can there still be blatantly sexist songs like "Daughters" (John Mayer) being written today and loved by both sexes? (This one fucks up everybody, boys are tough and can take it, girls are delicate flowers necessary for the boys to be human) and Demi Lovato is covering it and millions of kids are going to listen to it and WHY ISN'T anybody saying anything? Ok. You can go read the non-ranty part of this post.

2. Erin and me both love this song, especially the line "we both maniacally laugh and like all the same stuff", the woman's voice is actually pretty good.

3. Found an awesome website that converts youtube vids into mp3 for you.

4. Another personality test, according to which I'm very disaggreable and very open to new experiences (what can i say? people keep messing up) :

I'm a O88-C30-E48-A4-N14 Big Five!!

5. Booked the train tickets to go the town of books, Hay on Wye (/hei on wai/) in Wales next weekend (28-30). Verena's coming with me (after much procrastination) and we're staying in a farm. For some reason this does not mean I get to go horse riding (it's probably for the best since I'm spending enough money as it is, and that's not even counting the fact that is a town made of bookshops with really cheap books AND I'll be coming back by train so there's no weight limit.

6. Podfic and a random add I caught on TV are making reconsider watching House again. Mostly it's tv show withdrawal, Supernatural is over, Castle too, Glee has only 3 episodes to go (and the last couple haven't made me happy at all).Art + Poems )
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001 . A veces una piensa: ojalá no hiciera falta decir estas cosas a estas alturas, explicárle a la gente que vive en una caja que se les armo, ¿pero de que viviríamos si no quedaran cosas por pensar? por hacer? por decir?, ¿Qué habría en el mundo de maravilloso si tuvieramos todas las respuestas? Nada. La absoluta felicidad (si llegaramos a eso con todo el conocimiento) debe ser un absoluto embole. Así que les desearía "felices fiestas" pero para ser más exacta, les deseo que esta semana que viene, y la otra y la otra, aprendan algo nuevo, que encuentren algo que les ilumine todo el mundo, que ayude a que las cosas tengan sentido, porque siempre felices no se puede ser pero siempre se puede entender.

The year is almost over and I have just counted: 27 entries. Is it too little? Is it too much? I know I haven’t published anything I have written in a long time, even though I can’t stop writing and I haven’t this past year. I have three huge stories (as of now: 49.000, 21.000 and 12.000 words) I’m working on. My father says they aren’t worth anything if i don’t finish them but even if I never finish them they are worth a lot to me, those characters won’t ever go away, those parts of myself I put in there and now know better aren’t going back to fuzzy. Writing is not about producing books or stories, it’s about writing, because the sole act of writing itself it’s producing something: knowledge, enjoyment. And yeah, it’s just for me, but who else was I supposed to be writing for?


002 . Are you a woman?, scratch that, are you human? Read this. It’s long, I know, and it’s not easy if your English vocabulary it’s not that of a native but it might change your view of yourself, of the world you live in and the one you want to live in. I’m planning to translate it myself or find and scan a translated copy that supposedly exists. For now, have these fragments:
La mayoría de las traducciones son mías, otras prestadas (de este pequeño fragmento que tradujeron)

"female sexual slavery is present in ALL situations where women or girls cannot change the conditions of their existence; where regardless of how they got into those conditions, e g., social pressure, economic hardship, misplaced trust or the longing for affection, they cannot get out; and where they are subject to sexual violence and exploitation."

“La esclavitud sexual femenina está presente en TODAS las situaciones en que las mujeres o niñas no pueden cambiar las condiciones de su existencia. Donde, sin importar como llegaron a esas situaciones (Ej. Presión social, dificultades económicas, confiando en la gente equivocada o por necesidad de cariño) no pueden salir de ellas; situaciones en las que son sujetas a violencia sexual y explotación”

003 . Into a completely different topic, I haven’t told you about The Breakfast Club! How silly of me to forget, or maybe I was too dazed by Bender to notice. I came across this strangely named dramedy in fanfic, Resonant, one of the BNFs of the HP fandom, wrote a fic about what happened to two of the characters of this movie: Bender and Brian, when they met again years later. The argument of the film is quite simple, five teenagers get detention on Saturday and get put on the library to write an essay “what I learnt today”. They are, apparently: a jock, a whack-job, a princess, a criminal and a brain. But during the course of that day they will realize there’s much more to each other than that, and that all of them are pretty fucked up in their own ways. I shall not lie to you, the movie won’t have worked half so well without Bender, the criminal. Angry, spiteful, failing school, a sharp tongue that will not stop short of tearing the others to shreds for their quite human weaknesses, he confronts them about their inconsistencies but is unable to accept his own. He is unable to stop working against his own interests and so his pride and the apathy he pretends to feel are his fatal weakness. Just watch it, you will laugh. And when you are done, if you are bent that way, go and read Resonant’s “Higher Education” , in fact, I read it before watching the movie and it was a wonderful story all the same, so read it either way.


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