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Moved these HERE. If you scroll down from there you will find other fandom quotes (SGA, SPN, SV, the Sentinel, etc etc etc)
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Today is [livejournal.com profile] cloi’s birthday and she got a Lj just in time for me to publically wish her a Very Happy Birthday!
I never finished it and I don't really think I can but I thought she may like to see the Remus/Sirius I was writing for her a while ago anyway while she waits for [livejournal.com profile] irati to finish "El Crack": Read more... )

Into other news The importance of Being Ernest is one of the funniest books in existence, it's also really short, you should read it.
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*Finally, an article on Harry Potter Slash that isn’t utter crap and at least tries to be impartial. Have a look.

*Bought a book in Barcelona(I haven't finished all the signing up yet, I hope to get it done Monday), my excuse it’s that it was cheap. It’s called Courtship Rite and looks pretty porny and violent and generically original ....(So maybe I'm a pervert) Also, I’m liking The picture of Dorian Gray, even though I admit is pretty slow, it’s not because nothing happens, there’s so much thoughts and ideas in there! It feels like you could write a novel around each of them(a lot of them are those quotes of Wilde everybody and their dog passes around and that I’ve always liked)

Isn’t this great?

*This morning our new kitty, Stella, awoke me by climbing my bed *weird face*. She is very black and cute as hell and my familiar but you’ve got to have limits so I took her back to the kitchen, where my sisters where going mad about not finding her XD She and our dog have a strange relationship that consists in her seeking warm and Luna wanting to sniff her, only to be scratched silly...Lately they've been managing to sleep together, I will show you later^^
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Miren esté video, it’s hilarous though I think it was supossed to be something else. Harry Potter: The musical.

JOHANNA: bla bla bla y entonces Van Gogh se cortó la oreja.
SHARON: Y si no tiene oreja por qué canta?

PAPA: Y en la época de la Biblia….
SHARON: En la época del armiño?

JOHANNA(leyendo): …ligera nevada…
SHARON: Qué es ligera?
J: Significa…poquito, que nevaba poco.
J(leyendo, dos líneas más abajo): y ligeramente…
S: Qué es ligeramente?

PAPA(contando su versión de La Bella Durmiente): Una rueca es una maquina para bordar…
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I miss school. Really, I know I was yearning for holidays(not that working 6 days a week is holidays, mind you) but my creativity is totally stalled, in classes I got distracted or just got inspired by the sheer amount of things I learnt and now even though I learnt a bit by myself by reading it`s specific stuff like…mostly HP fanfic or writer`s lessons. The History of art lessons were specially inspiring, they were totally boring but while I listened to them I usually had good ideas, or could write something while listening and taking notes(ha! I even got a 6 as final) Read more... )
EDIT: Tengo un fotolog!!!! Por fin, llevaba un siglo y cuarto tratando de sacar uno y nunca había cupo, obvio que el live es mejor pero Laila es una hincha y solo usa eso: http://www.fotolog.net/evalangui/

I keep trying to revise the novel but I feel I still need to learn a lot of stuff of[livejournal.com profile] limyaael`s Rants and dont.


is it about Harry?
A very interesting article that explains the real parallelisms between Harry Potter`s magic and homosexuality, it also documents some medieval customs, festivities and such where the “queer”(weird) things were the rule. VERY long.
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Edit: Nowadays my recs & recomendados.

It’s curious how the Hogwarts Houses have indeed(don’t know if JK
intended for it or not) a scientific basis in Jungian psychology and his
personality types. Look! 

Also, since wistful_fever asked for recs and to made the most of the list I made for her, I will post it here as my rec list. It’s mostly Harry/Draco because that’s my OTP and what she asked for of what I usually read. I will try to actualize, for myself if nothing else. I may in the future provide links to this stories, for now if you have any problem finding any of them I will gladly help you.

Some stories contain quotes, I do no consider them spoilers but if you would prefer not to read them anyway they
are in purple.



* Moments by Ladycat777 (drabble)

* A Catalogue of Ways to Torture FlobberWorms, Elves, and Harry Potter by Salima.

* A Lesson in Negativity by Ociwen.

* A Lifetime of Calamities Followed by Dangerous Illnesses by Blythely

* A Long Implied Impossibility by Anj.

* A thin line by LadyVader.

* Agnus Dei by SilentAuror: Now, I normally don't like this author, there's nothing particularly wrong with her, to me it just seems she's always telling the same story. This one though...had something that got to me.

* An Unlikely Pair byRreena.

* Anatomy of a Dysfunctional Relationship by Zahra: "Some things don’t have to be justified"

* And I Get By by, by Silvia Kundera"Inconceivable!" 
"You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it
means." (Harry and Draco friendship fic -- not slash)

* Collateral Damage by Furiosity.

* Dandelion by Ivyblossom.
* Death wish by Reenka

* Desire is what is Understood by Ivyblossom.

* Don't Look Back in Anger by Imadra_blue

* Friend like me by LadyVader. Painfully beautiful, if there's one thing LadyVader knows how to write, it’s resignation. She's normally an incredibly funny and porny with thoughtful moments author that seems to realise that, a bit like Rowling herself, she will never write anything as good as this. Which is not to say her other stories aren't worth reading, they are just a completely different genre.

* Hiatus by Ivyblossom.

* Hope by Gvlvr.

* Inscription by Aja.

* Just Like This by Jackson Rayne: It's intense, it's passionate, but it's just sex. Or
is it? Draco
is despairing and Harry is blinkered. How are you mean to recognise love when it doesn't look or feel anything like you expected it to?

* Legend by Silvia KunderaHarry lives and he breathes and they love him for it. And Draco can't be far behind.

* Lettered by Pir8fancier. After the summer of fifth year, with his father in Azkaban and his life slowly being invaded by the war to come, Draco starts to question what he has been told. Most of all about The Boy Who Lived. When the year starts he begins to send Harry letters, first they are simply a way to past the time but before long anonymity allows him to share his deepest thoughts, desires and fears. When Harry's allowed to write back...

This is one of my favourite fics in the world, simply perfect. And now it has a sequel:
"Lush Life"

* Letters in French by Asahii. It’s of my personal liking though the end it’s certainly weird, I don’t think it tries to be realistic but it posses a wistful atmosphere that makes for a pleasurable read. Ok, I admit I'm a sucker for epistolaries, cannot help myself.

* Mirror, Mirror by LadyVader: PWP, but being her even porn makes sense.

* No Need to Talk by Furiosity.

* Quiet Intensity by Salima: Summary given: Draco and Harry discover their feelings for each other, but can't do anything about it except use rivalry as foreplay.

* Right Through Him by Chiromancy. Or when an old story is excellently retold, Harry and Draco are Aurors and partners and have trouble breathing through the UST because they are too attached to each other to risk it.

* Slipping Twisted from Here(5 ways Harry and Draco didn’t end) by angelgazing: You can tell me this isn’t canon but I probably won't believe you.

* The A-to-B Line by Zahra. Nothing is ever simple.

* The Beautiful Game by 1ightening.

* The Best Friend's Confession by Moonchild: While it might not be completely in character it’s a lovely story all the same. Summary Given: Harry would go to any length to be with Draco... and what about Draco?

* The Inescapable Truths by Ari Munami. Summary given: Harry and Draco. Their problems, and the little lies and truths that will always sink you in the end.

* The Inner-Workings of Coincidence by Marks. Summary given: Harry leaves the wizarding world, following the forced exodus of the Death Eaters' children. Then, five years pass.

* The Properties of being lost by Aja(there’s a sequel too)

* This is how it goes(Four Ways) by Ociwen (very dark, NC-17)

* What Love Is by November Snowflake.

* To go wherever dreaming goes by Abaddon: There is also love in the world. NC-17.



* A Thousand Beautiful Things by Geoviki(aka Duinn Fionn) Draco Malfoy struggles with changed fortunes, shifted alliances,
an ugly war, and an unusual spell, with the help of a concerned professor, an insightful house-elf, and an unexpected Gryffindor friend.
And the necessary sequel: Delicate Sound of Thunder. There’s also a few cookies in-between the two that don’t affect
the main plot and that can be found at the author's account.

* Beneath you by Cinnamon. My summary: With his father in prison and her mother away Draco takes comfort in writing his father letters, letters never to be sent in which he confesses all the things he would never tell him. When the letters are lost…
Intense in the author’s fashion but not too dark, school-time.

* Blood and Nails by Caalmarada: Would you kill for it? Die for it? What would you do for love and would it do in return? Would it save you from yourself?

* Eclipse by Mijan Draco swore revenge on Harry for Lucius's imprisonment, and for once, he keeps his promise. The old
rivalry turns deadly when Draco abducts Harry for Voldemort. But when Draco’s world turns upside down, the fight to save both himself and Harry begins.
“Conversation drifted from one unimportant thing to the next, but just then, everything was the most important thing in the world. Just being there was the most important thing.” – Eclipse, ch16.

* Hall of mirrors by Ella_bane: Pretty recent, an entry for the BigBangBaby I. There is sex(It’s
NC-17) and there is plot and there is denial and love and mystery. It’s not the poetic type but it’s heartfelt.

* "If you've a ready mind" by Maya: Draco's distracted the day of his sorting and thinks to the hat "being in Ravenclaw won't be too bad", after that no pleading to the magical item helps and so Draco Malfoys it's the first Malfoy not to go into the House of Snakes in centuries. It does have some interesting results, to say the least. Funny and profound at once this has the classic Maya trademark of a marvellous story that sets out to play with something apparently trivial and ends up with the whole world, a bit like Draco, a young boy who suddenly has way too much in his play. After HBP, AU.

* Irresistible Poison by Rhynsen(a classic, what to say?) Under the influence of a love potion, Draco learns that poison doesn't always bring death -- there are other ways to suffer and live. Chemical emotion runs feverish as Harry and Draco discover the
intoxication of love.
My summary:
It’s a very pretty story, angst, human contradiction. On the other hand, I’m pretty sure the chronology is flawed and the language is a bit strange, I assume it’s influenced by some dialect. The quotes are a nice detail. Canon doesn’t seem to be perfectly regarded here but since it’s only post the fourth book I cannot judge properly. All in all, a nice story that is understably a classic and that kept me on edge on every re-read.

* Left my heart by EmmaGrant01 Another classic with sequel, “Surrender the Grey”(completed) LMH is set in San Francisco, where Draco Malfoy, Auror who suddenly left his job and suspected Death Eater, is hiding, and where Auror Harry Potter is sent to look for him. Nothing, of course, it's as simple as it seems.

* Lustre by Calico and Julad: Relatively short, full of Slytherin grace, Gryffindor passion and with the stellar presentation of a beautiful snake.

* Objects of desire by Azrael (also Hermione/Severus) The summary provided: The dream team sign a magical contract promising to lose their virginities within the year, they soon fix on the objects of their desires, but will the bitterness left in the wake of the war prove too hurtful for love to exist?. Though there are some little occness here most of them could be more or less justified by the context of the fic(after a war where the Light side
has as much blood in it’s hands as the defeated Dark side)
NC-17 for sex and violence.

* Queen of hearts by cynicalpirate and scoradh: As an entry for the BigBangBaby I it’s fairly new, it is, in truth, the one I personally favour, probably because it’s funny, thoughtful, original, realistic and has a good set-up. It has a couple of OCCs, one is something rarely to be found in H/D; a male Ravenclaw student, very well fleshed out.

* Seeker to seeker by BaronNomaw(controversial opinions, one of my personal favourites): It has a cookie about Draco and Lucius and a sequel, "Power Play" that was a WIP with nine chapters for a while and the author started updating again for a bit bit but with such subpar material I started doubting it was the same person.

* Draco Malfoy and the heart of Slytherin by Saber: PG-13. After Lucius is imprisoned and Narcissa flies to Europe, a very reluctant Draco is dropped off at one number four Privet Drive, where a sullen Harry Potter trains physically and magically for his coming battle with Voldemort. Draco joins the training and through it, Harry.

* The Lodger by MadMartha(Post-Hogwarts).

* Thicker than Blood by CorvetteClair: It is Harry's sixth year at Hogwarts, and Voldemort has returned to full power. The Death Eaters assault the castle and lay siege to it, injuring Draco and trapping the students inside. Chaos and
much angst ensue.
My Summary: Draco is called out of Hogwarts during the attack by his father and results gravely injured in the crossfire, Harry and Hermione find him and take him inside but his state is delicate and the professors have to ask for a blood donor that will establish a bloodlink that also connects them at a emotional level, it’s like this that Harry gets to see
the real Draco Malfoy. The sequel, Adamant and Starlight, has been a WIP for a very long time(thus I haven’t read it) but TTB was more than fine as an stand-alone.

*This side of me by Cherrycola69 (original premise, well-developed) My Summary: In a moment of
weakness/goodness/sheer madness Death Eater!Draco saves Harry Potter’s life, from then, everything is changed.

* Tissue of Silver by Fearlessdiva (post-hogwarts, imaginative and intense) All the sequels and cookies can also be found in there.

* Transfigurations by Resonant(original in extreme, "post-hogwarts"): One of the H/D classics, Transfigurations has very clear genfic elements, and those and how intricately they are webbed with the characterization of canon more and lesser known characters and a couple of OCCs, are the secret of its success. The Harry/Draco storyline is nothing new to the ficcer, lots of UST, furious sex, but the location changes the mood, charges their encounters with danger (and because of that danger, more desire) in a way every novel-lenght adventure/mystery fic has aimed for since then.

* Transformation by Amalin: 10. The writing style is distinctive, I assure you my vocabulary has certainly improved after
this. There are a few minor details that aren’t exactly canonical. Hermione’scharacterization though not outright wrong is horrible at the start and only a bit better later, the minor characters appear but aren’t very developed since it’s Harry’s POV most of the time and he is self-centered as hell. If it isn’t perfect, then you are wondering why a ten? Because it’s real, it’s life and suddenly you find a sentence that holds a truth you have never seen before, something like
“Sometimes the truth has nothing to do
with what someone wants”
or “You could die.  You can't know that; all you can do is make sure
you have lived"
and maybe you already knew, I
didn’t, this story changed me and that’s what makes a story great, more than

* Underwater Light by Maya: No longer a WiP. My opinion: 10 or more, now, if someone gives you an spoiler for UL
you should kill them, UL it’s everything bar predictable, the way that even having been in their heads(the narrative is third person but focuses on different characters thoughts) you cannot guess what they would do when you in another’s because you are thinking like the character makes you realise that this aren’t characters, no, they are people and you can understand them but you don’t do it automatically, you don’t guess their reasons right all the time. Everybody here doubts and is afraid and is wrong and right. The central characters(Harry, Draco, Ron, Hermione, Pansy, Blaise and then some) usually do
only one thing right for sure(sometimes after a needed tongue-lashing): They keep trying.

* Welcome to the Real World by IamtheLizardQueen. 

Works In Progress:

* The Quality of Mercy by Maya: It’s the new novel-length of my favourite author, exactly post-book six it deals with a
HorcruxSearching Harry and co and an originality that is a UglyDraco, who’s around because he is wearing a certain locket and needs to be protected from the DE.
WIP, as always, Maya updates often but not regularly, you can as soon have three chapters a month as one for trimester, i think it's well worth the risk and, after all, she did made the effort to finnish Underwater Light on time for HBP (though admitedly OoTP went by in the middle). Anyway, go read "Underwater Light" if WIPS aren't your thing, or her new and shiny AU where Draco is a Ravenclaw and wears glasses, "If you've a ready mind". When QoM was into chapter 15 or so, she started another WIP about a !Veela Harry, "Drop Dead Gorgeous"

* Veela Magic by Lasair (WIP with 11 chapters, for what I understand indefinitely): It includes and has had
action, which cannot be said for the H/D, to this point of Fleur Delacour/Cho Chang.

"Sorry, I just need to be quite clear about this. The Dark Lord wants me to have sex with women? Lots of women?" - Draco, Veela Magic, ch8.

* Your Milk is my sugar by Michael Malfoy WIP (indefinitely since the author died) (It’s the veela fic, funny and not fluffly^^) Summary given: Harry does something very stupid and ends up protecting Malfoy from the lust-crazed fellow students. He also decides to help the ranting and paranoid Malfoy to find his mate.


If you look above you will realize I don’t read much het, this is the only het pairing that interested me for a long time
and this recs are more than half the fics I read of them, so, I`m not exactly an expert and there probably are other great fics I don’t know about, something I would find hard to believe for H/D.


* Faster Mudblood, Kill! Kill! by MissMoppet(WIP, indefinitely it would appear) (also Harry/Draco): It’s a detective story
that while also including Harry/Draco is, to this chapter, mainly gen, having a good deal of apparitions of Severus, Hermione and Ron and very few of Harry or Draco.

* Heart Over Mind by Regann There’s a love potion here alright, only, the problem is that it doesn’t work. In Potions class love potions are being studied and a mild one is done and tried by the students, when the potion doesn’t work at all on Hermione Snape informs her the only reason for that to happen is that she is really in love with the perfect partner for her.

* Objects of desire by Azrael (also Harry/Draco) The summary provided: The dream team sign a magical contract promising to lose their virginities within the year, they soon fix on the objects of their desires, but will the bitterness left in the wake of the war prove too hurtful for love to exist?. Though there are some little occness here most of them could be more or less justified by the context of the fic(after a war where the Light side has as much blood in it’s hands as the defeated Dark side) NC-17 for sex and violence.

* Pawn to Queen (Incomplete and ABANDONED, I will read it all the same): There’s a large cast of Original characters, very well conducted, including a female Blaise Zabini, her family and a special type of witches named stregas who are reminiscent of the
bene-gesserit of the Dune Universe.

* Unfinished Business: A really original take on HGSS, because, well, Hermione dies in the fist chapter. I followed this rec by crack_broom if you want to check it out. It’s relatively light for School-time SeverusHermione but it isn’t a comedy at all, just…you know, a love story.


* Ok by Chiromancy: Mostly pre-slash but lovely all the same, Chiromancy seems to have an uncanny ability to make you see why any relationship is fated.

Harry/Severus or Snarry:

* So lonely without me by Calligraphy:
Novel-length: It’s saying it’s my first Snarry enough? It’s not perfect but it convinced me to give the pairing a try.

* Cambiare Podentes: Invocare by JordaGrant and its sequel, Cambiare Podentes: Madurare. I have to admit I liked the first part much much better, the beggining was simply stunning and the rest kept me hooked, the second part felt like "more of the same".

* If you are prepared by Cybelles: Excellent but dangerous.


Beg me for it by Icarus: Good slash: hot, Good gen: interesting and beliavable.


* Room Serviced by Pir8fancier.


* Flame and Shadow by Maya.


* Best. Marauder. Prank. EVER. By Gehayi.

* The Beginning Of The First Offensive Of The Fourth War Against You Know Who by lalejandra(WIP)

* Wordless(Arthur Weasley)

* The Reader by Aja.

* The Language of cats: Child Remus genfic.

"When It Alteration Finds" by Victoria P: Remus centric,  Sorting AU.


* Death and chocolate(Pansy/Daphne)

* The Sporting Life(Pansy/Cho)

* Veela Magic by Lasair (Fleur Delacour/Cho Chang) (WIP with 11 chapters, for what I understand indefinitely): It includes H/D.


* Through a Shattered Mirror by Rushlight(Harry/Draco/Snape) short-story, the first I read and a classic of this trio.

* An Eye For an Eye by Arsenicjade:

* The Symmetry of Absence(Harry/Draco/Snape)

* Together by November Snowflake(Harry/Hermione/Ron) NC-17 for sex and dubious consent.

* The Malfoy Guide to Productive Extortion(Harry/Draco/Ron): HUMOUR.

* The Semblance of Peace by Maeglin Yedi is one of those fics that turn you into a pairing, seeing that this is not just any pairing but Harry/Voldemort, possibly one of the most disturbing combination in a psychological basis the Harry Potter verse has to offer, managing is even more impressive. The plot works with the fact that while Harry hates Voldemort and it’s filled with rage for everything he did, he still can’t help starting to notice he’s witty, wise and very sexy when forced to spend all his time with him (Little spoiler: inside his own mind) and even realizing some of his ideas do have some credit.

Moreover the fact that he’s with Voldemort forces him to distance himself from his friends and adopted family, only increasing his dependence to the Dark Lord for real and meaningful interaction, who is, after all, the only one who knows what Harry is going through, even if he doesn’t understand how it affects him.

When Snape, last Death Eater alive and free (and traitor, but Voldemort doesn’t mind so much) enters the equation he is actually the one who understand what Harry is going through. Add the sex to the isolation Harry is in and it’s understandable he forms a bond with them, the other two have a hard time remaining unaffected by Harry’s undeniable affection for them. Long, sexy, threesomy and with a plot constructed around characterization it's the best way to try such a daunting pairing. HEAD the warnings.

Rare Pairings:

*    "May Contain Nuts" by Scoradh (Harry/George): Hilarious, lovely genslash.

*    "Moments" by Ladydraherm (Zacharias/Cedric), (Cedric/Cho). Drabble.

* "The Mating Habits of the Ravenclaw In His Natural Habitat" by Nothingbutfic (ErnieMacmillan/AnthonyGoldstein): Genderfuck, friendship and not being good enough.

Remus Lupin/Sirius Black:

*Graffiti by Underlucius, (drabble).

* Written By Hand by Setissma: Almost a genfic. SiriusRemus. JamesLily.(Post-hogwarts) “Remus Lupin has always loved handwriting. So it is only natural that when he has to go to Romania for the summer - Romania! - and can take no one with him, he takes handwriting instead.”

Free Together by Danielle:  'Free' isn't all it's cracked up to be.

*The Dating Disaster of Sirius Black by Kabeyk: MWPP era, Sirius/Remus. 11 chapters. HUMOUR.

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Hoy fue el cumpleaños de Sharon, le regale un dibujo de un chancho, ahora, os preguntareis porqué una nena de ocho años iba a pedir que se le dibujase cosas semejante. Como con otras cosas, hay una historia detrás:

Sharon sólo decidió festejar su cumpleaños el jueves por la noche y el viernes por la mañana se fueron ella, Jaguit y mis padres a Barcelona, lo que me dejo a mi con la responsabilidad de repartir las invitaciones, lo cual resulto bastante problematico porque su escuela tiene una estupida política que no permitia que se las diera a la recepcionista y esta a la maestra, al final tuve que esperar a que salieran los chicos y reparti un par, tras lo que la recepcionista se apiado de mi y prometio repartir el resto. Cuatro invitaciones sin repartir en total y a la fiesta hoy a las 5:30 solo vino un nene que tartamudeaba al hablar pero leía a impresionante velocidad los pocos subtitulos de "Una serie de catastroficas desdichas" que habíamos alquilado porque se nublo en un día que pensabamos pasar jugando con bombitas de agua. En fin, el chico se fue y Sharon, Jaguit y yo jugamos con las bombitas, nos empapamos nosotras, el patio, los dos baños y el living y Sharon se enredo en las girnaldas y con el agua se empezo a teñir de rosa, tras lo cual paso un buen rato patinando en el living mojado, revolcandose a los gritos de "soy la mejor del mundo" o "soy una pelota abandonada"

Cuando por fin conseguí que se bañara le pregunte que queria que le dibujase, estaba todavía con ataque posiblemente causado por algun producto alucinogeno(tristeza o aburrimiento cuentan?) y grito que un chancho^^ El chancho quedo lindo pero Sharon lo quería rojo en lugar de rosa así que mientras mirabamos la segunda peli del día lo ensangrento. Amen.

"Una serie de catastroficas desdichas" de Lemony Snicket: Esta peli es absolutamente genial, fantástica, increible, es una parodía supongo pero con moraleja, no tengo palabras, me encanta el tono narrativo, me encanta la imaginación, hay serpientes, y cuevas, asesinatos, incendios, niños inteligentes, un bebé a quien subtitulan sus balbuceos. Está basada en libros así que tendré que leermelos. No importa, mirenla.

"Descubriendo nunca jamás": Es la historia de Sir James Barry, el autor de Peter Pan, originalmente una obra de teatro y de como su relación con una viuda y sus hijos le inspiró la obra. Muy linda también, 9 y no 10 como la anterior pero aun así.

LAILA, Estás leyendo cómo dijiste que ibas a hacer? En fin, SI alguien lee esto y le apetece darme un tema para escribir un cuento, y me refiero a un mensaje a trasmitir más que a con qué hacerlo... whatever.

[sirius + remus]

Continued: Harry Potter and some analysis in its slash pairings )

Ravenclaw Icons, the prettyness )
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Don't know what overcome me but I wrote a Harry Potter Fanfic, and a Genfic at that, which is pretty out of character for someone whose characters keep falling for each other no matter their sexes or their busy schedules doing important stuff like, you know, saving the world... Anyway, I will re-read it a few times and then post in some community or another, but I felt the need to post in RIGHT NOW here for my own and only satisfaction.

EDITED: I was just checking it, as it happens it's size has doubled.
EDITED AGAIN: After being betated. 3rd EDIT: May 2008, wow, and did it need a edit!


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