Jul. 25th, 2005 01:24 pm
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Termine “Mi vida entre los muertos” de Serge Brussolo(pobre tipo, ese apellido…) es una novelita de ciencia-ficción de la que no esperaba mucho pero dio mucho más que “La velocidad de la luz” de Javier Cercas de la que tras enamorarme de la peli y las primeras páginas de “Soldados de Salamina” había esperado bastante y no he logrado acabar, demasiado autobiográfica, me aburre y aunque acabará interesantemente no tiene sentido perder el tiempo con algo que no disfruto.

Le propuse a [ profile] anaranta(who`s a brave girl that like I use to do decided to ask to know someone she thought interesting, thing in which I haven’t had very good results, given) un meme que se me ocurrió: “Las 5 mejores travesuras de tu vida”:

Acá van las mías:
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Aberrant Androgyne
What Yaoi Stereotype Are You?

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This is a great problem of mine, see, I consider myself pretty(yeah, egocentric, whatever, I look at mirrors, normal mirrors and have a selective taste but do think what you please) and I do judge people(usually males, but now females too) by their aspect first just because it`s the first thing I see, I don’t look at all like I am(which is kinda nerdy in Abel`s opinion) so I worry people are going to judge me ONLY by the way I look when while it`s nice to have a nice cover I prefer the actual book`s to be interesting. Maybe that`s why I act really weird sometimes. Of course I know I`m acting weird(mostly, not when I`m sitting on a broad window`s hill on summer because it`s hot in the classroom and get reprieved) but I`m being myself, sincere, being practical but original(like the time I avoided that great great idiot who I named “La cosa” by walking from desk to desk) and well…admittedly, I like people`s stunned expressions.

Hoy(25) vimos con mi viejo “El viento” de Minogna en Girona, una mierda, muy lenta y llena de obviedades. Comimos en la Churraskita, que admito compensó.


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