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10% I went to Notting Hill the other day, it was after I found out about Rullo, well, kinda, and I wanted to feel awed, instead I found it noisy and full of people and didn’t like it at all. Although there were lots of mementos from the movie(as in, things with Julia and Hugh on them, not actual recognizable things) butit felt touristic. The strawberries I got there were delicious though, and Iwalked for like 6 hours, all the way from Tottenham Court Road till Notting Hill (there’s this huge road that changes names twice) and I found bookshops and clothing stores and of course, a library (that was one of the main reasonsI planned to go there, besides the movie, which I rewatched in Italian) where Igot “The Judge and His composer” (hopefully Patricia Duncker is back on the “HallucinatingFoucault” track) and “The Thirteenth Tale”, which is apparently about writing/reading and twins both and which TrinityofOne recommended at the end of“Mirror Dance” (that fic is brilliant :)

30% I tried reading some yaoi, it didn’t govery well, the top/bottom binary thing is still annoying, everything so blackand white in manga. And then I went and found lots of gay-themed movies, which aren’t like, perfect, but dude, it’s progress!Read more... )
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1. I guess it's my fault for expecting better from popular music, but how can there still be blatantly sexist songs like "Daughters" (John Mayer) being written today and loved by both sexes? (This one fucks up everybody, boys are tough and can take it, girls are delicate flowers necessary for the boys to be human) and Demi Lovato is covering it and millions of kids are going to listen to it and WHY ISN'T anybody saying anything? Ok. You can go read the non-ranty part of this post.

2. Erin and me both love this song, especially the line "we both maniacally laugh and like all the same stuff", the woman's voice is actually pretty good.

3. Found an awesome website that converts youtube vids into mp3 for you.

4. Another personality test, according to which I'm very disaggreable and very open to new experiences (what can i say? people keep messing up) :

I'm a O88-C30-E48-A4-N14 Big Five!!

5. Booked the train tickets to go the town of books, Hay on Wye (/hei on wai/) in Wales next weekend (28-30). Verena's coming with me (after much procrastination) and we're staying in a farm. For some reason this does not mean I get to go horse riding (it's probably for the best since I'm spending enough money as it is, and that's not even counting the fact that is a town made of bookshops with really cheap books AND I'll be coming back by train so there's no weight limit.

6. Podfic and a random add I caught on TV are making reconsider watching House again. Mostly it's tv show withdrawal, Supernatural is over, Castle too, Glee has only 3 episodes to go (and the last couple haven't made me happy at all).Art + Poems )
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I thought I would come by and tell you that today I climbed a Castle. It was very brave of me, I know. But also extremely pointless since there were not princesses to be found at the top. Well, actually, I climbed inside the castle. The part with the harness and the rope was utterly terrifying, seriously, I wasn’t afraid Verena was going to drop me (she was tied to the other end and to the floor) but it was very disturbing. Sliding down in a harness a castle tower (which amounted to 22 meters) was nearly boring since I only did once and couldn’t bring myself to let it got very fast (the walls were fairly close, to be fair, it being a tower and this being a small castle). So tomorrow I will be extremely sore and in bed reading all day. 


I have spent this free week (the children were away at their grandparents) reading like a maniac (I think I looked the part especially well that day I decided to draw with ink a rather dashing design in green, black, gold and glitter above my right eyebrow and went about reading in the street, not, in itself, an abnormal occurrence) and now I have a computer virus, somehow, but I’ve managed to forestall disaster somehow with the help of some antiviruses that don’t stop it from being there but stop it from popping up all the time. I will probably have to use the recovery cd at some point and be done with it anyway but I'm rather engaged with my little bonding story and don't feel like it right now.


Regency romance is teaching me new awesome words like “Rumgumption” (“common sense” in Scotch, and I dare you to pronounce it), most of them are about clothing and furniture, though, so I don’t look them up, I have trouble enough remembering what the English word for “ivory” is, anyway.

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A estas alturas imagino que todo el mundo sabe que estoy en Londres por un año como au pair. Unos detalles sobre lo que implica la situación: vivo con una familia de 3 (padre, nena de 11, nene de 9), acompaño al chico al colegio a la mañana y después estoy libre hasta que lo tengo que ir a buscar a las 15hs al cole (a 15 minutos de la casa) y me quedó con él y con la nena que vuelve sola hasta las 18hs cuando vuelve el padre, habitualmente hago la cena porque no tengo nada mejor que hacer estoy obsesionada con la comida soy así de generosa. De momento no tengo ni idea que hacer con mi tiempo libre (que incluye los fines de semana), el mismo hecho de que haya tantas posibilidades (me dan 70 libras a la semana para mis gastos) no hace sino complicarme la elección (teatro amateur?, grupos de lectura?, cursos universitarios?, fans londinenses?) así que, naturalmente, lo único que hice de momento es recorrer el barrio, leer, encontrar bibliotecas, reservar libros... y comprar cosas básicas como limas de uñas.

Hoy salí con otras chicas que están haciendo lo mismo que yo, estuvo bien pero no sé, hablan poco inglés y se hace agotador explicarme y ayudarlas a explicarse. Ya hablar en inglés TODO el tiempo es un poco pesado (también que hablo con gente con la que no tengo rutinas y relaciones establecidas) y con ellas...uff, me hicieron caminar un montón además! XD. Pero bueno, como experiencia estuvo bien y por ahí vamos a un museo o alguna ciudad juntas. Ninguna tenía pinta de ser del tipo de persona que se iría a Gales para conocer, Hay-on-Wye, también conocida como la ciudad de los libros pero no hay que ser superficial (although, if I was, I would have to say one of them was extremely hot) y juzgar por las apariencias.

Bue, me voy a cenar que hoy no cociné yo y vamos a comer chirivía/ pastinaca es una cosa tipo zanahoria pero blanca. Yo sólo había escuchado el nombre en inglés. En fin, comida casera (no cocinada or mí) = yay.

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I was telling Irati right now how I had almost convinced myself it wasn't real (Buenos Aires as I remembered it) and how I think it kinda fucked me up to discover it was and that maybe that's what made this last year so hard, my interest in university basically disappear, etc.

Maybe you should REALLY not return to the places where you have been happy, I always thought it didn't make sense but maybe THAT's what they meant, that if you do then you would be happy again and want to return again BUT not stay because HI, you've been somewhere all that time too and you can't go back to being happy in place A so then you want to be in two places at once and you're royally fucked.

Ok, so there's a VERY IMPORTANT POINT to all this. Maybe you've heard this story before but I need to tell it again, skip as needed. When I eighteen we were being talked about university and our futures in high-school in Figueres and I suddenly understood something: "I can't stay here". I had been living in Spain for three and a half years after leaving Buenos Aires at the peak of my social life and general happiness, I had been living in a place where for the first two years almost everybody had seen my difference as a defect and then, after I started the last two years of high-school in a new school, as something attention perhaps funny but where nobody had understood it, or me. I don't know if it would have helped meeting Aura or Irati sooner, I still would have refused to be anything but myself, I still would have to translate my thoughts to be understood, I still would have felt opressed and like I didn't fit. It's been another four years, guess what? I still don't fit, I have been much happier since I started university, not because I have met people who have made me so, truthfully, although I have met some people that maybe could (maybe) have. I have been happier because I have been doing something worthwhile that for the most part I loved to do. But this last year, thanks to Bologna and other assorted reasons, like my family being insane, that has stopped being enough and I have been looking for a way out. After my stay in London in 2007 it seemed like the perfect hideout, like a place where maybe I could be myself to the fullest, without any kind of constraints, where I could be young and stop worrying about everybody else. Aura suggested things like I volunteer to the European Youth Organization, my mum wanted me to make contact with the Jewish community in London, then Aura also suggested being an au pair (the au pair agency was called Avalon, I have become an avid fan of the BBC series "Merlin", plus "kids are easy", I thought it was a sign. If you do not understand why it is quite pointless to try to). I'm talking to the agency and families and I will let you know how it goes but it's a plausible plan.

Meanwhile, I will visit a tiny piece of home in the form of the Atlantic ocean, Irati and Aura, all residing in Galicia at the moment. By doing all this I'm fucking up the "don't return" rule TWICE because I was happy in both Galicia and London but since I can't be in two places at once I may as well be unable to be in four, right?

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...real just this once.

Mañana llega mi abuelo de Argentina! Con regalos y golosinas y... bueno, se trae a él mismo también y hay que reorganizar la casa un poco para darle la habitación de Mijal para que duerma (es la única cama no marinera)... Se me ocurrió que era una suerte que ya no vivamos en el mismo departamento que la última vez que vino, así por primera vez desde que mi abuela murió va a estar en un lugar en el que ella no vivió pero no sé si eso va a ser de gran ayuda para nosotros a la hora de verlo a él sin ella. Para mí siempre fueron un pack, "los abuelos" o "Rullo y Blanca", cosa que no diría sobre mis abuelos maternos, a quienes uno agrupaba para ocasiones especiales pero normalmente veía por separado. Mañana a la mañana tenemos que irlo a buscar al aeropuerto, tengo ganas de filmarlo todo, de atraparlo para siempre, quiero disfrutarlo ahora aunque en realidad después de un par de días me vaya a estar subiendo por las paredes. No quiero sentir que sólo puedo querer a alguien cuando ya no está.

Los aeropuertos son como inherentemente emocionantes para mí, supongo que no sería así si alguna vez viajara en avión por los mismos motivos que viajo en tren o en metro pero como no soy empresario o algo igualmente high-ranking que justifiqué viajar en avión por razones-no-emocionales...

Hablando de lo cual, desearía que me dijeran algo de la beca de idiomas YA. Odio no saber mis planes para el verano más allá de: Tratar de conseguir trabajo (easier said than done). Also, me serviría bastante poder ir en persona a buscar trabajo a un lugar donde quiero trabajar. Ahora mismo no extraño Londres, no tengo lugar para extrañarla porque extraño Buenos Aires, tipo, no es novedad, llevó todo el año extrañandola, teniendo flashbacks de calles totalmente irrelevantes que no veo hace ocho años o más, pero aun así... es como si algo en mí se acordará que el año pasado en estos días me estaba preparando la valija para irme para allá. No hago más que pensar en el libro ese de Ursula Le.Guin en el que inventan un aparato que permite el viaje instantaneo en el espacio y cómo cambia el mundo. Nunca lo leí, creo que me va a hacer morir de frustración sin alguna vez lo hago.

Este lunes y el próximo tengo los examenes que me quedan, me muero de indiferencia.

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Yesterday was a sad day, but I like the british aproach of going on with our lives, panicking wont get nobody anywhere, didnt you see the horror movies where the one panicking always trips and ends up being caught/killed/eaten?

[livejournal.com profile] irati tiene una reflexión interesante sobre el tema aca. [livejournal.com profile] bookshop`s opinion was refreshing and more logical than most, though I will need to check some data before accepting it as true.

Mañana tengo una entrevista en una panaderia *is sleepy and not very excited at the perspective* McDonalds sigue teniendo comida riquisima y empleados con inteligencia por debajo de la media(es decir, la media de idiotez-que-permite-sobrevivir), aunque desde que llegue a Europa y me junte con cierta gente he descubierto que los limites de la estupidez son aun más amplios *extraña su existencia protegida* de lo que creía antes.


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