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El 20 Sharon cumplió 13 y como no pude estar le mandé un dibujo y un poema (y una pluma pero nadie la mencionó porque el poema desencadenó rios de lagrimas). Mi vieja insistió en que tenía que publicarlo, a pesar de que la verdad no me parece que tenga sentido si no sos parte de mi familia, y después Verena lo quería leer y yo lo quería presumir así que lo tradujé, estoy muy descontenta con la traducción porque es una traducción de un poema que escribí yo. En fin, el retrato ya lo vieron pero como recordatorio.

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I went to meet Sarah Rees Brennan at Foyles today, she was charming but not exactly what I expected. She seems smoother through writing, in person she actually speed-talks, flails a bit and mutters half her sentences under her breath in a way that I find utterly familiar and half amusing, half embarrassing because *I* don't look charming when I do it. She was nice but I was kinda tired (from sleeping coz my body is fucked up like that, more than 8-9 hours sleep and I'm like death warmed over) and I couldn't manage to say anything intelligent (she didn't seem to need help filling the silence either XD). So anyway, I have a secret to share, gift backs from books parties? Are not full of books! This one had 1 book (for representation's sake?), 1 pot of candy floss, 1 caramelised apple, 1 giant lollipop, 6 pins, assorted papery thngs like bookmarks. So if you thought going to a birthday party was unhealthy, check again!

Besides that I'm just posting to show you how artistic I have been lately.

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*...but what is this "life" that keeps on cropping up so mysteriously in books about fiction? Why is it absent in a pattern and present at a tea party? Why, if we get a keen and genuine pleasure from the pattern in the Golden Bowl, is it less valuable than the emotion which Trollope gives us when he describes a lady drinking tea in a parsonage? Surely the definition of life is too arbitrary and needs to be expanded? Why, again, should the final test of plot character story and the other ingredients of a novel lie in their power to imitate life? Why should a real chair be better than an imaginary elephant? - Virginia Woolf ("Is fiction art?", 1927)
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I have been accumulating fanart for ages now...
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La verdad es que “Bend it like Beckham” me decepcionó, no esperaba nada profundo pero esperaba más realismo. Los personajes son cuadrados, el guion se te clava en las costillas…uff, no sé, la única reacción que consiguió de mí es un mental o no tan mental “No babees” cada vez que aparecía Jonathan Rhis Meyers, y eso que estoy convencida que actuar no sabe pero cualquier persona con hormonas es incapaz de notarlo >.>

Por otro lado lei el relato de Brokeback Mountain, en castellano y en el Corte Inglés tras una entrevista de trabajo en la que no pongó muchas esperanzas. Me pegó muy fuerte, tanto que empecé a diambular por ahí hasta que mirando la sección de ciencia ficción se me llenaron los ojos de lágrimas, parpadee y para la uni, pero para un relato corto, WOW( aunque de corto no tenía nada, ejem).

Trate de mirar la peli pero mi pc no anda bien y se escuchaba tan mal que mire BILB.

You should read this, it’s a beautiful essay-like testimony of the greatest and worst things of human beings, love and hate.

We were studying the reclusive Emily Dickinson in USA Literature and while I was waiting my teacher, who’s gay, to mention her lesbian leanings, I drew this.

I quite like the chap, Emily, I mean, and I was thinking that books named “Emily, the strange” must be based after her because she acted really batty around people but well, I quite like the balance between art and life, maybe I do not possess such a great ability to extrapolate from such a small thing as her family, she lived thought books, and I do it a bit but if compared to her I’m terribly social.
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Es de madrugada y ahora estoy sola, no estamos siempre solos? Casi siempre me parece a mí, es tan lindo cuando realmente estás con alguién pero no me importa la soledad, la prefiero, sin duda, a esas compañías que te hacen sentir sola porque de alguna forma estás convencida de que no importa cuanto te estires nunca vas a llegar a tocar al otro.

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Me do not thinks my soul is Work Safe, so, like, don't go oggling it at work.
So i was thinking of eyelashes, i had this clear image in my mind and… )

Which reminds me of ridiculous warnings, Work Safe? it's such a given people would be playing with the internet instead of working that this has become a common warnings? Hufflepuffs of the world, be ashamed.
My favourite one is one i spotted in a [livejournal.com profile] merry_smutmass fic. BISEXUALITY *dies* EDIT: Ok, i think "MUGGLE CONTRABAND" wins the cake.

I hope you all are alive, happy newly yeared and blalbla. *waves and runs*
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Hoy vi Closer, muy linda, muy rara. No sé, me dio ganas de dibujar y escribir, esa es mi máxima marca de calidad^^

Ah, dibuje esto, estoy loca, lo asumó *shruggs* no me importa:

Pienso en pintarlo...
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Well, It seems for some reason internet is working again(they suddenly decided to believe my father about the technician not ever coming and uncharged us for it), of course, it was AFTER I had contracted another server...

I watched "Roma" and "Diarios de una motocicleta", liked the first in general but not for Adolfo Aristarain( is what they say, when you do something great is difficult to supperate)and the ending was...too open, too shallow, too misdirected...But I will recommend it, if you like that kind of movie, it has great moments. The second movie...well, I THOUGHT it was about the cuban revolution and it turned out to be an apology to Ernesto Che Guevara( Found out my sister Mijal had not idea what he had done or even he wasnt actually named Che) which a socialist might have liked but me, who are exceptionally mature or insensible, found kind of idiotic...good feelings are all well and good, but they DO NOT MADE A PLOT, it was all very vague and there were no messages beyond "let`s be good and communist"

In the good side, Roma`s main character was Diego Botto, who`s hot(except when he is crying) and acts reasonably well. And as the Che Guevara there was that cute guy from "Y tu mamá también", the one with darker hair I was drooling about during all that movie(which I absolutely loved for a lot of other reasons too), the curious think is he is mexican and I find it kind of stupid him to act as the CHE Guevara who must have had a very marked argentinian accents as to be identified for the vocative "che"...

I made and icon ^^, before someone asks(which probably nobody will do), this are my houses and it`s supposed to be a positive relationship, the fact that eagles and snakes are usually enemies(Nobody has written an essay about this in HP fandom yet) is completely irrelevant.
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Also, this book-end, there`s a contest in my school, and I thought, what the fuck, this isnt the one I`m going to present, however, just a draft that looked good enough to be cut out and delined.Read more... )
I`m totally horrorified at this: www.bonsaikitten.com I received a mail to complain and *actually* put my name on it. It`s really awful and the form they speak about it is...repugnant, it left me revolted.


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