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1. I guess it's my fault for expecting better from popular music, but how can there still be blatantly sexist songs like "Daughters" (John Mayer) being written today and loved by both sexes? (This one fucks up everybody, boys are tough and can take it, girls are delicate flowers necessary for the boys to be human) and Demi Lovato is covering it and millions of kids are going to listen to it and WHY ISN'T anybody saying anything? Ok. You can go read the non-ranty part of this post.

2. Erin and me both love this song, especially the line "we both maniacally laugh and like all the same stuff", the woman's voice is actually pretty good.

3. Found an awesome website that converts youtube vids into mp3 for you.

4. Another personality test, according to which I'm very disaggreable and very open to new experiences (what can i say? people keep messing up) :

I'm a O88-C30-E48-A4-N14 Big Five!!

5. Booked the train tickets to go the town of books, Hay on Wye (/hei on wai/) in Wales next weekend (28-30). Verena's coming with me (after much procrastination) and we're staying in a farm. For some reason this does not mean I get to go horse riding (it's probably for the best since I'm spending enough money as it is, and that's not even counting the fact that is a town made of bookshops with really cheap books AND I'll be coming back by train so there's no weight limit.

6. Podfic and a random add I caught on TV are making reconsider watching House again. Mostly it's tv show withdrawal, Supernatural is over, Castle too, Glee has only 3 episodes to go (and the last couple haven't made me happy at all).Art + Poems )
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So I kind of wrote a song about House M.D. newest and shiniest episode, “Wilson”(6.09), I’m sure it’ll make sense as a generic love song too but… It has a melody (I might upload my singing later, I'm told is priceless, as in, so bad you'll cry from laugher) and it probably needs a beta but I didn’t want to impose so take it upon yourself if you feel like it.

The person you want when you are dying

The person you want when you are living

The person who wakes you up singing

The one who’s always there when it matters
And it’s also the one you want to be around

To watch bad tv, and to eat cheap food and

Also the one you wanna kiss and make up with

After another stupid fight about space in the fridge

The person you want when you’re dying

Is also the one you want by your side when

Things are hard and others are failing to be

What they promised in important ceremonies.

The person you want gets you, thestupid mistakes

You do time and time again, the way you can’t help

Wanting to help and how you will never be able to say

All that’s inside because it’s not all good

The person you want knows what it is but will not stop

demanding you be the best person you can…

The person you want doesn’t say it out loud

But they want you too, they show you everyday

Stealing your food, stalking you for your own good

The person you want will lend you their couch

Time and time again and watch you fuck up and

Say I told you so but always stay to clean up the mess

And let you see how painful it’ll be if they had to live

Without you, and even admit that nobody else will do

The person you want can’t let any others take you away

And sometimes it does seem like it’s too much

But that’s what happens when the person you want

When you’re dying is the person you want

when you’re living as well

(And this part, which I don't like that much:)
The person you want doesn’t ask for permission

in health and in sickness they always take everything

because they need it too much to pretend,

for even a moment, that they might not get to have you

and you give them everything, more than you have…

and then you regret it because they don’t get they don’t

need to ask for your heart and your mind and your soul

Also, watched Merlin 2x10 ("Sweet Dreams") and an old king who was plotting to cause war commented very angrily: "all the other women in the kingdom are falling all over that boy, I'm almost attracted to him myself" I think it's the show's first direct and undeniable gay reference, I wonder if it spells good things to come, i mean, surely the writers don't need to remind anybody that Arthur's hot.


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