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* Apparently they thought it would look cooler without the commas, with them it's The Way, The Truth, The Life and it's my university's motto. To be fair, there were no commas in Latin, in fact, there were no spaces between words, still, I like my reading better and I do read English lit, after all.

Today I went to Poundland and there was this cashier whose gender I couldn't determine. It disconcerted me to the point where I couldn't quite ask the question I meant to till I glanced down at his name tag ("Jason", had it been "Taylor" I would have been in trouble). I seriously didn't know how to interact with someone whose gender I didn't know, I knew gender was one of the traits that influenced social interactions but I didn't expect to be that stumped. I have never experienced anything like it, since in the internet everybody is, by default, female. I'm not very sure what to do about it, either, I try to make up for my total lack of social skills by being as street smart as I can, being super polite to everybody, nodding along to their endless directions and explanations, which with men often feels a bit like flirting or being girlish (Izabela claims men never make her feel like a girl and I have no proof it's them making me feel that my perfectly normal politeness and good humor are flirtatious but it feels like they take it that way and so I become conscious it might be taken that way, while women, if they are nice, react in an understanding, I-get-what-you-mean way that makes our interactions friendly instead). The very few women who have reacted the way men usually do, of course, also turn the interaction flirtatious for me, I guess I'm not very good at all this street smart business if I just lose control of any interaction I engage in but it's like they are talking in a language I understand and can replicate but whose nuances I don't really grasp well enough to manipulate. Sometimes, like when I did that theater audition for a role in Much Ado About Nothing and was asked to read my monologue flirtatiously and totally knocked it off the field, I feel like I'm finally getting it but I think it's more like I'm close enough to know what I don't know (very socratic, huh?), I don't even really know if I managed to do it flirtatiously or if my attempt was amusing in some other manner (the "judges" were enthusiastically approving) but it made me feel awesome. Which is basically the point of acting for me, it's a very empowering experience in the sense that, without any real risks, I can try out social-acting techniques, see if I can flirt, or cry or whatever. That is also the attraction of lying, can I do it?

I also tried to read "The Marriage Plot" (just a peak! I have promised I won't read it till I have finished the four Austen novels I have left) and I realised how much easier it is to enjoy each word when listening, I'm just so eager to know what happens that I skim ahead and then I feel bad. I suppose that's what rereading is for, really. It might be easier to avoid when reading at leisure at home and not in a bookshop one has to leave asap, too.

I am glad it cannot happen twice, the fever of first love. For it is a fever, and a burden, too, whatever the poets may say. They are not brave, the days when we are twenty-one. They are full of little cowardices, little fears without foundation, and one is so easily bruised, so swiftly wounded, one falls to the first barbed word. Today, wrapped in the complacent armour of approaching middle age, the infinitesimal pricks of day by day brush one lightly and are soon forgotten, but then - how a careless word would linger, becoming a fiery stigma, and how a look, a glance over a shoulder, branded themselves as things eternal. A denial heralded the thrice crowing of a cock, and an insincerity was like the kiss of Judas. The adult mind can lie with untroubled conscience and a gay composure, but in those days even a small deception scoured the tongue, lashing one against the stake itself.

"Rebecca" by Daphne du Maurier

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Just watched Tangled, which for some reason I always think of as Tangled Up, the Disney retelling of the last fairytale I ever discovered, Rapunzel (I was 12 and I got so excited!). For some other reason, there were LOTS more songs that really necessary, like, a crazy amount. I blame High school musical.xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /

Did you know that a twelve year old girl was the most sought out painter of her age? Angelica Kauffman was an all around prodigy, painting was her specialty but she was also fluent in several languages at a young age and could sing beautifully. I really want to read a novelization of her life, I’m sure the woman who was one of the founders of the Royal Academy must have been notable in many other ways in her personal life. I also really want to stop reading Robinson Crusoe, seems there's nothing like having assigned reading to inspire me to read novels again...

Made vegetable soup again, it's delicious and i'm freezing some portions for later. I have had to eat it with spaghetti I blended because i can't find soup pasta that below 1 pound, while the spaghetti are 18 pence the 500 grams.

Omg. Castle 4x02! How awesome was that? *spoilers* The female rescuer! The paralellels with Becket were a bit heavy handed, how come officer Ann look so much hotter on the initial scene, though?

"The Marriage Plot" by Jeffrey Eugenides is out! Man, I'm really excited to read about an English lit major by an author I love. But I feel I really need to finish reading Austen first. It's like, I read P&P twice and I loved it both times and Austen's only written 6 novels, and I'm an English literature major now, I seriously need to get to it. Northanger Abbey is part of one of the subjects I'm taking so I guess I'll start with that... Edit: Began already, listening since the university library decided to be a bitch and make a fuss about me not having entered a local address, so if I start to sound old fashioned you know why. 

Cuando era chiquita pensaba que teñirse el pelo era una estupidez y decía que nunca lo iba a hacer. Claro, no mucho después resultó que una se podía teñir el pelo con papel crepe, había de todos los colores! (Me remito an incidente del unicornio alado multicolor. Para mí multicolor era indecisión, no variedad. Significaba que no tenías que renunciar a nada, que es como interpreto hoy Queer.) ¡Era irresistible! Aunque debería haberme conformado con el rojo y el azul y no probado el verde, Mijal y yo parecíamos pequeñas Claras Clarividentes de La Casa de Los Espiritus. Mi mamá no nos quería dejar salir pero yo insistí en que, qué tenía el pelo verde? A pesar de que quedaba horrible. Bueno, cuestión, hace rato que tengo ganas de tener pelo violeta (en mis biografías seguro que esta étapa de mi vida se llama "la étapa violeta") pero la única tintura no permanente que encontré fue rojo cobre. I quite like it, myself but I keep forgetting about it and then getting distracted by my own reflection or a wisp of hair in my face.

De Glasgow 2011
Isa's got a new camera that allows to focus on a particular colour to make it stand out, it decided that my eyes weren't green or blue or any recognizible colour so my super cat-eyed pic was out of the question. The red in my hair caught quite wonderfully, though.

Eating curly fries and remembering that time Verena got them a steak house in London and I basically stole lots of them. Supermarket bought ones are about a tenth as good, maybe it's the fact that they are oven made instead of fried.

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So I got this job teaching English at a summercamp in the Costa Brava (Palafrugell, if you know where that is, I just spent a week there and I’m none the wiser). I wasn’t going to do it and I didn’t call them to check when they didn’t call when they said they would but they called Friday and said: someone can’t make it, wanna come? And I was pissed at everybody here (I am today as well, pretty much) and there was no internet so being here seemed pretty pointless and at least at the camp they would pay me for making me unhappy, you know? It took foreeeever to get there and cost about 20 bucks, so between going and coming back I lose a whole day’s payment out of 8). It’s a 24 hour post, like, it says so in the contract and all and pretty much the most exhausting job I have ever had. Not to mention all the other monitors are raging extraverts, as are most of the kids, and at the end of the day I just kinda wanted to lock myself in the toilet with my phone for at least an hour. Only, the day ended at around 1am and started at 8.30am and so I only had energy to shower off the sitting-in-the-floor and general sweaty state the weather and clothing regulations left me in and fall into bed. My family won’t believe that everybody kept asking me to raise my voice more, after a lifetime of being told I’m loud this was unsettling (but true, the other did that projecting thing from Imagine You and Me). Oh, it was also Catalan immersion, I totally didn’t remember how in Girona regular people speak Catalan all the time, although I think these being upperclass people had something to do with that. Lots of them believed me when I said I understood them perfectly and just talked to me in Catalan but a few switched when I went: “What?” at their sudden questions, (wasn’t listening # didn’t understand). I taught the kids basic Argentinean so I didn’t have to remember to call remoras and ojotas something else. Not very sure how much English they learned, it was profoundly chaotic, I had this one group with a fifteen year old who had taken the First the previous week and a 12 year old who didn’t remember the use of “do” in the present simple and the policy was “do whatever you want with them, here, have this totally random dossier full of crossword puzzles and pictures and some sentences to translate and not even a teacher’s book with the answers.” The other two teachers planned lots of games (I tried to help but frankly, I barely remember going camping as a child and I didn’t know any of the games, I did translate everything they asked for really fast?). There were lots of good bits, like the kayak was fun, we went to the beach with the kids and the ones supervising the activity said I could do it if I wanted to, I also tried windsurf and promptly fell into the water, after which I kinda got a headache. I wasn’t very happy about all the walking we had to do or the stairs, omg, there were so many staircases! And I was hungry all the time so I don’t even think I lost weight because of all that painful exercise or anything (summercamp food = not very healthy or yummy, you end up eating lots of bread).There were also stripteases aplenty. I know, no the thing one expects of summercamp but the boys kept finding reasons and ocassions to perform them and you know how boys are, they got competitive and upped the ante. There were this pair who kept dancing close together and undoing each other's belts and then ended the number with a finger on each other's lips in a sort of "no need to say anything" gesture that was EXTREMELY GAY.

The reason there was no internet, though, I was forgetting, is that my family (sans Mijal, who's in a room in Barcelona) has moved to Sant Quirze del Valles (next to Terrassa). I might take pictures and post them later.

I'm book 3 of the Song of Ice and Fire now but I keep accidentally reading spoilers, there's so many subplots that it doesn't really spoil the books much, tbh.

Which Song of Ice and Fire series by George R. R. Martin character are you?

Tyrion Lannister

19% Just, 17% Adventurous, 75% Intelligent, 71% Crafty and 61% WellMannered!

Tyrion is a misshapen dwarf nicknamed "The Imp" and "The Halfman". He is a personal favorite character of George R. R. Martin. Though Tyrion has talent for political maneuvering, he receives little respect from his father, Tywin, because of his deformity, sharp tongue, penchant for whoring, and the death of his mother during his birth. He is capable of cruelty to his enemies, but also has great sympathy for fellow outcasts and the mistreated.



Tyrion. Ok, yes, he is the one I’m more like. Maybe not the one I admire the most but the one I understand better, for certain. A good person in a world where being a good person is a Bad Idea and will Get You Killed, forever an outcast and longing to belong. The beast with more beauty between than either of his gorgeous siblings. With the wits to get things done and the moral compass more or less pointed North to the right thing if circumstances permit.

 The Song of Ice and Fire Personality Test

Your result for The Song of Ice and Fire Personality Test ...

Robert Baratheon

You scored 160 Adaptability, 280 Humor, 220 Integrity and 130 Activity!

I sit on the damn iron seat when I must. Does that mean I don't have the hungers as other men?


Your are Robert Baratheon.


While you are not afraid to take on serious responsibilites, the fact remains that you'd rather not. Who wants to worry his or her life away when there's food to be eaten, alcohol to drink, and people to have fun with (and in so many ways, too)? You like to have as much fun as possible, regardless of the consequences. Though you're generally high-spirited, you are prone to react to bad situations with anger. You are lazy, confident, and jovial.


You are also similar to Theon Greyjoy and Edd Tollett. Your polar opposite is Daenerys Targaryen.

IDEK. Robert? A SP through and through? I just…

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♥ Did I tell you about the IELTS? (International English Language Testing System, brought to you by Cambridge university) Well, I needed to do it because they probably will want some proof I can string two sentences together before they let me go to uni in Scotland and it went pretty well, I got an overall 8.00 (how I tanked the writing section, let me count the ways in which 60 minutes are not enough for someone who's been writing academic essays for years and it's used to rewriting things eight times). Anyway, that's 8 out of 9 (the English, they can't help being this weird) which in normal people 1 to 10 grading means 8,8. :) Not bad.

♥ I just watched The Kids are All Right and wow, it was awesome. Maybe 8.5 out of 10 but still well worth recommending. I have some problems with the sheer amount of straight sex I had to endure in a movie supposedly about a lesbian couple and their kids.Oth, the lesbian love scene was shot under a sheet! And a total failure to boot, even if that was implied to be because they are married and being married makes your sex life boring. I loved the lesbian couple watching male gay porn and being disgusted by lesbian porn because of its fakeness. I loved the girl in love with her best friend and the boy so lost that his best friend is a complete tool and how many of the threads don’t really go anywhere because that’s life.

♥ There’s this Indian prince who publicly came out. He’s the only Royal to have done so.

♥ Me acabo de dar cuenta de que “El Príncipe Feliz” de Física o Química sigue la historia de “King and King” by Linda de Haan (Rey y Rey). Claro que como libro infantil de tema gay es imposible de encontrar, lo que ya me paso con "And tango makes three" que es sobre una pareja de pinguínos que adopta un huevo (y es una historia real basada en algo que paso en el zoológico de NY).

  También descubrí a este grupo raro gracias a Los Protegidos, por una coincidencias de esas, tienen un canción llamada “No quiero ser normal”, que es el título del capítulo de hoy. No estoy del todo de acuerdo con todos los mensajes que trasmite pero… es muy gracioso igualmente. Se llaman El Cuarteto de Nos.

"a lot of things about fandom you probably don't want to read and won't make sense without following links anyway but I had to say all the same. )
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10% I went to Notting Hill the other day, it was after I found out about Rullo, well, kinda, and I wanted to feel awed, instead I found it noisy and full of people and didn’t like it at all. Although there were lots of mementos from the movie(as in, things with Julia and Hugh on them, not actual recognizable things) butit felt touristic. The strawberries I got there were delicious though, and Iwalked for like 6 hours, all the way from Tottenham Court Road till Notting Hill (there’s this huge road that changes names twice) and I found bookshops and clothing stores and of course, a library (that was one of the main reasonsI planned to go there, besides the movie, which I rewatched in Italian) where Igot “The Judge and His composer” (hopefully Patricia Duncker is back on the “HallucinatingFoucault” track) and “The Thirteenth Tale”, which is apparently about writing/reading and twins both and which TrinityofOne recommended at the end of“Mirror Dance” (that fic is brilliant :)

30% I tried reading some yaoi, it didn’t govery well, the top/bottom binary thing is still annoying, everything so blackand white in manga. And then I went and found lots of gay-themed movies, which aren’t like, perfect, but dude, it’s progress!Read more... )
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No sé si alegrarme por internet o no. Mijal me acaba de decir por messenger, con mucho tacto (NO), que mi abuelo murió. No hay más detalles y aparentemente la noticía mi viejo se las dio a ella de tal forma que no sabían si era un chiste. Todavía estoy en étapa de negación, o como que a nivel intelectual lo sé pero no puedo pensar en otra cosa que en que estaba por venir a visitarnos el mes que viene y como antes de venirme para Londres esta vez llamó a casa y quiso hablar conmigo y no lo atendí porqué estaba en otra (igual hablé con él hace relativamente poco en Barcelona). No sé, parece absurdo que pase ahora. Siempre fue el que tuvó más problemas de salud pero siempre salía adelante. Me ayudaría entender qué paso. ETA: No, la verdad no me ayuda mucho saber que estaba en San Juan con un sobrino y se descompuso y, aunque llamaron a una ambulancia, no llego al hospital. Es como que con Blanca nos lo esperabamos porque se la veia tan decaída, ída incluso, que parecía imposible que no se fuera del todo. Pero Rullo lleva operándose de una cosa u otra desde que tengo memoría (cuando eramos chiquitas y tuvó que usar bastón nos mando hacer mini-bastones para que jugaramos) y parece extraño que así, sin luchas, sin tener la oportunidad de pelear, porque siempre que la peleó la ganó... no esté. Por otra parte si que lo esperaba porque era viejo y obviamente se iba a morir antes que yo, no? Y la vez pasada que estuvó visitando le hice contarme su vida y lo filmé, aunque ahora no estoy muy segura de dónde están todos esos videos (algunos los subí pero otros eran demasiado largos).

Les dejó un par para que se rían con él, que es la reacción que siempre le gustaba causar:

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In England I feel like I'm in a book, or a movie. Because English is the language of fiction for me it also is the language in which I can reinvent myself just thinking and speaking it. And here, reality nods along and assures me that "of course it's real. It's not only in your head." It's like getting to go Hogwarts.

Creo firmemente que uno nunca puede deshacerse del todo de las enseñanzas más básicas de su cultura, no a nivel visceral. Y como buena hija de mi madre no quería anunciar nada oficialmente, por cábalah, hasta que fuera irreversible. Así que aunque ya no es novedad para casi nadie: estoy de nuevo en Londres! 

Está vez la familía es una mujer y su hija de ocho años. La mujer trabaja en una cosa estilo Wall Street, más detalles no tengo, eso que ya charlé con ella más de lo que hablé con Martin en todo el año. La nena es un sol, me saluda, me pidé que juegué con ella, me cuenta cosas, me lee fragmentos de sus libros, me corrigé cosas pero bueno onda ("normalmente lo hacemos azá pero así también está bien"). Re-simpáticas las dos, en resumen. La casa es preciosa, no sé bien cómo contar los pisos y entrepisos pero mínimo hay tres. Mi habitación incluye un baño (sin ducha pero bue) y una cama doble, aunque la cama es el 85% de la habitación. Igual si sacó la tele que hay en la cajonera (last year I didn't turn the tv on once) voy a tener más lugar para desperdigar mis cosas (I'll make a video next week).

La casa está en Chelsea, que es el centro de Londres (oficialmente!) y está cerca de todo. Planeo caminar (y patinar) mucho. Uno de los lugares de los que queda cerca es Hyde Park (1 hora caminando tranqui, como 10 minutos en colectivo) así que calculó que hasta que empiece la universidad me voy a pasar bastante tiempo ahí con el grupo de patinadores habitual :) Hoy fui y me sentí re de pelicula. Y es que vivo en el set de "Un lugar llamado Nothing Hill" y es difícil no sentirlo medio irreal. I'm so excited to be back! Sólo trabajo de lunes a jueves así que mañana empieza mi fin de semana,

Las vacaciones al principio estuvieron un poco complicadas, una se acostumbra a vivir como una adulta y con respeto y esas cosas absurdas y después vuelve a casa y es un shock. Pero después de la primera semana ya me adapté, aunque hasta que conseguí trabajo muy contenta no estaba, el 24 se cumplió un mes exacto así que me quedé 34 días, que para vacaciones es una guasada. Tendré que hablar con Alexandra a ver que piensa hacer ella en navidad pero me da que voy a tener más ganas de ir a Lille a ver a Irati que de volver a Barcelona. Además como que les toca a ellos visitar! Mi abuelo va a venir para Europa en Noviembre y tendrá que venirse a Londres a verme, así que aunque sea les podrían pagar el viaje a las nenas y que las traiga él.

Pasando a cosas más ficticias, aunque también relacionadas con Londres: Vieron el nuevo Sherlock Holmes de la BBC? Because it's made of awesome. Es una versión moderna así que Sherlock tiene celular, manda sms y obviamente es medio hacker. Ah, sí, y Sherlock es o gay o asexual (ni el fandom ni yo nos decidimos y él lo único que dice es "Women aren't my thing" and "I consider myself married to my job."), que tampoco molesta, no? :p  

Siguiendo la pista del actor principal, Benedict Cumberbatch, llegué a otra obra magnífica: Hawking, sobre la juventud de Stephen Hawking, incluyendo su diagnostico y sus primeros grandes descubrimientos: BRI LLI ANT.

Quick Merlin rec: The Student Prince by FayJay(Pandarus). If you're into Merlin and have read "Drastically Redefining Protocol" this is a story on the same line, modern AU where Arthur is the Prince of Wales and Merlin has magic and they somehow meet and fall in love, which causes quite a stirr with the public. In DRP Merlin is a medicine student finishing up his practices, in TSP they (and more than half the cast) are at universtiy together, where they are roomates. I absolutely adore coming out stories, especially the coming out of a public figure that basically lives off their role as role model, the whole: do they owe their people the truth? Do they owe it to themselves? Angsty and delicious.

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I can't post from the train but I thought I'd try writing this anyway, I dropped the iphone and although I just cracked the screen I've pretty much decided to give it back and use my new shiny and clumsyable phone, today I gave her some money and now I'm trying to get used to the keyboard.

Oh, yeah, Hay on Wye... Full of bookshops but not as awesome as expected. The only lecture I attended (if I tell you it cost 8L and lasted less than an hour you'll maybe understand why). It's not that there aren't books I want to read but that they are all pretty recent and not best-sellers and so hard to find in second hand bookshops. I would tell you about the ones I did get but they are embarrassingly few. Mostly, I concluded, the problem for me is how formal it was and how non-fannish. I wanted to attend a conference and talk to people about books I loved and writing and innovation and this seemed like a collection of writers ego-stroking and their fans feeling more cultured by watching them do it.

I thought I should attend at least one panel, I decided on Nobel laureate Nadine Gordimer, who turned out was a name dropping snob and she didn’t talk about the power of words like she was supposed to, instead mentioning important and well known historical dates and data about books (Guttenberg, papyrus, srsly!) and acted like she was connecting them in a new way. I think the only intelligent thing she said was that there weren’t books available in native African languages and it’s not even intelligent, just data. She was very worried about how new technology was threatening the paper book and I thought her reasoning that “The book is complete in itself” was a good start to a logical explanation as to WHY. She never gave that explanation, though, and the more I think about it the less I agree with what seems to be a very round statement (since a paperbook needs no batteries or electricity) but it’s not complete in itself, it only makes sense in context and in being connected to other books and to the world. I don’t think she meant “it’s portable”, at least I hope she didn’t because of how you obviously can have thousands of books in a handheld device that you also put in your pocket. Unless you’re considering the apocalypse, in which case using electricity to power your reading device will be wasteful (although keeping your paper books from the elements will have a cost as well) then I don’t see the advantages of the paper book. I get the feeling, I love paper books, you can love them, connect the physical paper and ink with the abstract words you love reading but loving something doesn’t make it better. The way she dissed comic books, talked about “subliterature” (and this is a woman coming from Apartheid, white, but still and she just decided to apply racist logic to something she loves. If all people are the same then why aren’t all stories?) and was fucking judgmental but incoherent about everything, bad even at choosing good quotes just generally pissed me off. How a room full of intelligent adults could swallow so much crap and then ask her questions as if her answers could matter is beyond me.
Went into The Bookshow filming set and asked the girl there to take a picture of me on the library chair and she was like: oh, sure thing but you know you can win it?

Finished Justine Larbalestier's “Liar” in audiobook, loved it, although like in “Magic or Madness” there are still some rough edges. So this novel is a YA adventure novel about a girl who freely admits she’s a compulsive liar but it’s trying, she says, to change her ways. It’s very post-modern in the way she keeps questioning reality and making you question reality by revealing from time to time that what she told you before? Not completely true, not exactly like that, she forgot a tiny detail. Only soon you start expecting things to be lies but you don’t necessarily suspect the things that are lies. And then after all the carefully crafted fibs she comes up with this completely ridiculous one and you’re like… she’s finally gone off and started to believe her lies. No longer worried about her sincerity but about her sanity you follow along as she investigates her boyfriend’s murder and tries to cope with his death (more).

Mum still in Israel, israel still there, I guess I will get to hear the story later since now that she isn't there nobody is keeping track at home.

Got to go find a job now.
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x. Oh. Oh. I have something to tell you! It's even something that really happened! I got Katniss today, I'm still figuring her I got internet working on her, which turned out to be trickier than expected for WiFi. Of course she doesn't have a line since I got th Iphone for that, in September I'll get her a SIM, for now I'm going to enjoy her in all her mini-computer glory (and maybe buy ruby red nail polish <.<)


x.x. Supernatural (518) yesterday was so freaking awesome. There are reasons we all forgive this show the mysoginistic bullshit. Like this (spoilers ahead):
Read more... )

x.x.x. I haven't been ice-skating this week, through no fault of my own (I spent the whole day with the children both Monday and Wednesday, not to mention Tuesday and there was no way to get there on time.), but I feel kinda guilty, anyway. Especially because I really really can't decide what I want to next September beyond going to university. An English degree in England is next to useless (especially for a non-native speaker), creative writing is even worse off, do i need to say anything abot comparative literature? Thanks to Irati I know that studying translation is very boring, doing translations is also very frustrating because even between relatively close languages it's never quite right. I can do it better than other people who are apparently professionals and paid to do it (i.e. Spanish translation of Harry Potter) but nobody seems to care very much about getting it exactly right and I'm naturally inclined to obsessed about that. Mostly I just don't enjoy doing something at which you can never be perfect. Oh, god, why can't I like useful rational things like IT?


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I thought I would come by and tell you that today I climbed a Castle. It was very brave of me, I know. But also extremely pointless since there were not princesses to be found at the top. Well, actually, I climbed inside the castle. The part with the harness and the rope was utterly terrifying, seriously, I wasn’t afraid Verena was going to drop me (she was tied to the other end and to the floor) but it was very disturbing. Sliding down in a harness a castle tower (which amounted to 22 meters) was nearly boring since I only did once and couldn’t bring myself to let it got very fast (the walls were fairly close, to be fair, it being a tower and this being a small castle). So tomorrow I will be extremely sore and in bed reading all day. 


I have spent this free week (the children were away at their grandparents) reading like a maniac (I think I looked the part especially well that day I decided to draw with ink a rather dashing design in green, black, gold and glitter above my right eyebrow and went about reading in the street, not, in itself, an abnormal occurrence) and now I have a computer virus, somehow, but I’ve managed to forestall disaster somehow with the help of some antiviruses that don’t stop it from being there but stop it from popping up all the time. I will probably have to use the recovery cd at some point and be done with it anyway but I'm rather engaged with my little bonding story and don't feel like it right now.


Regency romance is teaching me new awesome words like “Rumgumption” (“common sense” in Scotch, and I dare you to pronounce it), most of them are about clothing and furniture, though, so I don’t look them up, I have trouble enough remembering what the English word for “ivory” is, anyway.

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Necesitamos un certificado de felicidad, algo que no sea una carrera o un título o una pareja, ¿no se puede medir cuanta serotonina nos llega al cerebro? Estoy cansada de que la gente sea incapaz de aceptar que soy feliz como soy y que me juzguen con estándars que no sirven y por tanto no me consideren apta para opinar sobre ellos y su infelicidad (del tipo en el que lloran y se angustian y tienen ataques de pánico) en vez de ponerse de  mal humor cuando están rodeados de gente estúpida (uno de las claras señales de mi supuesta infelicidad).

Also, hope you're having a good holiday, i was having a better time at work myself.

P.s: Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. I thought I could trust her... her judgement.
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Yesterday I had a dream about Adam Lambert where I had a fight with him and had to explain how I loved his music and didn't mean to offend him or anything. This dream included daring escapes (AL wasn't around anymore then but there was a girl who was also returning her chair, like me, she had taken it with her by "accident" when she realised some people were coming for us) and other equally unlikely events, I'm obviously on some seriously good drugs but I'm having trouble reading fic about AL now that I can *remember* meeting him XD.

Truefax:  Saturday I went with the Colgans to this huge firework display they have in Alexandra Palace every year because of Guy Fawkes day (which is the 5 but the seventh was the closest weekend day), and well, I normally find fireworks pretty boring, they are pretty but not engaging, turns out you can really make them into something, though, if you work with the music and all. Video, not mine. After this one you've the one from last year, which is a HQ and so prettier.

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Hoy anteayer terminé de ver South of Nowhere, creo que después de Merlin (season 1, season 2 is getting a bit better, btw!) es la serie que más rápido se me pasó en mucho tiempo, y por ahí si no tuviera 3 temporadas… En fin, tenemos una familia de Ohio que se muda a California y descubre que el mundo es más complicado (ya sé, ya sé, chocolate! + cliché) de lo que pensaban. Los Carlin son Mum (doctora de urgencias) + Dad (asistente social), Clay(17, negro, estudioso), Glen (17, rubio, basquetbolista y mujeriego hasta donde le da la habilidad) y Spencer (16, rubia, con nombre de varón por que los norteaméricanos están locos, parece más inocente de lo que es). El primer día de colegio Spencer(NF) conoce a Ashley Davies(SP), hija de un cantante de Rock y una socialita divorciados, que honra mucho a los pelirojos con su carácter desbocado y lo mucho que disfruta rompiendo las normas. Spencer comete el error de preguntarle a Ashley dónde queda una clase y le vuelca el café y Ashley la manda a la mierda, pero más tarde se le acerca mientras ella mira a Glen jugar al básquet y le ofrece llevarla a casa (y por “le ofrece” quiero decir “le hace un gesto a Glen para avisarle y asume que Spencer no puede decir que no”). Spencer está encantada con su nueva amiga, conectan de inmediato y están de acuerdo sobre que los chicos son un desastre (todo a causa del encuentro que tuvieron con el ex de Ashley, Aiden), todo barbaro hasta que Ashley comenta: “menos mal que no son la única opción”, la cámara nos muestra las fotos de Ashley y una chica en su mesita de luz y Spencer inmediatamente se incorpora en la cama en la que están las dos.

Así es Ashley Davies, no hay escena sin shocks, drama, tragedia o teatro. Aunque a Spencer evidentemente le atrae está vida menos tranquila que la que sus muy tradicionales padres le ofrecían (South of nowhere = la libertad en algún destino indeterminado) también le cansa todo el drama. Una advertencia, al principio SoN parece estar en fast-foward porque no vemos la progresión gradual sino momentos al azar y por lo tanto parece que A y S se hacen amigas a velocidades inucitadas, pero bueno, también puede deberse a que no hay que mirarse la primera temporada en 3 días <.<

El otro personaje interesante es Aiden, el ex de Ashley, que además de estar bueno, enseguida tiene onda con Spencer (aunque está saliendo con Madison, barbie fatal y capitana de las animadoras) y nunca dejó de sentir algo por Ashley. Nunca llega, para mí, a ser un triángulo amoroso, porque Aiden nunca puede competir ni con Spencer por Ashley ni con Ashley por Spencer.

Además de la homosexualidad y la aceptación en la familia (la madre de Spencer no se toma bien el tema) SoN trata otros temas interesantes como drogas, embarazo adolescente, adopción, raza, discriminación. Casi nunca dice nada nuevo pero lo que dice lo suele decir con clase y sin pasarse de obvios (normalmente). La relación entre las protagonistas es apasionada sin dejar de ser realista (aunque Ashley se salta un montón de cosas por ser millonaria). La serie funciona porque los actores, aunque no son geniales, son interesantes. Y bueno, porque Spashley is HOT.

Recomendaciones de series & peliculas.

Facts: I'm changing migraine meds (have to, they don't have mine here) and starting to take the pill (coz femaleness keeps giving me migraines, literally). Here's hoping it won't blow up in my face :S
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Iba a poner esto en Twitter pero lo que para mi es ser telegráfica... en fin, que no sirve para twitter y sus 130 caracteres:

Hoy fuimos al parque con los chicos, que tienen vacaciones por una semana, me hice concha con la bicicleta un par de veces. El encantador aparato también tuvó la consideración de masticarse la pernera de mis jeans (tengo que coserlos), comimos el picnic a las 11.30am, después jugamos un rato en los juegos de la plaza (había un trepador hecho todo de troncos que estaba muy bueno) y después volvimos a casa, dormitamos un poco en el sillón (yo y Erin), mientras Rees cantaba a toda voz en la pc (no sé cómo hace para concentrarse) y después construimos un castillo con papel de diario y las 30 latas de pepsi que tengo acumuladas (para este propósito, evidentemente), después fuimos a hacer una cueva con las sabanas y los cobertores en la pieza de los chicos para que duerman en una "carpa", lo logramos con una combinación de ingenio (yo), cinta scotch plastica (Rees) y gomitas para el pelo (Erin) pero lo importante es que lo logramos.

Me duele todo lo que se llama cuerpo pero me la pase bien, mañana tengo que encontrar la manera de convencer a Rees de que le toca elegir la actividad a Erin (que quiere quedarse en casa y descansar porque siempre está fuera, ie. en la escuela).
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Day one: a song
Day two: a picture
Day three: a book / ebook / fanfic
Day four: a site
Day five: a youtube clip
Day six: a quote
Day seven: whatever tickles your fancy

English Fact of the Day: The creative writing thing was made of fail. It was by no means a class or a seminar but the teacher felt he had to earn his keep anyway, which he took to mean he had to be the only one to comment at length on people's work. And people, were 35 to 80 something women and one man, I felt very out of place, to say the least and felt that it was more like a support group than a place where one gets constructive criticism (I didn't feel comfortable pointing out the inconsistencies I saw because it didn't seem to be the point of the class.) Anyway, it's the first paid thing I go to and it sucks but I think it was my mistake, really, coz it is called "Writing For Pleasure", I just didn't imagine the teacher would say that literary analysis drained inspiration! WTF. I think an actual class (I feel like my brain is jumpy because I haven't given it enough to process) will work much better, no matter the subject.
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Day one: a song
Day two: a picture
Day three: a book / ebook / fanfic
Day four: a site
Day five: a youtube clip
Day six: a quote
Day seven: whatever tickles your fancy

English Fact of the Day: Tomorrow evening I'm goint to a creative writing seminar :D There'll be a class each week, I haven't been writing much fiction, lately, can't quite make any characters como alive for me, it's been happening for a while, really. Mostly I think it's due to the fanfic and to that time in 2005 when I decided to write a super humongous novel using Harry and Draco as inspiration for the main characters and, further more, created a super complex world and culture to go with them (Darcia & Yuruan), this was obviously cheating (because it wasn't fanfic) because of course I knew Harry and Draco as well as myself and could predict what Darcia and Yuruan would feel and do (I only had to check with the character right behind them!) and although they were identical they shared a personality and quite a few very relevant circumstances (orphanhood, magic, money, a magic school!). I was young, whatever, but I'm kind of afraid to get in that deep again, I think, because it was way more than I could handle (and the plot didn't work because I had been character and world-builiding) so that's why I have kind of abandoned the biracial gay with kidfic story (I think I might need to transplant a personality into the main character if I ever want to get it done, he's the dullest Hufflepuff ever or maybe I need to learn something about race so I can write about it as something other than "a fundamental difference", but I very much doubt all the literature in the world could make me really understand enough to feel comfortable talking about it). Then, in the last two stories I finished (Bella Despierta & Lovers but not in Love) the characters felt kind of flat, even though I started writing LbniL in 2007 and so I know Didac and Ganymides quite well, with Bella Despierta I suppose it's more natural since it's a fairytale retelling and the point of the story was being funny and satyrical. Anyway, I think the seminar is a good idea.
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Day one: a song
Day two: a picture
Day three: a book / ebook / fanfic
Day four: a site
Day five: a youtube clip
Day six: a quote
Day seven: whatever tickles your fancy

Funny English Fact of the Day: Actually, no. But I booked a flight to Barcelona for the 20th of December. Not sure how amusing that'll turn out since my family's sanity rates are inversely proportional to the distance I reside from them but I'm guessing visiting will be way easier than living with them.
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Day one: a song
Day two: a picture
Day three: a book/ebook/fanfic
Day four: a site
Day five: a youtube clip
Day six: a quote
Day seven: whatever tickles your fancy

Funny English Fact of the Day: How I’m not a blond because blondes have to have yellow hair. This is extremely amusing after Irati insisting I would fit perfectly in English society with my skin tone and colouring XD. Not to mention Almut, my German friend from uni, who had white-blonde hair herself (which, even though it’s not yellow it’s blond) and also insisted she had thought I was English.
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I was telling Irati right now how I had almost convinced myself it wasn't real (Buenos Aires as I remembered it) and how I think it kinda fucked me up to discover it was and that maybe that's what made this last year so hard, my interest in university basically disappear, etc.

Maybe you should REALLY not return to the places where you have been happy, I always thought it didn't make sense but maybe THAT's what they meant, that if you do then you would be happy again and want to return again BUT not stay because HI, you've been somewhere all that time too and you can't go back to being happy in place A so then you want to be in two places at once and you're royally fucked.

Ok, so there's a VERY IMPORTANT POINT to all this. Maybe you've heard this story before but I need to tell it again, skip as needed. When I eighteen we were being talked about university and our futures in high-school in Figueres and I suddenly understood something: "I can't stay here". I had been living in Spain for three and a half years after leaving Buenos Aires at the peak of my social life and general happiness, I had been living in a place where for the first two years almost everybody had seen my difference as a defect and then, after I started the last two years of high-school in a new school, as something attention perhaps funny but where nobody had understood it, or me. I don't know if it would have helped meeting Aura or Irati sooner, I still would have refused to be anything but myself, I still would have to translate my thoughts to be understood, I still would have felt opressed and like I didn't fit. It's been another four years, guess what? I still don't fit, I have been much happier since I started university, not because I have met people who have made me so, truthfully, although I have met some people that maybe could (maybe) have. I have been happier because I have been doing something worthwhile that for the most part I loved to do. But this last year, thanks to Bologna and other assorted reasons, like my family being insane, that has stopped being enough and I have been looking for a way out. After my stay in London in 2007 it seemed like the perfect hideout, like a place where maybe I could be myself to the fullest, without any kind of constraints, where I could be young and stop worrying about everybody else. Aura suggested things like I volunteer to the European Youth Organization, my mum wanted me to make contact with the Jewish community in London, then Aura also suggested being an au pair (the au pair agency was called Avalon, I have become an avid fan of the BBC series "Merlin", plus "kids are easy", I thought it was a sign. If you do not understand why it is quite pointless to try to). I'm talking to the agency and families and I will let you know how it goes but it's a plausible plan.

Meanwhile, I will visit a tiny piece of home in the form of the Atlantic ocean, Irati and Aura, all residing in Galicia at the moment. By doing all this I'm fucking up the "don't return" rule TWICE because I was happy in both Galicia and London but since I can't be in two places at once I may as well be unable to be in four, right?

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...real just this once.

Mañana llega mi abuelo de Argentina! Con regalos y golosinas y... bueno, se trae a él mismo también y hay que reorganizar la casa un poco para darle la habitación de Mijal para que duerma (es la única cama no marinera)... Se me ocurrió que era una suerte que ya no vivamos en el mismo departamento que la última vez que vino, así por primera vez desde que mi abuela murió va a estar en un lugar en el que ella no vivió pero no sé si eso va a ser de gran ayuda para nosotros a la hora de verlo a él sin ella. Para mí siempre fueron un pack, "los abuelos" o "Rullo y Blanca", cosa que no diría sobre mis abuelos maternos, a quienes uno agrupaba para ocasiones especiales pero normalmente veía por separado. Mañana a la mañana tenemos que irlo a buscar al aeropuerto, tengo ganas de filmarlo todo, de atraparlo para siempre, quiero disfrutarlo ahora aunque en realidad después de un par de días me vaya a estar subiendo por las paredes. No quiero sentir que sólo puedo querer a alguien cuando ya no está.

Los aeropuertos son como inherentemente emocionantes para mí, supongo que no sería así si alguna vez viajara en avión por los mismos motivos que viajo en tren o en metro pero como no soy empresario o algo igualmente high-ranking que justifiqué viajar en avión por razones-no-emocionales...

Hablando de lo cual, desearía que me dijeran algo de la beca de idiomas YA. Odio no saber mis planes para el verano más allá de: Tratar de conseguir trabajo (easier said than done). Also, me serviría bastante poder ir en persona a buscar trabajo a un lugar donde quiero trabajar. Ahora mismo no extraño Londres, no tengo lugar para extrañarla porque extraño Buenos Aires, tipo, no es novedad, llevó todo el año extrañandola, teniendo flashbacks de calles totalmente irrelevantes que no veo hace ocho años o más, pero aun así... es como si algo en mí se acordará que el año pasado en estos días me estaba preparando la valija para irme para allá. No hago más que pensar en el libro ese de Ursula Le.Guin en el que inventan un aparato que permite el viaje instantaneo en el espacio y cómo cambia el mundo. Nunca lo leí, creo que me va a hacer morir de frustración sin alguna vez lo hago.

Este lunes y el próximo tengo los examenes que me quedan, me muero de indiferencia.


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