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♥  With the assistance of Irati and Izabela I turned in my two essays. I'm very sleep deprived, though, and should be forgiven any incoherencies. I'm happy the exams aren´t till May, although clearly I won´t be happy in May.

Now, let's talk about those tiny people inside the screen...

Merlin 4x07:

Merlin *trapped in Morgan's dungeon*
You're always causing so much more trouble than you're worth! You stopped my immortal army and left my sister for dead.
Merlin: I know, right? Could do me a favor? Could you let Arthur know? He thinks I'm an underachiever.


Merlin 4x08: Man, that was a really threesomy episode. I really liked seeing Gwen and Merlin interact. I was really sorry he didn't reveal his magic to her, too. But now again, there were much better moments for it, maybe, like, before her father was falsely accused and killed (although not falsely accused of something Merlin did) or before her bestfriend's magic turned her evil (for all the message of the show is "magic is just a tool you might use in any way" that's what I read in Morgana. She goes away to find herself and instead loses her way completely). Anyway, as if the Merlin+Gwen bits were cute enough, we get Arthur going to help Merlin up and then teasing him about being saved by a woman (and one so wishes Morgana was around for Merlin to rat on Arthur and Morgana to beat him up in front of all the knights or somehow punish him in her totally sisterly way...) Ah, Morgana, I gave your name to my external hard drive because she's ruby red and shiny and in my memory you'll always be an icon of manpower and not inexplicably insane. I haven't read many Merlin AUs, relatively speaking, but I've yet to find one where she's evil, which gives me yays since I'm reading slash and you know, evil!Morgana is BBC canon, Arthurian canon, all the canons but fic writers still refuse to give her up.

During that scene where Gwen is like "there is something about you, Merlin" I was screaming: "I just don't like women, ok, Gwen?" Or like, maybe it's like with Veela, if you are thruly in love they can´t affect you (like the villager John, who was stupidly in love with his wife of fifteen years). Also, I'm expecting at least Gwaine to apologize to Merlin for being an ass to him. Merlin confuses me because I feel they have lots of scene like those with John that seem to be going somewhere and then don't. Chekov would be so disappointed.

The Good Wife 3x10: Oh, Kalinda. I ♥ you (Especially the scene where Will is like: do you have a minute? and she's NO). Please tell Alicia you love her and want to be bffs forever! What´s this noble secretly awesome stuff with Grace? Grace is not very at keeping secrets so I'm guessing at some point she's going to be like: that cool Indian lady at your job and Alicia will be like: Kalinda? where do you know her from? and it'll all come out. The Will/Alicia ending was well-handled, although Lockhart was kinda hallucinating. 3x11: YES KALINDA YES. Peter, please stop being creepy. Alicia, stop asking him to be creepy! You can't say you don't know he's an asshole, you're feeling lonely now but please turn to the people your head says you can trust.

♥ Glee 3x07: The songs were SO disappointing. Quin is very pretty. The whole subplot with Mike's that was STUPID. I don't get why New Directions won, although I suppose it would have been hard for everbody to LOSE. FIVE songs and NOT ONE was any good, how do you do that badly? It's even statistically unlikely.
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ছ   My dad's arriving on Wednesday, hopefully his almost complete lack of English won't hinder him in getting from Edinburgh to Glasgow (fucking Ryanair, as if it wasn't crappy enough, cancelled the Glasgow-Girona route and now there's only Barcelona-Edinburgh left).

ছ   Had a good time at the dragking workshop, although I don’t make a pretty boy AT ALL. One day I’ve got to go out dressed like that.boy )

ছ   Thing is, I got a migraine that day and I just didn’t feel like having my hair tied back anymore or being out at all. This month my headaches have skyrocketed but I just went to see my new GP (nice lady!) and she doubled my preventive meds dosage, with that I should be right as rain (or right even with all the fucking rain, since
humidity can’t be helping the problem).

ছ   I have also pictures of fencing, some are up in facebook but for your edification....
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ছ   Misfits season 3 has started! As has Merlin BBC season 4, although I have not watched anything. Back to Misfits. I'm very taken with new!guys tattoos. Him, not so much, unless he turns out to be gay <.< Curtis new power boggles the brain, girl!Curtis is also really cute. I totally want him to explore his sexuality! Like, lesbian Curtis would be greaaaaaaat (especially since apparently he needs to learn what to do with the lady parts). Watched episode 2: BASICALLY EVERYTHING I COULD WANT. Well, except the drugging and almost rape, that upset me a lot. I was quite confused by how untraumatized Curtis was by the whole incident. I also didn't like that he turned into a man to punch the guy's lights out, what? a girl can't punch? Finding a guy about to stick his cock into you while you're laying half-drugged is not the same as having someone touch your ass or look at your chest, it's like whoever wrote it didn't realise this and it was a bit offensive.

Also, why are, like, 60 % of Misfits' scenes shot in toilets? Is it a fetish or are they just cheap? I wouldn't mind as much if people weren't peeing most of the time. I think they should restrict liquids in that set because they can't possibly need to go that much. This is also the only show where a guy asks another guy to go for a beer after noticing his bandaged hand (which is holding his cock at the time) and neither of them seems to be uncomfortable about it. They are too worried about superheroing and secret identities instead. Ok, I wrote that and in the next scene new!guy came in and totally had the same thought as me: VERY GAY. Why is new!guy so much like Nathan? It only showcases how he *isn't* Nathan. There are other personalities besides the five they've got, couldn't they have gone for something else? WOW. The longing gaze after Barry... err... Simon is even worse. No, wait, the drawing! Or maybe the "Would you like to be my best friend?". The scene where Peter leaves in a funk because Simon chose Alisha over him? I don't! It's all terrible!

The thing about the twins reminded me of Outnumbered.

The awesome tattoos in question (+ an extra random one):

warning: shirtless guy ahead )

A tattoo of my very own. Also known as spot the differences  )
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El hombre de tu vida: Impecablemente escrita. Francella, como siempre, está impresionante. Hilarante pero no superficial. No sé, mirala, YA.

Suits: I guess Harvey would do if one had never met Brian Kinney, it feels to me like he doesn’t quite believe his own hype. It doesn’t help that the plots and dialogues are mostly pretty mediocre. I could deal with Mike’s doe-eyed naiveté, for a while, at least but I’m confused by the mixed messages I’m getting here, is he a genius? Is he on the autistic spectrum and has almost no social skills but smiles cutely and gets by on that? Am I supposed to empathize with his lack of focus and his covering his ass with his eidetic memory and researching ability (apparently his only immutable quality)? How are we supposed to believe he is the underdog if he can actually get away with anything and suffers no ill-effects from his mistakes? I don’t understand who he is as a character. I suppose at least he’s a walking stereotype like Harvey... (maybe he’s a mashup of half a dozen). I like Pearson and I like Rachel (mostly)  and Donna rocks, but the random male associates that show up to challenge Mike (why are all of them male and white, btw? Harvard clearly has female graduates, at the very least?). Luis is very annoying and the fact that he reads kind of effeminate to me bothers me in the sense that the only possibly non-heterosexual person in the series is a COMPLETE IDIOT.
 After being kept permanent on the edge of my seat with the brilliance that is The Good Wife the Law on this just leaves me cold. I like some of the movie references (Kobayashi Maru!) but I think they might be a bit excessive, it might be just that those aren’t movies I watched growing up. It’s good entertainment, don’t get me wrong, but nothing more.

Lost Girl: I think I forgot to tell you that there is an awesome female-centric show about a girl who discovers she’s a succubus and all her crazy adventures with the human girl she rescues and who decides to be her sort-of-manager/partner-in-crime and the werewolf boy who’s in lust with her and the human scientist specializing in faeries who cares about her but can’t quite trust her because she’s rash and impulsive and all the other crazy faery people who want her dead/on their side/bed/something else.

Asperger’s/Autism documentaries:

Only Human – Make me normal:  This wasn’t very interesting. I liked the little Aspie boy but I didn’t feel it revealed anything I didn’t know. It’s like all these videos are introductions.
Planet Parent – Asperger’s syndrome: I liked that they found families with more than one child in the autistic spectrum. Wasn’t so happy to discover they are trying to find the AS and autism genes to then find a chemical/genetic cure for it. I mean, low-functioning autism sucks but most Aspies are fully functional people who should get to choose if they want their personalities wiped out.

I’m leaving for Glasgow in 4 days. Have some rooms to view when I arrive but can’t find a hostel I like that has rooms from Friday to Sunday. *quietly panics*
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1. I guess it's my fault for expecting better from popular music, but how can there still be blatantly sexist songs like "Daughters" (John Mayer) being written today and loved by both sexes? (This one fucks up everybody, boys are tough and can take it, girls are delicate flowers necessary for the boys to be human) and Demi Lovato is covering it and millions of kids are going to listen to it and WHY ISN'T anybody saying anything? Ok. You can go read the non-ranty part of this post.

2. Erin and me both love this song, especially the line "we both maniacally laugh and like all the same stuff", the woman's voice is actually pretty good.

3. Found an awesome website that converts youtube vids into mp3 for you.

4. Another personality test, according to which I'm very disaggreable and very open to new experiences (what can i say? people keep messing up) :

I'm a O88-C30-E48-A4-N14 Big Five!!

5. Booked the train tickets to go the town of books, Hay on Wye (/hei on wai/) in Wales next weekend (28-30). Verena's coming with me (after much procrastination) and we're staying in a farm. For some reason this does not mean I get to go horse riding (it's probably for the best since I'm spending enough money as it is, and that's not even counting the fact that is a town made of bookshops with really cheap books AND I'll be coming back by train so there's no weight limit.

6. Podfic and a random add I caught on TV are making reconsider watching House again. Mostly it's tv show withdrawal, Supernatural is over, Castle too, Glee has only 3 episodes to go (and the last couple haven't made me happy at all).Art + Poems )
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Glee 1x16 (Home):

As I was telling [livejournal.com profile] bolboretas , WHY IS KURT TRYING TO BECOME RACHEL? I cannot stop cringing. I like Mercedes more in this episode, SHE is resisting assimilation, he is just so happy to be popular he would do ANYTHING to keep it, it's desperately sad. I want a refund. I want social reject-but-proud!Kurt back. Oh. Ok, now, thanks Mercedes! For the first time I can say I like her because it's the first time she shows any vulnerability and steps out of her self-impossed stereotype of strong-proud-black-woman. Also, I'm marrying Quinn (isn't having nothing to lose wonderful for her self-esteem?). I dunno why we have to see April again, she was annoying once. I also don't get why they sang the chair song twice Did they spend all their money buying the Madonna songs and had nothing left for this ep? Although I liked Kurt's version when I ignored the fact that he was singing at Finn (Did you see Santana and Britanny cuddling to it? Basically declaring their coupledom? I don't like either of them much but I like representation) I liked both Finn's mum and Kurt's dad, the whole plot of them dating is so out of fanfic I almost died. Next families I wanna see: Rachel's gay dads, Quinn's sister, Puck's mum.
I really don't get what Kurt wants either, last ep he was an "honorary girl" (which, seriously, WTF, you are NOT a girl and whatever way you get discriminated against for being gay doesn't compare. Yes, you understand more than you regular guy but is still secondhand understanding), today he is "a guy too". He can be both or neither but he seriously needs to compromise some somewhere with his dad, you simply can't have your cake and eat it (and the way he dismisses both Finn's and his dad's interests is frankly cringe-worthy, even as they do the same to him).

Supernatural 5x20 (A Devil You Know):

Making the people who can stop epidemics the beginning of the epidemic was smart. It's cool when supernatural beings think instead of just relying on sheer power.

Crowley is awesome. Lovers in league against satan! I wonder if it can be considered (hipotetical) gay lovers if the bodysuits are both male or it doesn't count because the demons gender is unclear. They always seem to stick to the same gender, though, don't they? Even major demons like YED who might have never been human. He was basically the only interesting thing in the episode, Sam is regressing again (It's been five years, dude, and you were way more mature at 22 when you lost Jess and went on, angry, yes, but purposeful, Brady had to be killed but giving into his anger at this stage is obviously the way back to your demonic roots). Dean has stopped being depressed only to become his old self without the self-assurance, why has he suddenly lost the ability to lie to demons even in a situation he planned? Why is he so clearly scared of them and yet willing to trust Crowley? I almost want him not to give a fuck anymore because at least then he was useful. He also totally implied he didn't trust Sam when he told him "I trust the guy" and walked out on him (not that he should trust Sam, but he doesn't need to remind him). He got the shit kicked out of him again (Dean, it happened last episode, you walk out on Sammy, someone kicks the shit out of you. Stop IT). I miss miss Castiel.

I miss Terabithia terribly, but with her charger melted there's no denying she needs her fan looked to. Also, a new charger.
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x. Oh. Oh. I have something to tell you! It's even something that really happened! I got Katniss today, I'm still figuring her I got internet working on her, which turned out to be trickier than expected for WiFi. Of course she doesn't have a line since I got th Iphone for that, in September I'll get her a SIM, for now I'm going to enjoy her in all her mini-computer glory (and maybe buy ruby red nail polish <.<)


x.x. Supernatural (518) yesterday was so freaking awesome. There are reasons we all forgive this show the mysoginistic bullshit. Like this (spoilers ahead):
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x.x.x. I haven't been ice-skating this week, through no fault of my own (I spent the whole day with the children both Monday and Wednesday, not to mention Tuesday and there was no way to get there on time.), but I feel kinda guilty, anyway. Especially because I really really can't decide what I want to next September beyond going to university. An English degree in England is next to useless (especially for a non-native speaker), creative writing is even worse off, do i need to say anything abot comparative literature? Thanks to Irati I know that studying translation is very boring, doing translations is also very frustrating because even between relatively close languages it's never quite right. I can do it better than other people who are apparently professionals and paid to do it (i.e. Spanish translation of Harry Potter) but nobody seems to care very much about getting it exactly right and I'm naturally inclined to obsessed about that. Mostly I just don't enjoy doing something at which you can never be perfect. Oh, god, why can't I like useful rational things like IT?


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Edit to add important link: Bad Romance (or, YA & Rape Culture)

Like usual, it’s all [livejournal.com profile] astolat’s fault, the moment she wrote a fic about a show about a threeway relationship I was so done. But I have fortitude of will, I downloaded the show but I waited and now the time has come, they aired a new episode today (and I still have episodes 11 & 12 to go). And you know what? I don’t care about the fanfic, the show is awesome (it’s like Merlin, only I don’t just get Merlin watching Arthur and Arthur watching fondly back.

Neal positively gazes at Peter and the way he smiles when he sees him could light up a room, and then there’s Peter’s wife Elizabeth, who knows everything about Peter and thus everything about Neal because Peter was the agent who brought him in and had to be obsessive about him to do it.
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Have an hilarious not spoilerish scene between Neal (the “reformed” conman and his friend Moz, the non-reformed thief”)


NEAL: All right, Moz, I need a favor.


Break into her car.


MOZ: That's not so much a favor as a truly horrible idea.


It's 1:00 in the afternoon.


There's a reason most

crimes happen at night --


También vine para ponerles la canción de Sui Generis "Botas Locas" y a contarles cómo el cantante, Charlie Garcia, estaba destinado a un hospital militar y sacó a pasear un muerto en silla de ruedas. Cuando le preguntaron que hacía contesto "Me pareció que estaba muy pálido" y (según la leyenda!) lo mandaron para casa por estar como una cabra.



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Hoy anteayer terminé de ver South of Nowhere, creo que después de Merlin (season 1, season 2 is getting a bit better, btw!) es la serie que más rápido se me pasó en mucho tiempo, y por ahí si no tuviera 3 temporadas… En fin, tenemos una familia de Ohio que se muda a California y descubre que el mundo es más complicado (ya sé, ya sé, chocolate! + cliché) de lo que pensaban. Los Carlin son Mum (doctora de urgencias) + Dad (asistente social), Clay(17, negro, estudioso), Glen (17, rubio, basquetbolista y mujeriego hasta donde le da la habilidad) y Spencer (16, rubia, con nombre de varón por que los norteaméricanos están locos, parece más inocente de lo que es). El primer día de colegio Spencer(NF) conoce a Ashley Davies(SP), hija de un cantante de Rock y una socialita divorciados, que honra mucho a los pelirojos con su carácter desbocado y lo mucho que disfruta rompiendo las normas. Spencer comete el error de preguntarle a Ashley dónde queda una clase y le vuelca el café y Ashley la manda a la mierda, pero más tarde se le acerca mientras ella mira a Glen jugar al básquet y le ofrece llevarla a casa (y por “le ofrece” quiero decir “le hace un gesto a Glen para avisarle y asume que Spencer no puede decir que no”). Spencer está encantada con su nueva amiga, conectan de inmediato y están de acuerdo sobre que los chicos son un desastre (todo a causa del encuentro que tuvieron con el ex de Ashley, Aiden), todo barbaro hasta que Ashley comenta: “menos mal que no son la única opción”, la cámara nos muestra las fotos de Ashley y una chica en su mesita de luz y Spencer inmediatamente se incorpora en la cama en la que están las dos.

Así es Ashley Davies, no hay escena sin shocks, drama, tragedia o teatro. Aunque a Spencer evidentemente le atrae está vida menos tranquila que la que sus muy tradicionales padres le ofrecían (South of nowhere = la libertad en algún destino indeterminado) también le cansa todo el drama. Una advertencia, al principio SoN parece estar en fast-foward porque no vemos la progresión gradual sino momentos al azar y por lo tanto parece que A y S se hacen amigas a velocidades inucitadas, pero bueno, también puede deberse a que no hay que mirarse la primera temporada en 3 días <.<

El otro personaje interesante es Aiden, el ex de Ashley, que además de estar bueno, enseguida tiene onda con Spencer (aunque está saliendo con Madison, barbie fatal y capitana de las animadoras) y nunca dejó de sentir algo por Ashley. Nunca llega, para mí, a ser un triángulo amoroso, porque Aiden nunca puede competir ni con Spencer por Ashley ni con Ashley por Spencer.

Además de la homosexualidad y la aceptación en la familia (la madre de Spencer no se toma bien el tema) SoN trata otros temas interesantes como drogas, embarazo adolescente, adopción, raza, discriminación. Casi nunca dice nada nuevo pero lo que dice lo suele decir con clase y sin pasarse de obvios (normalmente). La relación entre las protagonistas es apasionada sin dejar de ser realista (aunque Ashley se salta un montón de cosas por ser millonaria). La serie funciona porque los actores, aunque no son geniales, son interesantes. Y bueno, porque Spashley is HOT.

Recomendaciones de series & peliculas.

Facts: I'm changing migraine meds (have to, they don't have mine here) and starting to take the pill (coz femaleness keeps giving me migraines, literally). Here's hoping it won't blow up in my face :S


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