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♥  With the assistance of Irati and Izabela I turned in my two essays. I'm very sleep deprived, though, and should be forgiven any incoherencies. I'm happy the exams aren´t till May, although clearly I won´t be happy in May.

Now, let's talk about those tiny people inside the screen...

Merlin 4x07:

Merlin *trapped in Morgan's dungeon*
You're always causing so much more trouble than you're worth! You stopped my immortal army and left my sister for dead.
Merlin: I know, right? Could do me a favor? Could you let Arthur know? He thinks I'm an underachiever.


Merlin 4x08: Man, that was a really threesomy episode. I really liked seeing Gwen and Merlin interact. I was really sorry he didn't reveal his magic to her, too. But now again, there were much better moments for it, maybe, like, before her father was falsely accused and killed (although not falsely accused of something Merlin did) or before her bestfriend's magic turned her evil (for all the message of the show is "magic is just a tool you might use in any way" that's what I read in Morgana. She goes away to find herself and instead loses her way completely). Anyway, as if the Merlin+Gwen bits were cute enough, we get Arthur going to help Merlin up and then teasing him about being saved by a woman (and one so wishes Morgana was around for Merlin to rat on Arthur and Morgana to beat him up in front of all the knights or somehow punish him in her totally sisterly way...) Ah, Morgana, I gave your name to my external hard drive because she's ruby red and shiny and in my memory you'll always be an icon of manpower and not inexplicably insane. I haven't read many Merlin AUs, relatively speaking, but I've yet to find one where she's evil, which gives me yays since I'm reading slash and you know, evil!Morgana is BBC canon, Arthurian canon, all the canons but fic writers still refuse to give her up.

During that scene where Gwen is like "there is something about you, Merlin" I was screaming: "I just don't like women, ok, Gwen?" Or like, maybe it's like with Veela, if you are thruly in love they can´t affect you (like the villager John, who was stupidly in love with his wife of fifteen years). Also, I'm expecting at least Gwaine to apologize to Merlin for being an ass to him. Merlin confuses me because I feel they have lots of scene like those with John that seem to be going somewhere and then don't. Chekov would be so disappointed.

The Good Wife 3x10: Oh, Kalinda. I ♥ you (Especially the scene where Will is like: do you have a minute? and she's NO). Please tell Alicia you love her and want to be bffs forever! What´s this noble secretly awesome stuff with Grace? Grace is not very at keeping secrets so I'm guessing at some point she's going to be like: that cool Indian lady at your job and Alicia will be like: Kalinda? where do you know her from? and it'll all come out. The Will/Alicia ending was well-handled, although Lockhart was kinda hallucinating. 3x11: YES KALINDA YES. Peter, please stop being creepy. Alicia, stop asking him to be creepy! You can't say you don't know he's an asshole, you're feeling lonely now but please turn to the people your head says you can trust.

♥ Glee 3x07: The songs were SO disappointing. Quin is very pretty. The whole subplot with Mike's that was STUPID. I don't get why New Directions won, although I suppose it would have been hard for everbody to LOSE. FIVE songs and NOT ONE was any good, how do you do that badly? It's even statistically unlikely.
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ছ   My dad's arriving on Wednesday, hopefully his almost complete lack of English won't hinder him in getting from Edinburgh to Glasgow (fucking Ryanair, as if it wasn't crappy enough, cancelled the Glasgow-Girona route and now there's only Barcelona-Edinburgh left).

ছ   Had a good time at the dragking workshop, although I don’t make a pretty boy AT ALL. One day I’ve got to go out dressed like that.boy )

ছ   Thing is, I got a migraine that day and I just didn’t feel like having my hair tied back anymore or being out at all. This month my headaches have skyrocketed but I just went to see my new GP (nice lady!) and she doubled my preventive meds dosage, with that I should be right as rain (or right even with all the fucking rain, since
humidity can’t be helping the problem).

ছ   I have also pictures of fencing, some are up in facebook but for your edification....
Read more... )

ছ   Misfits season 3 has started! As has Merlin BBC season 4, although I have not watched anything. Back to Misfits. I'm very taken with new!guys tattoos. Him, not so much, unless he turns out to be gay <.< Curtis new power boggles the brain, girl!Curtis is also really cute. I totally want him to explore his sexuality! Like, lesbian Curtis would be greaaaaaaat (especially since apparently he needs to learn what to do with the lady parts). Watched episode 2: BASICALLY EVERYTHING I COULD WANT. Well, except the drugging and almost rape, that upset me a lot. I was quite confused by how untraumatized Curtis was by the whole incident. I also didn't like that he turned into a man to punch the guy's lights out, what? a girl can't punch? Finding a guy about to stick his cock into you while you're laying half-drugged is not the same as having someone touch your ass or look at your chest, it's like whoever wrote it didn't realise this and it was a bit offensive.

Also, why are, like, 60 % of Misfits' scenes shot in toilets? Is it a fetish or are they just cheap? I wouldn't mind as much if people weren't peeing most of the time. I think they should restrict liquids in that set because they can't possibly need to go that much. This is also the only show where a guy asks another guy to go for a beer after noticing his bandaged hand (which is holding his cock at the time) and neither of them seems to be uncomfortable about it. They are too worried about superheroing and secret identities instead. Ok, I wrote that and in the next scene new!guy came in and totally had the same thought as me: VERY GAY. Why is new!guy so much like Nathan? It only showcases how he *isn't* Nathan. There are other personalities besides the five they've got, couldn't they have gone for something else? WOW. The longing gaze after Barry... err... Simon is even worse. No, wait, the drawing! Or maybe the "Would you like to be my best friend?". The scene where Peter leaves in a funk because Simon chose Alisha over him? I don't! It's all terrible!

The thing about the twins reminded me of Outnumbered.

The awesome tattoos in question (+ an extra random one):

warning: shirtless guy ahead )

A tattoo of my very own. Also known as spot the differences  )


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